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104 Reasons Showing September 11, 2001 Attacks Was A Inside Job.

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1. Some of the 19 hijackers were found alive and well after 9/11/01.

2. The 19 hijacker’s names were not on the original plane manifest before take off.

3. The 19 hijacker’s names were not included in death toll.

4. The calls made by cell phones on the plane were made above 30,000 feet. Which was impossible at that time. ( My cell phone loses signal in my backyard.)

5. Flight attendant was choking when she called 911 for help suggesting gas was used.

6. Box cutters used to physically take over crew and passengers on plane impossible.

7. Black boxes not recovered from any plane.

8. Information about black boxes not given to public after the attacks.

9. Phone call made by passenger introduced himself with his first and last name to his own mother on the plane.

10. Asbestos was a problem with the Twin Towers and was something the Port Authority of NY was tired of dealing with.

11. The 19 hijackers flight school instructors said they were terrible pilots who could not speak English good and would not be able to read the English controls of a jetliner.

12. The training the 19 hijackers received did not cover the planes used in the attacks.

13. Marvin Bush cousin of George Bush was head of Security at the Twin Towers and his contract expired on 9/11/01.

14. No proof of 19 hijackers on the planes.

15. Voice recognition technology does exist and can be used to trick family members using telephones.

16. Norad was running a drill the very same time the attacks happened with the very same scenarios.

17. Dick Cheney was in control of Norad during the 9/11 attacks not the Generals because of the drills taking place.

18. George Bush sat reading the book my pet goat upside down to school kids in Florida before the attacks happened on 9/11/01. Then George Bush sat there for seven minutes before reacting after the word was told to him.

19. Some Employees of the Twin Towers were called at home and told not to come to work that day

for no reason on the morning of 9/11/01 was reported.

20. Lowest number of people in the buildings during the week was on a Tuesday. 9/11/01 was a Tuesday and does not fit a Islamic terrorist attack who would want mass number of casualties.

21. Osama Bin Ladens family flown out of United States shortly after attacks under orders from President Bush.

22. Osama Bin Ladens family not questioned at all before they were flown out of the country by FBI.

23. The official story of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and has no proof to back it up, but the theory that 9/11 was a inside job does have proof.

24. Their is no clear video footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon.

25. The video footage the government said was a plane hitting the Pentagon shows no plane in the footage.

26. The hole made in the Pentagon was 16 to 18 feet across and would be to small of a opening for a jet liner impact.

27. People at the pentagon reported smelling chemicals used to make explosives as it was burning.

28. Norm Mineta reported a conversation to the 9/11 Commission that Dick Cheney had with a Whitehouse aid about orders remaining the same while Norm was in the same room. The Whitehouse aid said “Do the orders still stand” Cheney said “Have you heard anything to the contrary”. Norman Mineta’s testimony was not included in 9/11 Commission.

29. The Pentagon was hit on the opposite side where Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were at.

30. The Pentagon was under a reconstruction project on the side the plane hit.

31. New York firefighters reported explosions.

32. The media reported hearing explosions at the twin tower site.

33. Molten steel was reported at the base of the towers suggesting hotter temperatures than jet fuel can produce.

34. Smoke was rising from the debris at ground zero for weeks after the attacks suggesting molten steel present.

35. Pancake collapse theory of floors of Twin Towers by the official version proven to be impossible by architects and engineers.

36. No steel structures have ever fallen from fire with no resistance at free fall speeds like Towers 1, 2 and 7.

37. Helicopters made no attempt to rescue people from the roof of the Twin Towers.

38. The Twin Towers were designed to take impacts from jet liners as large as the planes that hit on 9/11/01 and still stand.

39. Osama Bin Laden was named the attacker the very same day by News media without any evidence to show it 9/11/01.

40. The BBC reported building seven collapsed before it actually collapsed in the afternoon of 9/11/01 suggesting the media had prior knowledge it was going to collapse.

41. Building 7 housed undercover CIA operations for NY, Mayor Guiliani ‘s office, Stock investigations for fraud, etc.

42. Demolition Group Corporation removed the debris from Ground Zero and Oklahoma City bombing.

43. Official story did not explain the collapse of building seven until months later.

44. Larry Silverstein owner of Twin Towers and building seven took out special insurance for Terrorist attacks in 2001.

45. Larry Silverstein said in a interview on PBS that building 7 was “pulled” or in demolition terms controlled demolition.

46. Architects and Engineers showed the official version for collapse of building seven impossible.

47. Larry Silverstein and his daughter would have breakfast every morning on top of one of the twin towers but did not the morning of September 11, 2001.

48. FBI originally reported that explosives were used to bring down the Twin Towers then later changed their report.

49. Video Footage was taken by Feds of something hitting the Pentagon from Doubletree hotel camera’s across the street and has never been released to public.

50. Witnesses in Shanksville, PA heard military jets in the sky before plane crashed.

51. Donald Rumsfeld said the plane in Shanksville, Pa was shot down in a speech he gave. Then the next day he said he ment to say it crashed and apologized.

52. Debris in Shanksville, Pa no bigger than a phone book scattered for miles shows evidence it was shot down.

53. Crater in ground in Shanksville, Pa was shown to have been there prior to crash with old satellite photo records.

54. No bodies recovered from Shanksville, Pa crash site.

55. 9/11 Commission Report refused to put any Bush Administration officials under oath to answer any questions.

56. People in charge of 9/11 Commission Report was appointed by George Bush. But was reported to be a independent investigation to the American people.

57. Osama Bin Laden was on the payroll of CIA when he led a group called the Freedom Fighters in Afganistan to battle the Soviet Union at the time.

58. does not list 9/11 as a crime Osama Bin Laden committed on the FBI ten most wanted list.

59. Project For A New American Century said in September 2000 “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” – pg 51 The Project For A New American Century (PNAC) was founded in 1997 with many members that later became the nucleus of the George W. Bush administration. The list includes: Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, I. Lewis Libby, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz among many other powerful but less well know names.

60. Record Put options was placed on United and American Airlines stocks before the attacks suggesting prior knowledge.

61. No external damage to the Pentagon where the wings and the tail section would have impacted with the outer wall. Damage to Pentagon does not match a Plane hitting it.

62. Plane did a maneuver in air that not even experienced pilots could do with plane that hit pentagon as it descended for impact. Reported by professional pilots.

