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The United Nations 2030 Agenda. A Blueprint For The global Enslavement Of Humanity.

What Is Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development? Source: Corbett Report.


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The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It’s a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters.

Friday, September 04, 2015

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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(NaturalNews) This week, Michael Snyder published an important article entitled The 2030 Agenda: This Month The UN Launches A Blueprint For A New World Order With The Help Of The Pope.

That article references this UN “2030 Agenda” document that pushes a blueprint for so-called “sustainable development” around the world.

This document describes nothing less than a global government takeover of every nation across the planet. The “goals” of this document are nothing more than code words for a corporate-government fascist agenda that will imprison humanity in a devastating cycle of poverty while enriching the world’s most powerful globalist corporations like Monsanto and DuPont.

In the interests of helping wake up humanity, I’ve decided to translate the 17 points of this 2030 agenda so that readers everywhere can understand what this document is really calling for. To perform this translation, you have to understand how globalists disguise their monopolistic agendas in “feel good” language.

Here’s the point-by-point translation. Notice carefully that nowhere does this document state that “achieving human freedom” is one of its goals. Nor does it explain HOW these goals are to be achieved. As you’ll see here, every single point in this UN agenda is to be achieved through centralized government control and totalitarian mandates that resemble communism.

Translation of the UN’s “2030 Agenda blueprint for globalist government” (controlled by corporate interests)

Goal 1) End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Translation: Put everyone on government welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies and handouts that make them obedient slaves to global government. Never allow people upward mobility to help themselves. Instead, teach mass victimization and obedience to a government that provides monthly “allowance” money for basic essentials like food and medicine. Label it “ending poverty.”

Goal 2) End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Translation: Invade the entire planet with GMOs and Monsanto’s patented seeds while increasing the use of deadly herbicides under the false claim of “increased output” of food crops. Engineer genetically modified plants to boost specific vitamin chemicals while having no idea of the long-term consequences of genetic pollution or cross-species genetic experiments carried out openly in a fragile ecosystem.

Goal 3) Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Translation: Mandate 100+ vaccines for all children and adults at gunpoint, threatening parents with arrest and imprisonment if they refuse to cooperate. Push heavy medication use on children and teens while rolling out “screening” programs. Call mass medication “prevention” programs and claim they improve the health of citizens.

Goal 4) Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Translation: Push a false history and a dumbed-down education under “Common Core” education standards that produce obedient workers rather than independent thinkers. Never let people learn real history, or else they might realize they don’t want to repeat it.

Goal 5) Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Translation: Criminalize Christianity, marginalize heterosexuality, demonize males and promote the LGBT agenda everywhere. The real goal is never “equality” but rather the marginalization and shaming of anyone who expresses any male characteristics whatsoever. The ultimate goal is to feminize society, creating widespread acceptance of “gentle obedience” along with the self-weakening ideas of communal property and “sharing” everything. Because only male energy has the strength to rise up against oppression and fight for human rights, the suppression of male energy is key to keeping the population in a state of eternal acquiescence.

Goal 6) Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Translation: Allow powerful corporations to seize control of the world’s water supplies and charge monopoly prices to “build new water delivery infrastructure” that “ensures availability.”

Goal 7) Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Translation: Penalize coal, gas and oil while pushing doomed-to-fail “green” energy subsidies to brain-dead startups headed by friends of the White House who all go bankrupt in five years or less. The green startups make for impressive speeches and media coverage, but because these companies are led by corrupt idiots rather than capable entrepreneurs, they always go broke. (And the media hopes you don’t remember all the fanfare surrounding their original launch.)

Goal 8) Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Translation: Regulate small business out of existence with government-mandated minimum wages that bankrupt entire sectors of the economy. Force employers to meet hiring quotas of LGBT workers while mandating wage tiers under a centrally planned work economy dictated by the government. Destroy free market economics and deny permits and licenses to those companies that don’t obey government dictates.

Goal 9) Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Translation: Put nations into extreme debt with the World Bank, spending debt money to hire corrupt American corporations to build large-scale infrastructure projects that trap developing nations in an endless spiral of debt. See the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins to understand the details of how this scheme has been repeated countless times over the last several decades.

Goal 10) Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Translation: Punish the rich, the entrepreneurs and the innovators, confiscating nearly all gains by those who choose to work and excel. Redistribute the confiscated wealth to the masses of non-working human parasites that feed off a productive economy while contributing nothing to it… all while screaming about “equality!”

Goal 11) Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Translation: Ban all gun ownership by private citizens, concentrating guns into the hands of obedient government enforcers who rule over an unarmed, enslaved class of impoverished workers. Criminalize living in most rural areas by instituting Hunger Games-style “protected areas” which the government will claim are owned by “the People” even though no people are allowed to live there. Force all humans into densely packed, tightly controlled cities where they are under 24/7 surveillance and subject to easy manipulation by government.

Goal 12) Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Translation: Begin levying punitive taxes on the consumption of fossil fuels and electricity, forcing people to live under conditions of worsening standards of living that increasingly resemble Third World conditions. Use social influence campaigns in TV, movies and social media to shame people who use gasoline, water or electricity, establishing a social construct of ninnies and tattlers who rat out their neighbors in exchange for food credit rewards.

Goal 13) Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Translation: Set energy consumption quotas on each human being and start punishing or even criminalizing “lifestyle decisions” that exceed energy usage limits set by governments. Institute total surveillance of individuals in order to track and calculate their energy consumption. Penalize private vehicle ownership and force the masses onto public transit, where TSA grunts and facial recognition cameras can monitor and record the movement of every person in society, like a scene ripped right out of Minority Report.

