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MSNBC Falsely Claims Gun Right Patriot Groups Are Racist With No Evidence At Richmond Virginia Rally Event.

MSNBC Falsely Claims Gun Rights Rally Filled With ‘White Nationalists, Armed Militias’

By Kyle Drennen | January 20, 2020 1:02 PM EST

During his 11:00 a.m. ET hour show on Monday, MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin falsely and outrageously claimed that a gun rights rally taking place in Richmond, Virginia was being attended by “Armed militia, white nationalist groups from all over the country.” Despite having no evidence of such a claim, he repeated his assertion while introducing a report on the peaceful demonstration.

“This is the scene in Richmond. Armed militia, white nationalist groups from all over the country taking part on MLK day,” Melvin ranted as he teased an upcoming segment on the rally. He warned that the event was “Raising fears of a dangerous confrontation” in the capital of the commonwealth.

Minutes later, while teeing up a live report from the protest, Melvin again lied to viewers: “Right now, thousands of guns rights activists, white nationalists, militia groups all swarming the Virginia state capitol in Richmond.”

Reporter Cal Perry feared: “Thousands of people, as you said, heavily, heavily armed….And lawmakers will tell you that is an intimidation tactic. That they are trying to change or stop the legislation that will be enacted soon.” He eagerly touted the new gun restrictions since recent state elections “flipped Virginia blue.”

“Now, the concern is that these militia groups, some of these more extremist groups….Authorities are worried those groups will come into town and we could see a repeat of what we saw in 2017 in Charlottesville,” Perry declared.

Without evidence, Perry then claimed that he saw “militia leaders” who took part in Charlottesville “on the ground this morning.” He never identified any of those people or showed any footage of such groups taking part in the Second Amendment rally.

“As of right now, everything is quiet, everything is peaceful,” Perry was forced to admit. Though he lamented the fact that “there are no counter-demonstrators” and how “This is a very pro-gun rally, it is still a very one-sided rally.”

Earlier in the day, all three network morning shows predicted Charlottesville-style violence at the upcoming gun rights demonstration.

The fake news and fearmongering being pushed by liberal media on this story is disgraceful. The unfounded accusations being hurled by reporters and Virginia Democrats against citizens peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights is the worst kind of libel.

America Has A Evil Problem Not A Gun Problem. Priest Explains Why Stricter Gun Laws Will Do Little To Solve America’s Violence Problem.

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WATCH: Priest explains why stricter gun laws will do little to solve America’s violence problem.


Tue Aug 20, 2019 – 3:13 pm EST

Exorcisms On the Rise



In a world where Satanists appear on prime-time TV, neo-pagan religions gather vast followings and tarot card readings are available in the newspapers, experts say its no surprise that the number of exorcisms worldwide is rising.

Father James LeBar, exorcist for the Archdiocese of New York, said he has seen a “large explosion” in cases since 1990.

“Ten years ago I had no cases and now I have 300,” said Father James LeBar, an exorcist for the Archdiocese of New York.

Most of his cases, he said, don’t need an exorcist. They have “unusual things happening — things moving around the house or people claiming to have seen or heard the evil one. Some people suffer the phenomena without actually being possessed. An exorcism is primarily used for people who are possessed by the devil, whose wills have been overtaken by Satan.” Father John Hampsch, a psychologist, has also seen more reports of demonic interference.

“I have seen a dramatic rise in cases. In the past three hours before you phoned me, I have had three cases of people suffering serious contamination with the forces of evil. I am dealing with 10 to 15 cases a week.”

A popular author and speaker on many areas of faith and spirituality, the Claretian Missionary Father says the demonic takes up much of his time.

“A large amount do not require formal exorcism — they are not cases of possession. They are cases of demonic oppression, obsession, depression infestation … very painful and very distressing.”

Father Hampsch told the Register that today’s culture has many “gateways” to the demonic world that usually stop short of full-scale “possession.”

“The most obvious way we let Satan into our lives is through sin. Serious and habitual sin can be a gateway. An innocent person can be affected by hexes or curses but I would say most cases of possession needing serious deliverance come about through involvement in the occult, with practices such as Ouija board or tarot cards or some kind of New Age practice. The other form is through some kind of sin addiction such as alcohol, drugs or pornography. A case I was dealing with recently was addicted to pornography and he suffered from demonic manifestations.”

The Ouija Board

For one victim, Dermot (not his real name), a Ouija board caused problems that culminated three years ago.

The father of two in his mid-50s told the Register that when he came to Britain from Galway, Ireland, to work on a building site as a young man, he joined in a group session with the popular board game for a laugh.

Afterward, he used the board again and again, and felt the after-effects for years. “I had all kinds of troubles down the years and I could never understand the terrible blasphemous thoughts that came into my head.”

Three years ago, he found himself having to be held down by four priests while a prayer for deliverance was said over his struggling, screaming body.

“I don’t know where [that] strength came from as it happened but I do know I felt a new man afterwards” he told the Register.

Cases like his have become much more common in England over the past decade.

Father Jeremy Davies, exorcist for London’s Westminster Archdiocese, granted a rare interview to the London-based Catholic Herald April 28 to warn about the dangers of dabbling in the occult.