63. No evidence made public to link the 9/11 attacks to Osama Bin Laden.

64. December 13, 2001 Osama Bin Laden tape was not the real Osama Bin Laden.

65. Chief Of Investigative Publicity for F.B.I. Rex Tomb says reason 9/11 is not listed as a crime on the ten most wanted list under Bin Laden’s because their is no hard evidence to prove Usama Bin Laden was behind the attacks.

66. A Will was found in Mohamed Atta’s bag he left at Boston logan Airport raising questions of why would someone take a Will on a plane if the plan was to hit buildings and the Will would be destroyed.

67. Passport of one of the hijackers found at ground zero sight reported by the mainstream media and then later the story was pulled. How does a passport survive a direct hit into the Twin Towers made of paper?

68. A business card of one of the hijackers was found in Shanksville, Pa plane crash. How does a business card survive that crash when the plane was totally destroyed?

69. General Mahmoud Ahmad director of Pakistani Inter Services Intelligent Agency ( I.S.I ) wired $100,000 dollars to Mohamed Atta in August 2001.

70. I.S.I. and the C.I.A. had a long standing relationship dating back as far as the 1980’s in Afganistan.

71. Sihed Sheik kidnapped and killed Wallstreet Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Daniel Pearl was investigating the I.S.I. at the time.

72. Chief of Pakistani I.S.I Mahmoud Ahmad was meeting Representative Porter Goss and Senator Bob Graham in Washington D.C. the morning of 9/11.

73. The main stream media censored any articles about the $100,000 transfer.

74. Pakistani I.S.I. Chief Mahmoud Ahmad met with head of C.I.A. George Tenet September 4th-9th 2001.

75. Mahmoud Ahmad retires from I.S.I. one month after $100,000 transfer was made.

76. 9/11 Commission Report denies the $100,000 transfer ever existed. F.B.I. and Wallstreet Journal confirmed the $100,000 transfer did happen.

77. Addresses and Drivers Licenses confirm Saeed Alghamdi, Ahmed Aighandi and Ahmed Ainami trained at Pensacola Naval Airstation in Florida.

78. Mohammed Atta went to school at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Another Hijacker attended Brooks Air Force Base, San Antonio Texas.

79. Mohammed Atta also attended The Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. Saeed Al Ghandi also attended there.

80. Khalid Almid Har and Nawaf Alhazmi lived with a F.B.I. informant renting a apartment in Lemon Grove, California.

81. Operation Able Danger started in 1999 knew identities of 19 hijackers prior to 9/11 showing prior knowledge of 19 hijackers.

82. Global Guardian a drill being conducted on the mourning of September 11th was practicing a jet liner attack on the Pentagon.

83. Amalgam Virgo was a drill conducted June 1st and 2nd 2001 simulating a unconventional aircraft attack on the Pentagon.

84. Multiple war games was taking place on 9/11 at the same time.

85. Vigilant Guardian was a drill in its second day on 9/11 simulating a attack in the airspace of the North East part of The United States.

86. Vigilant Guardian was scheduled to begin in October 2001 but was moved to September 2001 by Norad and the Joint Chiefs.

87. Northern Vigilance added radar phantoms ( Fake planes ) to the radar screens in the North east U.S.

88. Doomsday Airforce Jet E4-B was spotted in the sky over Washington D.C. on 9/11.

89. Northern Vigilance moved some U.S. attack aircraft to Canada and Alaska to conduct a drill of a Russian air attack.

90. Tripod 2 a bio attack drill was scheduled on September 12, 2001 by the Office of Emergency Management located on the 23rd floor of building seven.

91. National Reconnaissance Office in Virginia conducted a drill at 8:45 am on the mourning of September 11th which simulated plane crashes into buildings.

92. Pentagon officials deny any Anti aircraft defense at the pentagon that could of been used against Flight 77.

93. 9/11 Commission said Hani Hanjour was the most experienced pilot of the 19 hijackers, but Saed Al Ghandi was a former professional pilot in Saudi Arabia.

94. All four planes were only filled to 30% seating capacity. This goes against United and American airlines seating and loading rules at the time.

95. Out of 239 seats on flight 77 only 64 was filled. A majority of which was ex military leaving many questions on how a large number of ex military personnel could be taken over by 5 hijackers with box cutters. Click here for passenger list.

96. Charles F. Burlingame III, 51, of Herndon, Virginia, was the Captain of Flight 77, an aeronautical engineer, and a former Top Gun Navy fighter pilot. The Navy section Flight 77 hit at Pentagon Charles Burlingame previously worked there.

97. Flight 77 hit the only section of Pentagon reinforced for terrorist attacks that had blast resistant windows a inch 1/2 thick made of kevlar material.

98. The part of the Pentagon Flight 77 hit was under renovation started in 1991 and was only a day away from completion on September 11, 2001.

99. The part of the Pentagon Flight 77 hit on a busy day would have 5,000 people working there. On the mourning of September 11th only 125 people was working there.

100. No Piece of wreckage found at Pentagon was identified as Flight 77.

101. Donald Rumsfeld reported 2.3 Trillion dollars missing from Pentagon September 10, 2001. The Statement was then ignored later because of attacks next day by U.S. media.

102. A mass casualty exercise which included a scenario of a plane hitting the Pentagon was conducted October 24, 2000.

103. No Alarms inside Pentagon went off just before Flight 77 crashed into it. Pentagon staff was aloud to stay inside.

104. The person named by the U.S. media as the mastermind of 9/11 attacks Osama Bin Laden does not exist. His real name is Usama Bin Laden show by the F.B.I on the ten most wanted list at the time. No one questioned this fact and still does not to this day.

Do Your Own Research And Learn The Facts.

Hollywood and 9/11: The Movies And TV Dramas Predicting The September 11, 2001 Attacks.

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“It represents capitalism. It represents freedom. It represents everything America is
about. And to bring those two buildings down would bring America to its knees.”

– Line from Nosebleed, a movie originally set to start being
filmed at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

A significant number of movies and television dramas were being produced at the time of the 9/11 attacks, which had storylines with some remarkable similarities to the events of September 11, 2001. These storylines featured incidents such as terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, terrorists hijacking a commercial aircraft, and terrorists causing a jumbo jet to crash in New York.

The movies and TV shows would have featured some famous actors, and were being made for major companies, such as CBS and 20th Century Fox. Furthermore, employees of the military and other U.S. government agencies are known to have assisted in developing the storylines of some of these productions. Unsurprisingly, after September 11, the movies and TV shows were either canceled or significantly rewritten so as to remove any resemblance to the 9/11 attacks.