Goal 14) Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Translation: Ban most ocean fishing, plunging the food supply into an extreme shortage and causing runaway food price inflation that puts even more people into economic desperation. Criminalize the operation of private fishing vessels and place all ocean fishing operations under the control of government central planning. Only allow favored corporations to conduct ocean fishing operations (and make this decision based entirely on which corporations give the most campaign contributions to corrupt lawmakers).

Goal 15) Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

Translation: Roll out Agenda 21 and force humans off the land and into controlled cities. Criminalize private land ownership, including ranches and agricultural tracts. Tightly control all agriculture through a corporate-corrupted government bureaucracy whose policies are determined almost entirely by Monsanto while being rubber-stamped by the USDA. Ban woodstoves, rainwater collection and home gardening in order to criminalize self-reliance and force total dependence on government.

Goal 16) Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Translation: Grant legal immunity to illegal aliens and “protected” minority groups, which will be free to engage in any illegal activity — including openly calling for the mass murder of police officers — because they are the new protected class in society. “Inclusive institutions” means granting favorable tax structures and government grants to corporations that hire LGBT workers or whatever groups are currently in favor with the central planners in government. Use the IRS and other federal agencies to selectively punish unfavorable groups with punitive audits and regulatory harassment, all while ignoring the criminal activities of favored corporations that are friends of the political elite.

Goal 17) Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

Translation: Enact global trade mandates that override national laws while granting unrestricted imperialism powers to companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, RJ Reynolds, Coca-Cola and Merck. Pass global trade pacts that bypass a nation’s lawmakers and override intellectual property laws to make sure the world’s most powerful corporations maintain total monopolies over drugs, seeds, chemicals and technology. Nullify national laws and demand total global obedience to trade agreements authored by powerful corporations and rubber-stamped by the UN.

Total enslavement of the planet by 2030. As the UN document says, “We commit ourselves to working tirelessly for the full implementation of this Agenda by 2030.”

If you read the full document and can read beyond the fluffery and public relations phrases, you’ll quickly realize that this UN agenda is going to be forced upon all the citizens of the world through the invocation of government coercion. Nowhere does this document state that the rights of the individual will be protected. Nor does it even acknowledge the existence of human rights granted to individuals by the Creator. Even the so-called “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” utterly denies individuals the right to self defense, the right to medical choice and the right to parental control over their own children.

The UN is planning nothing less than a global government tyranny that enslaves all of humanity while calling the scheme “sustainable development” and “equality.”

1984 has finally arrived. And of course it’s all being rolled out under the fraudulent label of “progress.”

Three Communists From The USSR Authored The United Nations Charter In 1945. Hiss, Pasvolsky And Molotov.


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The United Nations: Peace Dove Unmasked

The Plan to Have the UN Rule

by John F. McManus
President, The John Birch Society

The very first purpose claimed for the United Nations in Article 1 of the UN Charter reads as follows: “To maintain international peace and security.” The UN has always promoted itself as a champion of peace. The word “peace” (or “peaceful”) appears five times in the very first sentence of Article 1. And the UN’s claim that it stands only for “peace” has been repeated by journalists and government officials throughout the world ever since the organization was founded.

In 1945, however, at the very moment the world organization was being created, former U.S. State Department official J. Reuben Clark read the United Nations Charter and immediately stated:

… there is no provision in the Charter itself that contemplates ending war. It is true the Charter provides for force to bring peace, but such use of force is itself war…. The Charter is built to prepare for war, not to promote peace…. The Charter is a war document, not a peace document.

Not only does the Charter organization not prevent future wars, it makes it practically certain that we shall have future wars, and as to such wars it takes from us the power to declare them, to choose on which side we shall fight, to determine what forces and military equipment we shall use in the war, and to control and command our sons who do the fighting.

J. Reuben Clark’s assessment of the UN Charter was correct in every detail. But so great was the horror of the still uncompleted World War II (it did not end in the Pacific until several weeks after the UN Charter was approved) that only two of the 96 senators then serving in the U.S. Congress opposed our nation’s entry into the United Nations. The conspirators seeking world government and tyrannical rule had failed in 1919 to get the United States entangled in their League of Nations web. But they succeeded in 1945 when America joined the United Nations.

The U.S. Senate debated the matter of joining the League of Nations for nine months in 1919 and rejected the proposal. But the Senate in 1945 devoted a mere six days to deliberations about the UN Charter and approved it. During those six days, Senator Burton Wheeler of Montana presented his grave concerns. He told his Senate colleagues:

If we enter into this treaty, we take the power away from the Congress, and the President can send troops all over the world to fight battles everywhere.

That very correct assessment of what joining the United Nations would mean didn’t impress many senators. Amazingly, even Senator Wheeler himself voted in favor of U.S. membership in the world body a few days later. The pressure to “do something, do anything to prevent future war” was immense.

Another person who understood the war-making purpose of the United Nations was Lebanon’s Charles Malik. A delegate to the San Francisco founding conference from his nation, Malik eventually served as the President of the General Assembly in 1959. In his 1963 book entitled Man In the Struggle for Peace, he wrote:

When responsible representatives deliberated the United Nations Charter at San Francisco in 1945, nobody thought for one moment that the new world organization was going to abolish war for all time…. the whole organization is predicated on the distinct possibility of war.

But few Americans, and I expect few Europeans or anyone else, have ever read the UN Charter. Yet it must be understood because it is such a grave threat to freedom. And it is being promoted by powerful forces in America as the world’s only hope for peace.

No one can understand the reasoning behind self-defeating policies of the United States government without an awareness of the enormously harmful influence of the Council on Foreign Relations. This organization has worked to destroy America’s national sovereignty and create a tyrannical world government ever since its inception in 1921. It members are the leaders in government, the mass media, the wealthy foundations, the military, religion, education, the corporate world, and other important segments of our nation’s life. They are betrayers from within, and their influence has spread to numerous other parts of the world.