The existence of these movies and TV dramas, at the very least, disproves claims that the 9/11 attacks could not have been foreseen. It is worth considering, however, whether these productions served a more sinister purpose in relation to 9/11, albeit unknown to most of the people working on them.

This article examines seven movies and television dramas that were in production at the time of the 9/11 attacks, which all had notable similarities to aspects of what happened on September 11. These proposed movies and TV shows received some attention after September 11 because of their resemblance to the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon. Newsweek even commented that the amount of movies and TV shows about terrorism being made at that time “makes you wonder if this [i.e. terrorism] wasn’t an obsessive theme in the culture even before September 11.” [1] However, no one suggested that there might have been a more sinister reason for there being so many productions about terrorism. Instead, their existence was treated like a simple coincidence.


A number of movies and TV shows that were being produced at the time of the 9/11 attacks are notable because they featured acts of terrorism in New York or, specifically, at the World Trade Center.

A movie that is particularly striking is Nosebleed, which would have been about a terrorist plot to bomb the Twin Towers. [2] It was going to feature the well-known martial artist and actor Jackie Chan as a window washer at the World Trade Center who uncovers the plot and tries to thwart the terrorists. [3]

The script for Nosebleed was initially written in 1999 by Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner, and developed after that. Zicherman and Metzner had also come up with the film’s storyline. [4]

A line reportedly in the script indicates that the fictitious terrorists intended to cause the Twin Towers to collapse–like what actually happened on September 11. A terrorist would say of the WTC: “It represents capitalism. It represents freedom. It represents everything America is about. And to bring those two buildings down would bring America to its knees.” [5]

Nosebleed would have been a major film. It would have cost $50 million to $60 million to make, according to Variety magazine. [6] In May 2000, it was reported that Renny Harlin, who previously directed action movies such as Die Hard 2 and The Long Kiss Goodnight, was in talks to direct it, although whether he was subsequently taken on as director is unclear. [7]


Not only did the plot of Nosebleed have similarities to the 9/11 attacks, but a scene for the movie was scheduled to be filmed at the top of one of the Twin Towers at 7:00 a.m. on September 11. [8] The filming would have taken place at Windows on the World, the restaurant at the top of the North Tower, according to Jackie Chan, but it was canceled. So instead of being at the WTC, Chan was in Toronto working on another movie, The Tuxedo, on September 11. [9]

Had the filming gone ahead as originally scheduled, Chan and the other people involved would likely have died, since everyone who was in Windows on the World when American Airlines Flight 11 hit the North Tower at 8:46 a.m. on September 11 was trapped and subsequently died. [10] Chan told one newspaper, “I would probably have died if the shooting went ahead as planned.” [11] He said that on September 11, after he learned about the attacks on the WTC, he was “like a walking dead man” for the rest of the day. [12]

It is unclear why the filming at the WTC was canceled. According to some reports, it was because the script for the scene there was late. [13] According to the Orlando Sentinel, it was because Chan “didn’t want to make Nosebleed without a finished script.” “The action was good, but, somehow, the script not ready,” he commented. [14] But Chan gave a different explanation to the Boston Phoenix, saying: “The studio didn’t really like the script of Nosebleed because it was not perfect yet. So my manager said: ‘Don’t worry. If you do not like this film, we can do Tuxedo. You will meet with [Steven] Spielberg to see if you like it or not.’ Then I met with Spielberg and I say I will do Tuxedo, because I trust Spielberg.” [15]

Unsurprisingly, work on Nosebleed was put on hold after 9/11 and the movie has never been made. [16]


Another movie was, like Nosebleed, notable because–as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described–its plot featured “New York, the World Trade Center, and terrorists.” [17] Till Death Do Us Part would have been a comedy starring the well-known actors Billy Crystal and Michael Douglas. Its storyline, according to Newsday, was “about two fathers, soon to be related by their children’s marriage,” who have to take on “a terrorist bent on creating havoc in New York City.” The movie would have included “a significant scene that was to take place at the Windows on the World restaurant” at the top of the North Tower. [18] It featured “a big World Trade Center scene with terrorists,” according to Crystal, who added, “Funny, but the whole story was about that.” [19]

Till Death Do Us Part was being made by Warner Brothers and Franchise Pictures, and was written in 2000 by Nat Mauldin, whose previous work included writing Dr. Dolittle, the 1998 comedy starring Eddie Murphy. [20] Filming was set to begin on November 17, 2001. [21] The movie was put on hold after September 11, but it was subsequently rewritten and was released in May 2003, renamed The In-Laws and with Crystal no longer starring in it. [22]


A big-budget television drama was being developed at the time of the 9/11 attacks, which, like these movies, centered on terrorism in New York. NBC was working on a five-hour miniseries, called Terror, about a series of al-Qaeda attacks in the city. The show would have been a crossover between the network’s three Law & Order series (the original show, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent) and was going to be broadcast in May 2002. [23]

Terror would have followed an Osama bin Laden devotee who goes from an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan to New York. There, he detonates explosives in the subway under Times Square, killing over 1,000 New Yorkers. [24] Investigators then discover a terrorist release of anthrax, and the storyline would subsequently include the threat of a release of smallpox. [25]

Dick Wolf, the creator of Law & Order, put forward the idea for the show. When he was asked, early in 2001, if he had any suggestions for a miniseries, Wolf answered, “Terrorism in New York City.” This, according to Los Angeles magazine, was a story he had “long wanted to do.” When Wolf told Neal Baer, one of Law & Order’s executive producers, about the miniseries, Baer said the show should specifically be about bioterrorism.

By June 2001, Wolf had written a 40-page outline for Terror. [26] By August, Wolf and his colleagues were “deeply involved in the story,” according to Baer. [27] Filming was set to begin on September 24, less than two weeks after 9/11. [28]

On September 11, before the attacks took place in New York, Baer and some of his colleagues were at a facility only a couple of miles from the World Trade Center doing “preproduction planning” for the show. [29] Terror was canceled a week later, in light of the 9/11 attacks. [30]


Other movies and television shows being produced at the time of the 9/11 attacks stand out because their storylines featured terrorist events that resembled specific aspects of 9/11: an aircraft hijacking, a plane crash, and an attack in the U.S. that leads to a wider conflict, like the actual “war on terror.”

One of these was a TV miniseries called World War III, which would have been about “how an act of terrorism on United States soil expanded into global conflict,” according to the Dallas Observer. Bryce Zabel, a longtime television writer and producer, who was elected as chairman of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in August 2001, was working on this show. He was scheduled to meet with executives at the cable channel USA Network on September 13, 2001, to present the details of his miniseries to them.

Zabel consulted the U.S. military while working on the storyline for World War III and apparently considered scenarios resembling the 9/11 attacks. He has recalled: “My partner and I had worked carefully with the Air Force and some Pentagon war planners to figure out the possible scenarios by which such a conflict [i.e. a world war] could come into being. The irony is that we had sort of rejected something as radical as what just happened [on September 11] as being a little too much.”

Zabel has not said what kind of terrorist attack he eventually decided to incorporate into his storyline. But he noted a similarity between what his show envisioned and what happened on September 11, saying the 9/11 attacks meant that “the cautionary tale we hoped to tell in fiction ended up becoming a cautionary tale told on the evening news.” [31]

Zabel’s miniseries was canceled in response to the 9/11 attacks. But, possibly referring to the similarity between its storyline and the “global war on terrorism” that began after 9/11, Zabel said, two weeks after September 11, that World War III would have “reflected exactly what’s going on in the world right now.” [32]


One movie that was in the pipeline on September 11, called, would have involved cyber-terrorists causing a Boeing 767–the type of plane that hit the Twin Towers–to crash just a few miles from the World Trade Center.

Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox had been working on since 1998. The movie, according to Variety, would have featured “a high-concept, special effects-laden storyline involving cyber-terrorists who have declared war on the United States.” [33] It was written by David Marconi, who previously wrote Enemy of the State, a 1998 thriller starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman.

Marconi said his screenplay for was “incredibly prescient about the events of September 11.” He described the storyline as “a blueprint for disaster.” Notably, the movie’s climax would have featured a Boeing 767 crashing into a Simon and Garfunkel concert in New York’s Central Park.

Marconi was assisted by experts from the National Security Agency (NSA) while he was working on the screenplay. He has recalled that these experts were “more than helpful in laying out situations not dissimilar from what happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon” on September 11. On the day of 9/11, one of them even phoned Marconi and said to him: “Turn on the TV. It’s happening.” Marconi has not said whether the scenario of a 767 crashing into Central Park was suggested to him by someone at the NSA. [34]

In August 2000, it was reported that would be produced by Luc Besson, the well-known French film writer, director, and producer. [35] The film was shelved after 9/11, but the script was rewritten and made into the fourth Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard, which was released in 2007. [36]


20th Century Fox also worked on Deadline, a movie that would have involved an aircraft hijacking. Few details are known about this film. It was, according to the Los Angeles Times, “in top-secret development” before September 11. All that has been reported of its storyline is that it featured terrorists hijacking a commercial aircraft.

Deadline was reportedly being produced by James Cameron, the renowned director of movies such as Titanic and The Terminator. It was written by brothers Peter and David Griffiths, who also wrote Collateral Damage, a movie about terrorism starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that was released in 2002. [37]

Deadline was put on hold after 9/11. [38] It was revived in 2008, with the new name Nagasaki Deadline. At that time, Variety reported that the storyline “centered on an emotionally damaged FBI agent who must decipher historic events in a desperate race to avert a terrorist plot.” It is unclear if this was the original storyline of the movie or if the plot was changed after September 11. [39] Five years later, the movie has still not been made.


One production is notable because, although it did not feature a terrorist attack, its storyline centered on the investigation of a plane crash, just as the 9/11 attacks led to the investigations of plane crashes. Furthermore, Osama bin Laden would have been mentioned in it.

Fall From the Sky was to have been a TV movie for CBS. Although being made for television rather than cinema, it had a large budget, of $7.2 million. [40] It was written by Nicholas Meyer–who previously wrote several of the Star Trek movies–and Brian Rehak, and would have starred Forest Whitaker, the award-winning actor of such movies as Bird and The Last King of Scotland.

Fall From the Sky would have told the story of the crash of a new type of passenger aircraft in which hundreds of people die, and the investigation that follows. Whitaker was to have played the National Transportation Safety Board official who leads the investigation. [41]

The storyline, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, looked at “the meticulous process of gathering scientific evidence after the tragedy.” [42] It also “dealt a lot with the [Federal Aviation Administration] and issues of concealment,” Whitaker said. [43] The TV movie, according to Meyer, would show “the political pressures brought to bear on the investigation.” [44]

Furthermore, the storyline included investigators examining the theory that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the crash. [45] According to Meyer, it would transpire that terrorists were not to blame.

Filming was scheduled to begin in Winnipeg, Canada, around the start of October 2001 and the TV movie was in preproduction in September that year. [46] However, CBS canceled Fall From the Sky shortly after 9/11. [47]


The fact that these movies and television shows were in production at the time of the 9/11 attacks, at the very least, disproves official claims that no one could have predicted what happened on September 11. What we know of the storylines of these productions shows that some scriptwriters, and people working for government agencies who assisted them, did indeed envision scenarios resembling the 9/11 attacks. The storylines are also evidence that some individuals may have had foreknowledge of the attacks–a possibility that should certainly be investigated.

It is also plausible that these movies and TV shows served a more disturbing purpose. Might, for example, rogue individuals working for U.S. government agencies have used a particular film or television show as a cover, to help them prepare the 9/11 attacks?

When considering this possibility, it is worth noting that there has been a long history of collaboration between government agencies and the entertainment industry. Former CIA officer Robert Baer described this relationship, saying, “All these people that run [film] studios, they go to Washington, they hang around with senators, they hang around with CIA directors, and everybody’s on board.” [48]

Furthermore, government agencies have, for many years, employed entertainment liaison officers to influence the image of them portrayed in the media. The FBI set up an office in the 1930s to improve its image in movies, radio programs, and television shows. The Department of Defense established a similar office in 1947.