The United Nations Charter

As certainly should be expected, the UN Charter briefly mentions the importance of national independence. If it had failed to do so, few nations would have accepted it because all nations want to remain independent. A careful reading of the Charter, however, shows that even though Article 2 pledges to maintain “the sovereign equality of all its Members,” the Charter violates that pledge in the very same Article.

The Charter’s main authors were Americans Alger Hiss and Leo Pasvolsky and the Soviet Union’s Vyacheslav Molotov. Hiss was a secret communist and a member of the world-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations. Pasvolsky was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. And Molotov was an official of the murderous Soviet Union whose criminal leaders expected the United Nations to bring about a communist-controlled world.

These men surely did not want the nations of the world to remain independent. Instead, they wanted all to become subject to the authority of the United Nations, an organization they expected to control. And they wrote the UN Charter to accomplish that goal.

The Charter’s attack on national independence begins in Article 1, paragraph 7. But it hides its ultimate goal by stating: “Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state, or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter….”

Anyone who reads only that statement will likely conclude that the UN intends to protect a nation’s right to govern within its borders, a major ingredient of sovereignty. But the sentence in Article 1, paragraph 7 does not end there. It continues: “… but this principle shall not prejudice the application of enforcement measures under Chapter VII.” So the UN Charter does not prevent the organization from meddling in the affairs of nations. What then are these “enforcement measures under Chapter VII” of the UN Charter? And how might they be employed?

Chapter VII of the Charter begins with Article 39 by proclaiming that “the Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of peace, or act of aggression… and shall decide what measures shall be taken….” So the UN shall make the decision as to whether and when it shall act militarily. Then, in Article 42, the UN Security Council is authorized to –

… take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security. Such action may include demonstrations, blockade, and operations by land, sea, or air forces of Members of the United Nations.

That’s no guarantee of peace, it’s a blueprint for war. Clearly, a nation that balks at being controlled by the UN will be deemed to be a threat to the UN’s definition of peace. And the UN has authority under this section of its Charter to wage war to accomplish its idea of peace.

But nowhere in the Charter is there a definition of peace. Yet it is obvious that peace, according to Molotov, Hiss, all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and all communists and socialists, has always meant the absence of opposition, not the absence of war. This, I contend, is what the authors of the Charter intended.

Among the numerous routes to gain world dominance, UN-style peace will begin to reign after the UN employs “action by air, sea, or land forces” to completely destroy all who oppose the UN. Of course, this is “enforced” peace which isn’t real peace. Enforced peace exists when opposition is crushed as it was in the former Soviet Union, in the former Nazi Germany, and today in the vast Communist-controlled prison known as the People’s Republic of China. This isn’t peace; it’s tyranny.

As J. Reuben Clark said in 1945, the UN Charter “is a war document, not a peace document.” And so is the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is also falsely portrayed as a peace document.

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

My country was born in 1776 with our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. This document presents the philosophical base upon which the United States of America has been built. Its most important point states as a “self-evident” truth that “Men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” In other words, the rights that are so often taken for granted (to life, speech, assembly, religion, ownership of a weapon, etc.) aren’t granted by a government and cannot justly be taken away by a government. They are God-given and cannot be limited. These rights were then mentioned specifically in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

But the UN never mentions God and never asserts that rights are granted by God. Its lavishly praised 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states instead that rights are “granted … by the constitution or by law.” If a law grants rights, another law can cancel them. And this is precisely what the UN intends. It even says so in this same Universal Declaration where it states: “In the exercise of his rights and responsibilities, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law.” In other words, a UN law, or a law approved by the UN, can be enacted to cancel whatever rights are granted by the UN.

This totalitarian attitude is then amplified in Article 29 of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights where one can read the following: “These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” No one, therefore, shall have any rights if the enjoyment of them conflicts with the UN’s desires.

Then in 1966, the UN produced its International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights. Again, various rights are mentioned but the power of the UN to cancel or modify them appears as each is mentioned. This is a blueprint for tyranny.

Anyone who has ever seen the Constitution of the former Soviet Union would recognize that the UN has followed the USSR’s lead in mentioning rights and canceling them out in the very act of their being mentioned. In the Soviet Union, all persons were guaranteed freedom of religion, speech, assembly, etc. by the Soviet Constitution. But no one in the USSR was allowed to exercise those rights because the Constitution gave government the power to create laws suspending them. And these laws were indeed created. This is precisely what should be expected if the UN should ever become dominant.

The parallel between the United Nations and the totalitarian Soviet Union cannot be denied.

The UN and Military Force

For the United Nations to become totally dominant, three powers would have to be added. These are taxing power that would make it independent of the nations of the world, judicial power which the already created International Criminal Court will supply, and its own military power to enforce its will.

There will be a conference in Mexico in 2002 to address the UN’s desire to have taxing power. The International Criminal Court was created in Rome only a few years ago and will soon be functioning. It claims power to arrest and try any person on earth for a series of broadly defined crimes. But I have been asked to address the “militarization” of the United Nations.

Let me begin by noting that the United Nations has never had a military arm of its own. The UN would prefer to have its own blue-helmeted force, but it has to date been satisfied if UN control over one or more nation’s armed forces can be accomplished. It has always relied on member nations to supply forces for its military campaigns.

One such UN campaign took place in 1961 in Belgium’s former colony in Africa known as the Belgian Congo. This example of the UN acting militarily occurred after Belgium had granted independence to its colony, and after a Moscow-trained communist named Patrice Lumumba gained control of the newly formed government.

Lumumba and his communist allies immediately began a brutal consolidation of power. In response, Moise Tshombe, the pro-Western, anti-communist, black leader of the Congo’s province known as Katanga, seceded and declared his region an independent nation. The United Nations immediately sent a military force into Katanga that bombed hospitals and schools, murdered civilians indiscriminately, and did everything possible to force the breakaway province to submit to the rule of the communist-led central government.

So horrifying were the atrocities committed by the UN forces that the 46 civilian doctors of Elizabethville, Katanga’s capital city, sent an urgent appeal to the International Red Cross and elsewhere documenting the atrocities and asking the world to force the United Nations to cease its vicious attack on their land. Their appeal was endorsed by Belgium’s Senate and published in the United States by The John Birch Society. Entitled 46 Angry Men, it presented convincing evidence of the intent of the United Nations to use military force to have its way, and its way in this instance was to force a free and productive people under communist rule.

During this incredibly brutal UN campaign, American military transports were pressed into service to bring the UN’s murderers to Katanga. What happened in that freedom-loving portion of Africa showed the UN’s true intentions and exposed the falsehood claiming that the UN stands for peace.

UN Dominance Over U.S. Armed Forces

In numerous instances, the United States has experienced the effect of UN authority over its own military forces. In 1950, Communist North Korea invaded anti-Communist South Korea. American forces were immediately sent to the area under the command of General Douglas MacArthur. But the entire operation was turned over to the United Nations. Also, there was no declaration of war as required by the U.S. Constitution. MacArthur’s forces actually won the war but the Chinese Communists then entered it and, even then, the U.S. forces could have ended the struggle in triumph but the UN would not allow them to proceed to victory.

A completely frustrated General MacArthur protested the restrictions given him and he was removed from his command by President Truman and sent home. The war continued until 1953. It has never been concluded and the state of war still exists in that part of the world.

It was eventually learned that everything the American forces did in Korea was first sent to the UN for authorization. Years later, Chinese General Lin Piao revealed to his fellow Chinese: “I would never have made the attack and risked my men and military reputation if I had not been assured that Washington would restrain General MacArthur from taking adequate retaliatory measures against my lines of supply and communication.”

It was the United Nations that gave the Chinese general that assurance. And it was traitorous influences within the U.S. government that permitted this betrayal. Over 50,000 Americans died in the Korean War that was called merely a “police action” by President Truman.

In 1949, one year before the Korean War, 12 nations formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Its Charter containing a short introduction and 14 brief articles mentions the United Nations five times. In a speech urging the U.S. Senate to approve the treaty, Secretary of State Dean Acheson (of the CFR) said that the treaty “is designed to fit precisely into the framework of the United Nations” and that “it is an essential measure for strengthening the United Nations.” From its creation in 1949, NATO has always been a part of the United Nations. It derives its right to exist under Chapter VIII of the UN Charter entitled “Regional Arrangements.” Anyone who has ever served under NATO’s command, no matter what country’s uniform he wore, has always been serving the United Nations.

In 1954, eight nations formed the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization known as SEATO. It was under SEATO that U.S. forces went to Vietnam to fight in another undeclared, UN-directed, no-win war. The brain behind the creation of SEATO was Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, one of the disciples of CFR founder Edward Mandell House and himself a prominent member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The conclusion we have reached in The John Birch Society is that the U.S. military is being delivered to the United Nations. At times, it is delivered directly and obviously, and at other times through the UN stepchildren known as NATO or SEATO. SEATO did its work well and the U.S. forces were actually defeated in Vietnam when numerous field commanders stated that they could have won the war any time the restrictions on their activity were removed. Another 50,000 Americans died in that conflict and countless more Vietnamese. It never should have happened. Once SEATO had done its job, it was abolished. But NATO still exists and its control of U.S. forces, and the forces of other nations, is obvious. That control is ultimately UN control.

One certain effect of these undeclared wars is that our nation’s military leaders, and their counterparts in other nations, have been trained to accept jurisdiction from other than their own countrymen. They have become NATO’s forces and hardly any understand that they have become part of the UN’s military arm.

In 1990, Iraq invaded neighboring Kuwait and U.S. President George Bush (the elder) went to the United Nations for authorization to defend Kuwait and oppose Iraq’s move. Mr. Bush repeatedly stated that his goal was to “reinvigorate” the United Nations and build a “new world order.” He succeeded, but the UN-directed war against Iraq has never ended. American-led actions against Iraq have caused the deaths of approximately one million Iraqi civilians over the past ten years. And some Americans wonder why our nation is hated in the Arab world, and why fanatical Moslems would convert passenger planes into suicide bombs to destroy life and property in our country.

In 1992, American forces numbering many thousands were sent to Somalia under UN authorization. In 1994, tens of thousands of U.S. troops were sent to Haiti to enforce another UN resolution.

President Bill Clinton, another member of the Council on Foreign Relations, sent American forces into the former Yugoslavia. These Americans were directed by NATO from the outset. American generals had to go to Brussels to ask for permission to engage in whatever military action they wanted to undertake. Mr. Clinton promised an early exit date that came and went, but the American forces are still there. Eventually, Sir Michael Rose of England wearing a UN blue helmet joined with UN diplomat Yasushi Akashi of Japan to order U.S. fighter planes from NATO to attack positions in Bosnia. These two men didn’t bother to contact President Clinton and the American commanders in the field did not hesitate to follow these orders.

And now, American forces are warring against Afghanistan. One day after the attack on New York and Washington, the UN Security Council gave the U.S. permission to launch military action against Afghanistan. On that same day, NATO invoked Article 5 of its Charter which states that an attack on any NATO member is an attack on all. This was the first time this portion of the NATO Charter has ever been invoked.

On September 28th, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1373 sponsored by the United States. It obliges the 189 member nations to cooperate in the fight against terrorism. Secretary of State Powell (CFR) explained that the U.S. action in Afghanistan was authorized by Article 51 of the UN Charter. He had earlier explained that “when it comes to our role as a member of the Security Council, we are obviously bound by UN resolutions.” And great numbers of Americans either see no problem with that attitude or have no awareness of it.