The CIA was the last major government agency to establish a formal relationship with the movie industry. It set up a basic entertainment program in the early 1990s and employed its first entertainment liaison officer in 1996. Other agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service, similarly have motion picture and television offices or employ official assistants to the media. [49]

The CIA and the military have cooperated on numerous Hollywood productions. The Pentagon provided its “full cooperation” for movies such as Top Gun (1986), True Lies (1994), Air Force One (1997), Transformers (2007), and Iron Man (2008). [50] And the CIA helped shape such movies as Enemy of the State (1998), Bad Company (2002), The Sum of All Fears (2002), and The Recruit (2003). [51]


Although it only employed its first liaison to the entertainment industry in 1996, the CIA has been working with Hollywood since the 1950s. [52] Jerry Naylor, a country singer and veteran of the entertainment business, revealed that he was first recruited by the agency in 1968, and subsequently “used his international fame as cover to work as a secret agent for the CIA” on more than 100 occasions. Naylor believes other celebrities must have similarly been employed by the agency. “I think using celebrities from Los Angeles and Hollywood for covert operations is probably something that the CIA liked to do,” he said. “I doubt I was the only one.” [53]

Furthermore, retired CIA intelligence officer Antonio Mendez (who was played by Ben Affleck in the movie Argo) wrote that when he was head of the agency’s disguise section, between 1974 and 1979, he “engaged the services of many consultants in the entertainment industry.” These included makeup artist John Chambers, who won an honorary Academy Award for his work on the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes. [54]

John Rizzo, a senior CIA lawyer, stated in 2007 that the CIA has “a very active” network of people in Hollywood, helping “in whatever way they can to give back.” [55]


It is also worth noting that movies had, long before 2001, been used as a cover for covert operations, so if this tactic was utilized by those who planned 9/11, it would not have been the first time a movie served such a purpose. For example, from 1978 to 1982, Jerry Naylor worked on the research and production of a movie called The Bounty Hunter, which, Naylor has claimed, was a cover for monitoring terrorists in the Lebanon. [56]

A better known example of the tactic was the subject of the Oscar-winning movie Argo. On that occasion, the CIA helped rescue six American embassy workers who were trapped in Iran during the 1979 to 1981 hostage crisis by disguising them as a Canadian film crew that was supposedly scouting the country for shooting locations.

The team running the operation set up a fake production company called Studio Six Productions, with offices in a suite on the old Columbia Studio lot in Hollywood. The company soon announced its first supposed production–a science-fiction movie called Argo–and arranged for full-page adverts in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter to publicize it. Using the cover of the Hollywood production company and the movie, the CIA was then able to get the six embassy workers out of Iran.

Studio Six Productions appeared so convincing that by the time it closed, several weeks after the rescue, it had received 26 scripts, one of which was from Steven Spielberg. The Hollywood community only learned about the deception behind the company and its planned movie 17 years later, when the CIA decided to go public with the story. [57]


Seeing how movies had previously been successfully used as a cover for covert operations, we can imagine how films and television shows with plots resembling the events of September 11 might have served as a cover for some of the preparations for the 9/11 attacks. For example, a person working on one of these productions could have used their position to obtain information that would otherwise have been unavailable to them and might have been beneficial for planning 9/11.

Jackie Chan has revealed how his involvement in the movie Nosebleed, about a terrorist plot to blow up the Twin Towers, enabled him to learn about the World Trade Center buildings. “We had visited the location before September 11,” he said. “The producer. My manager. We had dinner upstairs. We were getting all kinds of information. I was going to play a window washer, so they were telling me things like how many windows the building had.” [58] In his preparation for the movie, according to the Orlando Sentinel, Chan learned the “secrets” of the Twin Towers, such as “how air pressure was regulated with doors that might be useful as gags in one of his trademark fights,” and “which sides of the buildings one could work on to avoid the wind.” [59]

Considering the opportunities the movie thus provided, might Nosebleed have been used by someone who, while working on the film, was secretly involved in planning 9/11 and using their work on the movie as a cover, in order to find out information about the Twin Towers? This person might, for example, have been able to learn about security at the World Trade Center and the layout of the towers, which would have been useful information for anyone who wanted to plant explosives, so as to cause the buildings to collapse on September 11.

Since the movie Till Death Do Us Part, like Nosebleed, would have featured “New York, the World Trade Center, and terrorists,” it seems plausible that a person involved in its production could similarly have used their position to obtain information about the WTC.

A production like the TV movie Fall From the Sky could have provided different opportunities for a person who was secretly helping to plan the 9/11 attacks. Since Fall From the Sky would have been about a National Transportation Safety Board official and the investigation of a plane crash, a person working on it might have been able to obtain information that would be useful for covering up the truth of what happened on September 11 in the aftermath of the attacks.

They might have learned what kinds of investigations would follow the plane crashes on September 11 and how the National Transportation Safety Board would respond. Such information could have helped the group planning 9/11 determine how to obstruct the investigations that would follow the attacks.


The experiences of those who worked on NBC’s miniseries Terror, about a series of al-Qaeda attacks in New York, illustrate the many opportunities a television show or movie about terrorism could create for someone who wanted to gather information on the subject.

Those working on Terror did a lot of research, particularly on bioterrorism, for the miniseries. They talked to “top law enforcement people on the state, federal, and local levels” about the subject, according to Dick Wolf. [60] Neil Baer talked to experts at the Rand Corporation think tank and hired a consultant from Stanford University in California. [61]

Those involved with the miniseries also consulted experts at the University of Michigan, the University of Minnesota, Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Georgia. At one point, Baer said, the FBI talked to them, because their “accumulation of so much information raised a red flag.” Baer said that as a result of their research, “We knew a lot of things most people didn’t know, because we spoke with so many experts all over the country.” [62]

It is worth noting, however, that it would surely only require a small number of complicit individuals for a movie or television series to be used to help with planning the 9/11 attacks. In her book The CIA in Hollywood, Tricia Jenkins noted that when the CIA wants to influence a particular production, its involvement with that production is “shadowy and difficult to trace, especially since its interactions often take place only between two well-placed individuals, either in person or over the phone.” [63]

If a movie or TV show was serving as a cover for those planning the 9/11 attacks, most people involved with it would therefore, presumably, have been unaware that they were being used by individuals with murderous intentions, and would have just thought they were working on a normal production.


The fact that numerous movies and television dramas with storylines resembling the events of September 11 were in production at the time of the 9/11 attacks is surely something that requires closer examination, especially in light of the history of cooperation between government agencies and the entertainment industry. And yet, after receiving some attention in the aftermath of the attacks, these productions have been largely forgotten.

There are numerous questions that could be considered as part of a new investigation of 9/11. For example, which individuals came up with the scenarios resembling aspects of the 9/11 attacks for the storylines of these movies and TV shows? Some of the writers have said that scenarios similar to what happened on September 11 were suggested to them by employees of the NSA and the military. So who were those employees and what exactly did they suggest?

Investigators could presumably discover more details of the plots of the TV shows and movies, and obtain copies of the scripts. And it would surely be worth researching whether other productions with storylines resembling the 9/11 attacks were being worked on in September 2001.