On October 8th, President Bush requested NATO to supply surveillance aircraft to patrol airspace over the United States, the first time since our War for Independence in the 1780s that foreign forces have been used to defend the United States.

The point I wish to make here is that either the UN  itself or its NATO subsidiary directs what the U.S. military does. The armed forces of the United States have become an arm of the United Nations.

Plans Created 40 Years Ago

In September 1961, President John Kennedy delivered a speech at UN headquarters in New York in which he presented the United States program for complete disarmament of the entire world – except for the United Nations which would become the only military power on earth. Entitled “Freedom From War,” the Kennedy three-stage plan was designed to be implemented over many years. It called for all nations to give up their military power while arming the United Nations. The final step stated: “progressive controlled disarmament … would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened UN Peace Force.”

The document also calls for the disarming of citizens.

It immediately became unavailable for examination by the general public. But The John Birch Society obtained a copy and has reprinted it in its entirety many times. It is an incredible betrayal of our nation that most Americans have never seen and those who are shown a copy find it hard to comprehend. This plan was produced by the staffs of Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, both of whom were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. And it was delivered to the UN by President John F. Kennedy, also a CFR member.

On numerous occasions, we have contacted federal officials to ask the status of this plan to disarm America and provide the UN with unchallengeable military power. The response has always been that it is the fixed and determined policy of the government of the United States. Anyone who examines it will see that many of the interim steps it contains have already been accomplished.

The year 1961 also saw the U.S. State Department finance the creation of a document entitled “A World Effectively Controlled By the United Nations.” Written by Professor Lincoln P. Bloomfield, it lists the many steps needed to bring about a UN-controlled world. Completed in 1962, this document was originally classified as secret and kept from public view. It is, therefore, written in very clear language. Once declassified, we obtained a copy and have circulated it widely.

In order to establish a world controlled by the United Nations, the Bloomfield report called for UN taxing power, a UN military arm of approximately 500,000 men, compulsory jurisdiction of a UN court, and unrestricted power to carry out inspection any place on earth.

Professor Bloomfield, another member of the Council on Foreign Relations, expected that the goal could not be reached completely for many years. But, he wrote, “a crisis, a war, or a brink-of-war situation so grave or commonly menacing that deeply rooted attitudes and practices are sufficiently shaken” could lead more quickly to the desired goal. The recent terrorist attacks have given our nation’s leaders the type of crisis they want in order to complete the sellout of America to a world government.

Six months ago, before the destruction of New York’s World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon in Washington, I spoke to a group of Americans about what was happening to our nation’s military forces. I reported portions of what I have just stated today. But some of what I said then actually forecast the horrors occurring on September 11th. Here is what I said in April 2001, five months before the terrorists converted those civilian airliners into terrorist bombs.

One of the logical consequences of our forces being sent into the middle of local disputes is hatred for our country. It seems true that our bombs have destroyed electrical service, water supplies, medical capability and more in the nations we have targeted. Certainly this is the case in Iraq. Is there any surprise that retaliation has been forthcoming?

1993: World Trade Center bombing (6 Americans dead); 1995: U.S. military headquarters in Saudi Arabia bombed (7 dead); 1996: another U.S. military barracks blown up (19 dead); 1998: U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed (224 dead); 2000: USS Cole attacked in Yemen (17 dead).

And now in the year 2001, President George W. Bush unleashes bombers on Iraq as did his father. The adventurism of several presidents has made all Americans vulnerable.

Let me add now to what I said then. The distinct possibility that my nation’s armed forces are already under UN control must be considered. And the terrorist crisis has given our leaders the opportunity, as Professor Bloomfield indicated, to lead the United States into formal control by the UN as the major step in bringing about a world effectively controlled by the world body.

What Must Be Done

The only sensible response to all of this treachery is to force our leaders to withdraw from the United Nations and to bring our military forces home from the four corners of the earth. To give a brief idea of where America’s armed forces are stationed, we have 69,000 in Germany, 40,000 in Japan, 36,000 in South Korea, 11,000 in Italy, 11,000 in England, 7,000 in Bosnia, 5,000 in Kuwait, 5,000 in Serbia-Kosovo, 5,000 in Saudi Arabia, and more thousands in Spain, Turkey, Iceland, Belgium, Bahrain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, Diego Garcia, and even in Cuba where the U.S. has actually maintained a naval base during all the years since Fidel Castro took control of that nation in 1959.

The John Birch Society has advocated withdrawing from the UN for 40 years. Just recently, however, we have revitalized this effort with new books, new pamphlets, new video programs, and other new tools that we are working to share with fellow Americans. It is our single most important project.

In 1997, largely as a result of our many years of effort, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on a measure to have our nation withdraw from the UN. Only 54 of the 435 members of the House voted yes. But this was the first time since 1945 that such a measure had even been considered.

Then, in 1999, a similar vote was taken and 74 members of the House voted yes. In 2001, other votes have been taken and the numbers are similar. Now, pressure from the people across the nation, generated by members of The John Birch Society, is causing many members of Congress to rethink America’s involvement in the UN.

We are making progress. But we still have much work ahead of us if we are to succeed. We believe that U.S. withdrawal from the UN will alter much that is happening in the world. National sovereignty of all nations will be protected if the U.S. will quit the United Nations. And the world conspiracy will have been dealt a severe blow.

I expect that all of you here wish us great success. And for that I thank you on behalf of our organization, its tens of thousands of members, and the millions of sleeping Americans we are working to awaken in this time of great peril.

Myron Fagan’s 1967 Complete Audio Of Vinyl Record The Illuminati And Council On Foreign Relations.

download (33)


Myron Coureval Fagan (31 October 1887 – 12 May 1972) was an American writer, producer and director for film and theatre and a red scare figure in the late 1940s and 50s. Fagan was an ardent anti-communist and influential conspiracy theorist.