Inquiries may well reveal a different story behind the terrorist attacks of September 11 than the official account we were led to believe.

X-Files Spin Off Show The Lone Gunman Pilot Episode Predicts September 11, 2001 Attacks Six Months Before It Happens.

download (54)

X-Files spin-off show ‘predicted hijacked plane hitting Twin Towers’ 6 months before 9/11.

THE 9/11 terror attacks in New York were played out months BEFORE the tragedy – on millions of TV screens around the world.

By Harry Kemble / Published 9th September 2016

A little-known X-Files spin-off series showed a hijacked passenger plane flying towards the World Trade Center in its pilot episode.

The eerie scenes of The Lone Gunmen – first shown in the US on March 4, 2001 – were witnessed by TV viewers across the world.

The Lone Gunmen uncovered the plot and managed to avert disaster as the passenger plane flies over the Twin Towers at the last minute.

But 15 years on what has really fuelled conspiracy theories linking the The Lone Gunmen to the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers is the pilot episode’s deeper plot.

The powerful group behind the secret plan wanted the wider world to blame foreign dictators

One of the most popular conspiracy theories surrounding the terror attack which changed the world forever is George Bush’s government knew about the 9/11 attacks and the US government wanted it to happen.

A government insider has sensationally claimed since the terrorists involved had help from the inside before the attack.

Following the deadly al-Qaida terror attacks on US soil, journalist Christopher Bollyn said: “Rather than being discussed in the media as a warning for a possibility of such an attack, the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen series seems to have been quietly forgotten.”

However crackpot theory websites are awash with speculation at how The Lone Gunmen predicted the 9/11 catastrophe.

Even those behind The Lone Gunmen find it bizarre no one has made the connection between the series pilot episode and the real-life terror attack.

Executive producer of The Lone Gunmen, Frank Spotnitz said: “I woke up on September 11 and saw it on TV and the first thing I thought of was The Lone Gunmen.

“But then in the weeks and months that followed, almost no one noticed the connection.

“What’s disturbing about it to me is, you think as a fiction writer that if you can imagine this scenario, then the people in power in the government who are there to imagine disaster scenarios can imagine it too.”

September 11th Seems To Be A Important Date In History To The New World Order Elite.

The Number 11


The number 11 has been linked to mystery and power since ancient times. All forms of number research and study, including Numerology, the ancient science of Gematria, and the secret wisdom of Kabbalah, all give significant importance to 11, and 11 derivatives – 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.

The Number 11 Is Considered A Master Number.

The first Great War, World War I, ended on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. To this day, victims and veterans are remembered at that specific time. The United States space program skipped sequence numbers on the Apollo moon missions to ensure it was Apollo 11 that landed on the moon. In ancient Egypt King Tutankhamen’s tomb had combinations of 11 in the jewelry he wore, and he had 11 oars placed on the floor surrounding his tomb. The number 11, and particularly the number 33, have significance to Freemasons, and other secretive
Michael DifensoreResearch into the history of the date September 11th, can reveal that Freemasonry the religion of the New World Order is involved in picking the date for the attacks to happen on 9/11/01. For example The Pentagon—a building, institution, and symbol—was conceived at the request of Brigadier General Brehon B. Sommervell, Chief of the Construction Division of the Office of the Quartermaster General, on a weekend in mid-July 1941. The purpose was to provide a temporary solution to the War Department’s critical shortage of space. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 11, 1941.

Another example was the arrest of Captain William Morgan over debt he owed on September 11, 1826. This lead to his murder by the Freemasons because William Morgan wrote a book exposing their secrets. After his murder the Anti-Masonic party was started and became popular. It says on William Morgan’s tombstone in Batavia, NY that Freemasons murdered him.

Another example was George Bush’s speech on September 11, 1991 inside the House of Representatives announcing a New World Order exactly 10 years later the attack of 9/11/01 happened.

These examples are not a coincidence. The number eleven is also important to the Masons. The number eleven is a sacrid number in their crazy cult. Click here for more examples of the number eleven. Another example was the crash of a small plane on September 12, 1994 on the White House lawn which was a test on the United States air defense system for a attack later to come on 9/11/01.

The plane was stolen on September 11th 1994 at 11:00 pm. To read more about the plane crash on the White House lawn click here. Another example was the cornerstone ceremony of the General Accounting Office conducted by Harry S. Truman on September 11, 1951. Harry S. Truman was a 33 degree or higher Freemason.

The Parliament of World Religions opened on September 11, 1893 at the World’s Congress Auxiliary Building which is now The Art Institute of Chicago, and ran from 11th to 27th September, making it the first organized interfaith gathering. Today it is recognized as the occasion of the birth of formal interreligious dialogue worldwide, with representatives of a wide variety of religions and new religious movements. The Parliament of World Religions is a United Nations religious group that is very New Age in nature.

Alex Jones reported on one of his broadcasts that a cornerstone ceremony was held on September 11th for the twin towers in New York City by the Freemasons in the 1960’s. I have not been able to verify this claim however. If anyone knows anything about this feel free to message me.

Any more Items to add leave me a message.


Usama Bin Laden Has Been Dead Since 2001

By Michael Difensore

Usama Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik who served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and/or Senior Policy Planner under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker reported this on the Alex Jones show in 2002. He said Usama’s body was put on ice in 2001 after his death. Madeleine Albright Secretary Of State under Bill Clinton reported Usama Bin Laden was dead during a December 2003 episode of Fox News. Anytime someone uses the name Osama instead of Usama Bin Laden They are talking about someone that does not exist. After all Usama is his real name listed on the F.B.I’s website.

The F.B.I. director under George Bush reported that their was not enough hard evidence to prove Usama Bin Laden was to blame for the September 11th 2001 attacks. It is my opinion after looking at all the facts that September 11th 2001 attacks was a false flag attack or inside job carried out by the Israeli Mossad and C.I.A. I believe Usama Bin Laden was in a hospital with failing kidneys when the 9/11 attacks took place. He either died naturally a short time after the 9/11 attacks or was simple murdered by the Mossad or C.I.A. . Just like the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald had to be eliminated so to did Usama to keep the truth from coming out. It is hard for me being a Iraq war veteran of the U.S. Army to listen to the lies the U.S. Government puts out on a daily basis. The U.S. government is the most sinister, deceptive and most dangerous government on the planet in my opinion.