Between 1967 and 1968 Myron Fagan recorded a set of three spoken-word LP records titled The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations. Produced by Anthony Hilder, the records presented the Bavarian Illuminati, the Protocols of Zion, and internationalist politics as faces of a single grand “Luciferian” conspiracy directed by the Rothschild family.

United Nations Parliament Of World’s Religions Exposed As Path To Worship Coming Anti-Christ With One World Religion.

Hear Hour Of Time Radio Show With Guest Texe Marrs Expose World Parliament of Religions On July 14th and 15th 1993. Click Links below to hear. The radio show will show how the World Parliament of Religions is nothing more than a United Nations attack on Christianity by creating a one world religion to usher in the Anti-Christ.

Part One: Texe Marrs

Part Two: Texe Marrs


Chicago Meeting, 1893

Brief Early History:

There have been several meetings referred to as a Parliament of the World’s Religions, the first being the World’s Parliament of Religions of 1893, which was an attempt to create a global dialogue of faiths. The event was celebrated by another conference on its centenary in 1993. This led to a new series of conferences under the official title Parliament of the World’s Religions.

An organization was incorporated in 1988 to carry out the tradition of the Parliament of the World’s Religions by marking the centennial of the first Parliament. The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions[2] is headquartered in Chicago. Its board of trustees are elected from various faith communities. Rev. Dr. Larry Greenfield serves as its executive director.

Here is the World Parliament Of Religions Website Click Here.

1893 Parliament

In 1893, the city of Chicago hosted the World Columbian Exposition, an early world’s fair. So many people were coming to Chicago from all over the world that many smaller conferences, called Congresses and Parliaments, were scheduled to take advantage of this unprecedented gathering. One of these was the World’s Parliament of Religions, an initiative of the Swedenborgian layman (and judge) Charles Carroll Bonney.[5][6] The Parliament of Religions was by far the largest of the congresses held in conjunction with the Exposition.[7] John Henry Barrows, a clergyman, was appointed as the first chairman of the General Committee of the 1893 Parliament by Charles Bonney.[8]

The Parliament of Religions opened on 11 September 1893 at the World’s Congress Auxiliary Building which is now The Art Institute of Chicago, and ran from 11 to 27 September, making it the first organized interfaith gathering.[9] Today it is recognized as the occasion of the birth of formal interreligious dialogue worldwide, with representatives of a wide variety of religions and new religious movements, including:

The Jain preacher Virchand Gandhi was invited as a representative of Jainism.[10]

The Buddhist preacher Anagarika Dharmapala was invited as a representative of “Southern Buddhism,” the term applied at that time to the Theravada.[citation needed]

Soyen Shaku, the “First American Ancestor” of Zen, made the trip.[11]

An essay by the Japanese Pure Land master Kiyozawa Manshi, “Skeleton of the philosophy of religion” was read in his absence.

Swami Vivekananda belongs Bengali Kayastha community represented Hinduism as a delegate, introducing Hinduism at the opening session of the Parliament on 11 September.[12] Though initially nervous, he bowed to Saraswati, then began his speech with salutation, “Sisters and brothers of America!”. To these words he got a standing ovation from a crowd of seven thousand, which lasted for two minutes. When silence was restored he began his address. He greeted the youngest of the nations on behalf of “the most ancient order of monks in the world, the Vedic order of sannyasins, a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance!”

Islam was represented by Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb, an Anglo-American convert to Islam and the former US ambassador to the Philippines.

Rev. Henry Jessup addressing the World Parliament of Religions was the first to publicly discuss the Bahá’í Faith in the United States (it had previously been known in Europe).[13] Since then Bahá’ís have become active participants.[14]

Theism or the Brahmo Samaj was represented by Pratap Chandra Majumdar

New religious movements of the time, such as Spiritualism and Christian Science. The latter was represented by Septimus J. Hanna, who read an address written by its founder Mary Baker Eddy.[15]

Absent from this event were Native American religious figures, Sikhs and other Indigenous and Earth centered religionists; these religions and spiritual traditions were not represented until the 1993 Parliament convened.

Click Here For More History.

World Parliament Of Religions Promoting Paganism and Anti-Christian Radicalism.


The seventh Parliament of the World’s Religions [POWR] is now in session in Toronto, and runs Nov. 1-7th, with its theme of “The Promise of Inclusion, the Power of Love: Pursuing Global Understanding, Reconciliation, and Change.” See:

The POWR appears to be one of the early building blocks of the modern New Age Movement – as well as of the ecumenical movement. The first POWR, in 1893, featured the occultist, and leader of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant; as well as Swami Vivekananda – a key figure in the introduction of the eastern philosophies of Hinduism and Yoga to the Western world.

Karen Hamilton, co-chair of the Parliament’s Toronto hosting committee and former General Secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches, pointed to failure to take climate change seriously, attitudes toward women, and the ways religion “has been used to support genocide, wars, persecution and injustice.”Indigenous people of Canada will participate in the opening ceremonies, and a “sacred fire” will burn throughout the event. POWR 2018 will be divided into tracks covering “The role and dignity of women in religion; countering war, hate and violence; climate change; indigenous peoples; youth; and working to achieve a more just, peaceful and sustainable world”.

The 2018 Speakers include: heretical leftist “Christian” activist Jim Wallis, who will give the opening speech; Buddhist “Dharma Master” Hsin Tao; Dr. Kanwaljit Kaur, President of Global Sikh Council; Dr. PL de Silva, of the International War-related Trauma & Humanitarian Intervention Trust; Swami Sarvapriyananda, Minister-in-Charge of The Vedanta Society; Ingrid Mattson, former head of The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and PhD scholar of Islamic Studies, expert in interfaith relations; Dr. Carol P. Christ , author of “Why Women Need the Goddess” co-founder of the “Goddess movement”. Listed in the “Voices of POWR” are:


An example of the pagan slant of the POWR is seen in the members of the “Indigenous Task Force“, and the leader Andtas Corban Arthen, who is the spiritual director of the EarthSpirit Community. Andras also lectures on the indigenous European pagan religions throughout the U.S. and abroad. See of the 12 “programs” of the POWR is “Faiths Against Hate”, which utilizes info from the radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and states: “those who order and give meaning to their lives based upon supremacy are dangerous – dangerous to those who, in their eyes, are inferior or different, dangerous to the wider company in which they live, dangerous to their own religious, national, ethnic, and cultural entities, dangerous it turns out to themselves.”

And they state: ” The interfaith movements across the globe could provide a new resource for challenging the re-emergence of supremacy crusades… ” Note that this section of the POWR site links those who claim exclusivity in religious matters (i.e. Jesus’ words) to “supremacists”! and of course everyone know supremacists are very bad people, even “haters”. See also:

Speaking of hate – the first comment posted in “Faiths Against Hate” states that the above article is: “All the more urgent in light of Jeanine Hill Fletcher’s recent book THE SIN OF WHITE SUPREMACY: CHRISTIANITY, RACISM, AND RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY IN AMERICA, in which she lays out how White Supremacy is rooted in Christian Supremacy. But as Hill-Fletcher also make clear, claims of Christian supremacy are rooted in the New Testament… their sacred texts themselves.. to truly carry out its program of anti-supremacy, [NOTE] *as you encourage, the individual traditions will have to confront, I think, the roots of supremacy in their own texts.”

For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

2 Thessalonians verse 7-11


European Union Parliament Building Exposed As Evil Model of Babylon’s Tower Of Babel.


The Louise Weiss building is meant to look like painting “The Tower of Babel” by Pieter Brueghel the Elder in 1563.

by Geri Ungurean

The EU Parliament Building is the first monument representing a superstate and reveals, through its intense symbolism, hatred of religion, plans for a New World Order and their subtle…



“And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth. “ Genesis 11:4,5,9 (KJV)

Recently, we have been writing on a particularly interesting character, the new PM of Greece, Alexis Tsipras. Many Christians are now looking at this man with heightened interest. He seems to embody many of the Biblical descriptions of the coming Antichrist. Time will tell, and we will be watching.

In this article, I will be reporting on something that I find as interesting as Tsipras himself. We will look at the EU Parliament Building, and more specifically at their building. Ever since it was completed in December of 1999, the EU parliament has raised questions and many eyebrows by its peculiar architecture. Although it is meant to have a modernist look, many say that it was fashioned after Nimrod’s Tower of Babel from the Scriptures.

Why does it look unfinished?

Promoters say it reflects the “unfinished nature of Europe”. However, some research on the subject reveals the dark and deep symbolism of the building. Exposing the real source of inspiration behind the Louise Weiss building is exposing the esoteric beliefs of the world elite, their dark aspirations and their interpretation of ancient scriptures.

We’ll go straight to the point: the Louise Weiss building is meant to look like painting “The Tower of Babel” by Pieter Brueghel the Elder in 1563. Story says that the Tower of Babel was never completed.


The Tower of Babel. by Pieter Brueghel 

So, the UN Parliament is basically continuing the unfinished work of Nimrod, the infamous tyrant, who was building the Tower of Babel to defy God.

Do you think this is a good source of inspiration for a “democratic institution”?

The Story of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel

The story of Nimrod and the building of the Tower of Babel is found in many ancient manuscripts from various cultures around the world. Genesis 11 in the King James Bible starts off right after the end of the flood of Noah, and lets us know that:

“And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.” Genesis 11:1 (KJV)

The bible tells us that there was worldwide unity and harmony, a good thing, right? Wrong. No sooner is the whole world together then they immediately plan to overthrow God and “build a tower to Heaven”. That’s the result of bringing in World Peace without the King of Peace, Jesus Christ. We all know the story, the build the tower, make some pretty good progress right up until the moment where God confounds their speech with a multiplicity of previously unknown languages., and they are scattered. It looks like the modern-day European Union is headed for the exact same fate.

The official motto of the EU Parliament is this: “Europe – Many Tongues One Voice”. Now, add to their motto that their official headquarters is an updated version of the biblical Tower of Babel and I think you begin to see not only motive but intent as well.

Symbolism of the EU Parliament

The construction of the EU Parliament in the image of the Tower of Babel sends the message that Nimrod had the right philosophy and his Tower of Babel was a good idea.

What we can expect to see from the EU on this path:
A gradual introduction of tyranny
The elimination of the worship of God to introduce dependence on power
All people speaking the same language and the same religion
Rejecting God while trying to become gods

You know what? Those are major precepts of the esoteric beliefs of the world elite. Their belief system is based on the Mystery Religions (pagan rituals, worship of the Sun, considering Lucifer as the one who gave light to the human race, seeing God as a force wanting to keep humans in the dark).

Their New World Order will have evacuated all worship of God, introduced a single language and changed democracy to tyranny.


In the poster we see the people of Europe rebuilding the Tower of Babel, only it’s not the ancient Tower of Babel but a very modern-day counterpart, the Louise Weiss building. It reminds me of the movie Jurassic Parkwhere they use DNA samples to recreate the ancient dinosaurs only to find themselves as the prey of those same animals. Amazing how history repeats itself and how bible prophecy is always correct. Every time.

Here’s some points to note:
Point #1: We have a confirmation that the Louise Weiss building was truly inspired by the Tower of Babel. The poster recreated the exact tower on Pieter Brueghel’s painting, even making sure to include the broken part of the foundation. There is NO question there.