Info Below From
The December 2001 “Fat nosed” Bin Laden video, was magically found in a house in Jalalabad after anti-Taliban forces moved in. It featured a fat Usama laughing and joking about how he’d carried out 9/11. The video was also mistranslated in order to manipulate viewer opinion and featured “Bin Laden” praising two of the hijackers, only he got their names wrong.

This Usama also used the wrong hand to write with and wore gold rings, a practice totally in opposition to the Muslim faith.

Despite the fact that the man in the video looks nothing like Bin Laden, the CIA stood by it and declared it to be the “9/11 confession video”.

Shortly after the 9/11, Bin Laden had denied any involvement in the attacks on at least two separate occasions. Furthermore, the London Independent reported a claim attributed to a friend of one of the six men accused of plotting to detonate bombs on London’s underground tube system on July 21 2005, that suggested that Usama bin Laden personally told hook handed radical cleric Abu Hamza that Al-Qaeda was not behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.

This isn’t like a kid caught thieving in a sweet shop – terrorists always claim responsibility for attacks they have perpetrated otherwise why bother killing people to send a political message? One must therefore ask why has Bin Laden flip flopped around on the issue of 9/11?

Even more intriguing is the fact that there was still no formal indictment of Bin Laden six years on, when it only took three months to charge him with the 1998 embassy bombings.

Every analysis of a newly released Al Qaeda or Bin Laden tape has revealed inconsistencies, flaws and suspicions.

A “9/11 anniversary” video was released by Usama which was quickly deemed to be an iron clad forgery, and not even a good one at that. All references to current events made by the figure said to be Bin Laden occurred at a point in the video where the picture was frozen and only audio was present. Bin Laden also presented a pre recorded martyrdom video of one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, Waleed al Shehri, who was reported by the BBC as still alive and well in Saudi Arabia.

Analysts were also baffled by the wholly fake beard Bin Laden seemed to have donned. A computer expert later provided evidence that suggested the video was old footage re-released and manipulated. Other analysts came to the same conclusion. It was also revealed that Adam Pearlman, a suspected Mossad double agent, who once wrote stinging essays condemning Muslims as “bloodthirsty terrorists,” was the scriptwriter of the video.

In another previous groundbreaking investigation, we exposed IntelCenter, the middleman between “Al-Qaeda’s media arm” and the press, and the organization that routinely obtains the tapes, as little more than a Pentagon front group staffed by individuals with close connections to Donald Rumsfeld and the U.S. war machine.

Computer analyst Neal Krawetz discovered that the As-Sahab logo (the alleged media arm of Al-Qaeda) and the IntelCenter logo were both added to the Al-Qaeda videos at the same time. Though Krawetz re-affirmed his conclusion in an interview with Wired News, after the fact became public, he mysteriously recanted.

Krawetz original analysis, before he was obviously pressured to withdraw it, clearly suggests that IntelCenter is directly manufacturing the tapes and that “As-Sahab” is a contrived hoax to promulgate the myth that the tapes are coming from Al-Qaeda.

IntelCenter’s later denial of of this whole episode was taken with a pinch of salt, for it was the same company that knowingly re-released 6 year old footage of Bin Laden that many quarters of the media treated as new. IntelCenter itself had released the same footage in October 2003 and it still appears dated as such on their own website.

The organization was also behind the so-called “laughing hijackers” tape, which was passed off as originating from Al-Qaeda’s media arm, but was later exposed as being secret surveillance footage filmed by U.S. intelligence in 2000.

In previous articles, we have also outlined how almost every so-called “Al-Qaeda” tape has been released at the most politically opportune time for the Bush administration and the Neo-Cons, including a Bin Laden video right before the 2004 election and a tape in which he ludicrously declared himself in league with Saddam Hussein in the weeks before the invasion of Iraq.

There are simply too many instances of dodgy Usama tapes to cover in one article. Multiple other tapes have been confirmed as rehashed material, others have been confirmed as fakes by voice analysis institutes and Experts on Bin Laden who often attribute them to western controlled intelligence agencies.

They are about as genuine as a used car salesman convention, and have been proven fraudulent on countless occasions. They are nothing more than crude propaganda unleashed in a desperate move to put the genie of what really happened on 9/11 back in the bottle.

The latest recording comes on the back of revelations that a man who claims to have trained six of the 9/11 hijackers is a paid CIA informant according to Turkish intelligence specialists.

Louai al-Sakka’s claims conveniently rewrote aspects of the official 9/11 story, providing a plug for inconsistencies that researchers have long drawn on to encourage a new independent investigation into the attacks.

The continued perpetuation of this myth has reached the point of farce now. There can be no doubt anymore that these crudely edited and forged propaganda tapes that are being foisted upon the American people represent nothing more than a contrived hoax to reinforce the moribund official version of 9/11 and the desperately flagging legitimacy of the so-called war on terror.


Military Whistleblower Claims She Witnessed Flight 93 Shootdown Order

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A woman who claims she was stationed at Fort Meade on September 11, 2001, has given an explosive interview about how she personally heard military commanders make the decision to shoot down United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11.

A person using the pseudonym Elizabeth Nelson told The Project Camelot website that she personally heard officials agree on the order to shoot down Flight 93. The decision was apparently made because the plane was flying in a no-fly zone near to Camp David and heading toward Site R, a military facility in known as the “backup Pentagon”.

Nelson stresses that at no time was there any talk of “hijackers,” and the plane was shot down purely because communication had been lost and standard operating procedure mandated that the plane be intercepted and destroyed.

Because the woman refuses to provide her real name, the authenticity of her story is very much up for debate, but in a 40 minute MP3 recording ( click here to listen) of the interview, she relates what she witnessed in as sincere and genuine a way as one could expect. This individual has seemingly little to gain from making up such a story, unless it’s part of a deliberate disinformation campaign.

Nelson says that she was stationed at at Fort Meade under the Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center Hospital and was training as a radiologic technologist having finished basic training three weeks prior. On 9/11, her rank was Private First Class.

Nelson relates how 9/11 started as a routine day before a higher ranked soldier suddenly emerged from another room and exclaimed, “Holy shit! I just saw a plane crash into one of the Twin Towers.”

Nelson and her colleagues then gathered around the TV in the hospital lobby before they saw the second plane hit the tower. Despite the fact that the first plane strike was not broadcast on live television, Nelson was adamant that the soldier was referring to the first plane when he first spoke. Nelson says that when she first saw the live TV pictures, only one tower was on fire, so the soldier could not have been referring to a replay of the second hit. In the interview, Nelson speculates that the first hit could have been broadcast on an internal military channel. President Bush once famously claimed that he had seen the first plane hit and thought that it was a case of pilot error, despite there being no live TV footage of the first plane strike.

While the majority of the personnel on the base scrambled to protect the facility as part of standard operating procedure, Nelson and a colleague were offered up by their First Sergeant to act as assistants to the Commander of the Base.

“All the other departments of soldiers – the nursing department, the clerical, administrational department – everybody sent their base soldiers there and I didn’t see them anymore. So basically the hospital was not fully active at that point. Everything was on hold,” said Nelson, adding, “And so I remember the room that they took us into. And they told us that we were in charge of, you know, getting coffees, any kind of snacks from the cafeteria – not cafeteria, like from the snack machines or from the place where you can get little snacks – in charge of making photocopies because she and I had the access codes for the rooms, to get in there.”

Nelson and her colleague were sat at the far end of the room and told to face the wall as the meeting of top officials on the base commenced.

“And there was probably six or seven men around this very large table, just like you would see in a big office somewhere. And they had this funny phone. It was like a conference-call phone. And I remember them sitting there and they were talking through this phone. And it seemed to me that they were talking to one or two other places,” said Nelson, adding that she suspected the men were in contact with the West Point military base an hour north of New York City.

The men were trying to ascertain what was going on and quickly expressed concern about Camp David and “Site R” and stating words to the effect of, “Protocol is that this is a no-fly zone. We have to take this plane down. Yes, it’s a passenger plane. It needs to be taken down. It’s a no-fly zone.”

According to Wikipedia, Site R, otherwise known as The Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC) or the Underground Pentagon, is a United States government facility on Raven Rock, a mountain in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The facility houses the ANMCC (Alternate National Military Command Center), JSSC (Joint Staff Support Center), OSD/DHS (Office of the Secretary of Defense/Department of Homeland Security), and the 114th Signal Battalion. RRMC also houses the emergency operations centers for the Army, Navy and Air Force.

“I didn’t hear a thing about hijackers,” states Nelson, “We just heard that this plane was flying in a no-fly zone and they couldn’t make contact with the plane, or something like this. There was no communication. Protocol says it has to be taken out. And so I was in this room when the decision was mutually made by the people talking on the phone in the room that I was in, to shoot this plane down.”

“It didn’t feel like anybody knew that there was anything with terrorists,” added Nelson, saying that the officers mentioned the attack on the twin towers but only in the context that they didn’t know where Flight 93 was heading. She got the impression that they were genuinely unaware of the wider 9/11 plot, as would be expected in a compartmentalized structure, and that they were simply following military protocol.

Nelson recalls how she later felt revulsion after she saw news reports about how Flight 93 had supposedly been taken down by brave passengers.

“I remember the distinct feeling inside of me of when I saw on the news that there was this story that there were terrorists on this plane, and that the people overtook the pilot and crashed the plane, – I mean, overtook the terrorists and crashed the plane themselves. And how this was leaking out as these people being heroes,” she states.

“And I remember the extreme moral frustration inside of me, of feeling: But that’s not true! That’s not true at all! We shot this down. And a huge conflict inside of me, of knowing that the world is made to believe this story that’s not true.”

Nelson subsequently felt frustrated when anyone talked about the manufactured myth of the Flight 93 heroes.

“I also remember the confronting feeling when I would be around … because there were civilians that worked in the hospital as well. And then when they would talk about the heroes and these things, the conflict that I had inside of myself was wanting to bust out and say: That’s not true!,” she states.

“They didn’t crash the plane. If they would have crashed it, there would have been a skeleton of the plane. There was no… Nothing. It was blown up.”

Nelson speculated that the errant aircraft could have been originally heading for New York City (Building 7?) before the passengers retook control of the aircraft and started aimlessly flying it elsewhere.

“The only thing I can think is if the third plane was also intended for somewhere in the city [New York City] as well, and that the people actually did take over the hijackers and divert the plane so that the plane ended up flying aimlessly someplace else. And of course the people don’t know how to talk over the radio or any of these things. And that’s maybe something that happened,” she states.

The biggest argument against Nelson’s claims is the hard to accept notion that she and another Private were allowed to sit within earshot of top military commanders making monumental decisions about national security. If the commanders had needed people to make photocopies of documents and bring snacks and drinks as Nelson describes, then why not just have them on call in a different room? One would expect that a military complex have sophisticated communication connections that would have easily facilitated such a scenario.

Then again, if all the other active duty personnel were busy defending the base it could be argued that in the midst of the chaos, Nelson and her colleague were called upon.

Whether or not Nelson’s story is true, the fact that Flight 93 was shot down is one of the most glaring holes in the official 9/11 story.

Footage of the crash site showed barely any debris whatsoever. Compare this to any other plane crash in history and the contrast is astounding.

The debris field of Flight 93 was eight miles wide – investigators found a second debris field three miles away from the main crash site at Indian Lake, and a third debris field in New Baltimore, eight miles away. This is entirely consistent with the plane having been shot down.

Several eyewitnesses described hearing explosions before Flight 93 crashed and others said they heard missiles.

The Flight93Crash website has a compilation of eyewitness reports all attesting to the fact that the plane was shot down.

Donald Rumsfeld himself said that Flight 93 was “shot down” in an apparent slip of the tongue on December 24, 2004.

Secrets Of The Five, Ten, Twenty And One- Hundred Dollar Bill

As you can see on the Five Dollar note. The picture looks like two towers, still intact.

On the Ten Dollar note it looks like the Twin Tower that got hit by the first plane.

Then the Twenty Dollar Note it looks like Twin Towers are on fire.

So what you see is a simple folding of original American money. If you would fold the sides a little bit, the form that you get, is that of a plane. What means that the four notes perfectly represent four planes. Keep in mind “four planes / four notes”. Note Also the names of the two plane companies that were involved with the Twin Tower attack. Which are printed on each side of the note, when folded into a plane, then it is on each wing a name.The only letters you have to add, are airlines. You will get America Airlines, and The United Airlines. The two companies involved in the four attacks. Note the upper hole on one tower was United Airlines while the lower hole on the other tower was American Airlines while matching on the Twenty Note.

When you flip over the Twenty Dollar bill you will see the Pentagon Burning!

On The Hundred Dollar note you can clearly see a smoke plume, coming from a pile of debris. By Putting All Four Notes together it makes a animation of the Twin Towers falling.