Point #2: The slogan: “Europe: Many Tongues One Voice” refers to God confusing the people with many languages. Lessons learned since Genesis 11? Zero.

Point #3: Look closely at the stars at the top. Do they look strange? They are upside down aka reversed pentagrams. The symbolism behind pentagrams is extremely deep and complex but we can say that a regular pentagram refers to “Good Ruling” and a reverse pentagram refers to “Evil Ruling”.

This poster has been banned due to protests by numerous groups. It is however extremely revealing and proves the esoteric mindset of the builders of the European Union’s Parliament.

In Conclusion:

The European Union is a superstate that currently includes 28 countries (more in the future).

The same fate awaits American and Asian countries, who are bound to unite under the same flag and currency to create other superstates. Those are the building blocks towards a Single World Government, a goal actively sought by the world elite.

The EU Parliament Building is the first monument representing a superstate and reveals, through its intense symbolism, hatred of religion, plans for a New World Order and their subtle endorsement of tyranny.

Are you as convinced of the demonic powers at work here as I am?

With this new information in hand, the Alexis Tsipras piece now is even more intriguing, wouldn’t you say?

Portions of this story were taken from

Democrats And Republicans Try To Block President Trump From Cutting Funds To United Nations.


Breaking: Dems Now Blocking Trump From Cutting the UN’s Budget!
Max McGuire08/25/2018

The United Nations is about as anti-American as they come. For the better part of the last ten year, UN bureaucrats have dedicated themselves to trying to undermine our constitutional system, our laws, and our values.

Barack Obama was complicit in this. Whenever Congress refused to pass his Leftist agenda, he turned to the United Nations to impose it on the American people.

Congress wouldn’t pass gun control so Obama unconstitutionally signed onto the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Congress wouldn’t pass climate change legislation, so Obama unconstitutionally signed onto the Paris Climate Agreement. Congress wouldn’t approve the Iranian nuclear treaty, so Obama signed it without submitting it to Congress for ratification.

You get the idea…

Enter Donald Trump. Over the last 19 months, Trump has committed to tearing down all of Barack Obama’s unconstitutionally signed UN treaties. He withdrew from the Iran deal, stopped sending representatives to the UN Arms Trade Treaty conference, and pulled out of the UN Climate Treaty.

The best part? Trump isn’t done.

In just the last 24 hours, President Trump has cut another 220 million from the United Nations! Most of that was destined to go to the Palestinian government. The remaining 20 million was going to the anti-American UN Human Rights Council.

Never in American history has a President cut so much from the UN in a single day!

Democrats are absolutely furious and are scrambling to undo President Trump’s cuts and restore the funding.

You CANNOT let them do that!

Don’t let the Dems and GOP restore this funding! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who tries to restore the United Nations’ funding will be removed from office!

As you know, Congress is in the middle of appropriations season. This is when the House and Senate must pass a package of spending bills to keep the government running after the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.

Every spending bill must be passed before them. These bills will dictate to the Trump administration how to allocate taxpayer funds.

One of these bills is called the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act(that’s a mouthful). Among other things, this one bill handles the foreign aid budget.

Right now, Democrats and moderate Republicans are weaponizing this spending bill to block Pres. Trump from cutting the UN’s budget!

Dianne Feinstein and four other Democrat Senators on the Appropriations Committee are demanding that the funding be restored. And they have Republican help…

Last year, they launched a similar fight to get funding restored to the UN’s Green Climate Fund. Last summer, President Trump fully withdrew from the UN’s climate treaty and pulled all of the funding that Obama had promised.

It didn’t look like the Democrats would succeed. But at the last minute, Republicans Lindsey Graham (SC), Susan Collins (ME), and Lamar Alexander (TN) joined the left and voted to restore the funding. Lisa Murkowski (AK) is also on the list of RINOs eager to restore the UN’s funding.

Democrats are now trying to recreate the alliance but this time, they only need ONE Republican on the committee to flip. Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) is the ranking member on the committee and he is promising to block everything until the funding is restored.

Do you know why President Trump cut this aid to Palestine? 49.4% of all international aid to Palestine goes to terrorist programs. Mostly, this funding is used to pay the families of imprisoned or killed terrorists. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dol lars. Why on earth should American taxpayers help prop this up?

Why on earth would Republicans help them restore this?

Stop this GOP betrayal! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who tries to restore the United Nations’ funding will be removed from office!

I have prayed that eventually, we would get a President willing to pull the plug on the UN’s anti-American programs. That day has arrived.

Like clockwork, however, Republicans are coming out of the woodwork to reverse President Trump’s decision. These are Republicans who, every year, vote to give the United Nations hundreds of millions. The Democrats just need one Senator on this committee to flip and they have four RINOs to choose from.

Their only hope is that you and millions of other Conservatives aren’t paying attention. They are counting on no one paying attention to what they do in these committees and subcommittees and that by the time you figure it out, it will be too late to stop them.

But it’s not too late. The legislation still has not cleared any subcommittee or committee yet and hasn’t reached the floor.

We know their plan. The Left is promising to reverse course and re-approve all of the UN funding that Trump cut and there are more than enough Republicans willing to help them.

Only you can stop this. Only you can get loud right now and demand that Congress block this betrayal!

Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they kill these UN re-funding amendments… or else!

I’ve waited my whole life for a President to have the guts to defund the United Nations. Now that it has happened, the Globalists in Congress are working to undo everything he’s accomplished.

Please, do not let them do this!

Stop this GOP betrayal! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who tries to restore the United Nations’ funding will be removed from office!

Seize the moment!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

President Trump Budget Cuts To The United Nations Has New World Order In Panic.


Articles In News Of President Trump Cutting United Nations Funding:

UN Crosses Trump’s Red Line: Launches Immigrant Invasion of US.

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