“There have been more exorcisms, undoubtedly. There are more people in need and the Church is dealing with the problem more effectively,” he was quoted saying.

Father Davies, 65, is a former medical doctor and one of six priests who founded the International Association of Exorcists seven years ago. The association now has 200 members.

He stressed that the Church urges great caution in matters involving exorcism.

The 1984 document Ab Aliquot Annis (On The Current Norms Governing Exorcisms), by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, cites canon law, which states: “no one may licitly perform exorcisms on those who are possessed unless he has obtained particular and express permission from the local ordinary, and it decrees that this permission is to be granted by the ordinary only to priests who are outstanding in piety, knowledge, prudence, and integrity of life. Bishops are therefore strongly urged to enforce the observance of these prescriptions” (Canon 1172).

Cardinal Ratizinger wrote: “It follows also from these same prescriptions that Christ’s faithful may not employ the formula of exorcism against Satan and the fallen angels which is excerpted from that formula made official by order of the Supreme Pontiff Leo XIII, and certainly may not use the entire text of that exorcism. Let all bishops take care to admonish the faithful about this matter whenever such instruction is required.”

“Finally, for the same reasons, bishops are asked to guard lest those who lack the required power attempt to lead assemblies in which prayers are employed to obtain liberation from demons, and in the course of which the demons are directly disturbed and an attempt is made to determine their identity. This applies even to cases which, although they do not involve true diabolical possession, nevertheless are seen in some way to manifest diabolical influence” (No. 2-3).

In the conclusion of the brief document, Cardinal Ratzinger wrote, “Of course, the enunciation of these norms should not stop the faithful of Christ from praying, as Jesus taught us, that they may be freed from evil. Moreover, pastors should take this opportunity to remember what the tradition of the Church teaches about the function properly assigned to the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, the Apostles and the saints, even in the spiritual battle of Christians against the evil spirits. ”

Mother Nadine Brown said her Omaha, Neb., charismatic community Intercessors Of The Lamb confronts the demonic influence through approved prayers. She warned of the dangers of New Age spirituality and the occult but said she also sees the new interest in spirituality as an opportunity for evangelization, especially among the youth.

“They are looking for a mystical dimension to life. The Church can give it to them, and this is the challenge . … The Church of the 21st century [must] be mystical,” she said. Father Hampsch was also upbeat. “We have seen grace super-abounding … with a whole series of divine interventions and miracles around the world.

“The growth of eucharistic adoration is a great grace. Indeed the Holy Father has said this year should be intensely eucharistic. We have even seen an increase in eucharistic miracles. It is certainly a case of where sin abounds, grace super-abounds.”

Beating the devil

Revised Rite of Exorcism Coming

After a 20-year process ended on Jan. 26, 1999, the Vatican has produced an updated rite of exorcism, according to the International Association of Exorcists. Translations from the Latin are currently being prepared for the world’s bishops’ conferences.

“We know there are Catholics who have not received good formation and doubt the existence of the devil, but this is an article of faith and part of the doctrine of the Catholic Church,” said Cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, in announcing the revisions. “Whoever says the devil does not exist is no longer a believer.”

The new text was described as an outgrowth of the old, with more sober language and giving the priest greater flexibility in the choice of prayers to use.

Written in 1614, the previous ritual combined prayers and gestures in keeping with the Middle Ages. Certain aspects of the ritual were more dramatic than liturgical, said the association.

Although the theology of the Church on exorcism remains unaltered, what is new is the simplification of external aspects and the presentation of the texts, written in light of Biblical texts. The premises have also been revised: Specific canonical norms are established to respond to any eventual abuses.

Signs of the devil

Vatican guidelines say that some signs that a person may be possessed — when all medical explanations have been ruled out — include: “speaking in unknown languages, revealing things that are far away or hidden (or) demonstrating a physical strength not conforming to one’s age or health status.” At the same time, it cautioned that “these signs are only an indication” and may not be the work of the devil.

“Other manifestations, frequently of a moral and spiritual order” are often present and may include aversion to God, to the name of Jesus, of Mary and of the saints, to the Scripture, to sacramental rites and sacred images, the guidelines said.

Before using the Rite of Exorcisms, the priest must have “moral certainty” that the person involved is truly possessed or obsessed and not suffering from a psychological or physical illness.

The rite is performed in the name of Jesus and calls on the power he gave to his disciples and their successors to cast out evil spirits.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “Exorcism is directed at the expulsion of demons or to the liberation from demonic possession through the spiritual authority, which Jesus entrusted to his Church.”

In the ritual, the evil spirit is commanded in the name of God and of the Church to depart. The ritual also includes a sprinkling with holy water, the recitation of a litany of the saints, the Lord’s Prayer and a creed, a Gospel reading and the Sign of the Cross.

A simple form of exorcism, not changed by the new ritual, is part of the Catholic Church’s baptism rites; in it, the Church prays that the one about to be baptized will be protected from evil and from Satan’s temptation.

In a series of 1986 audience talks about angels and the devil, Pope John Paul II said Satan has been defeated by Christ’s death and resurrection, but he continues to try to win over people.

“It cannot be excluded that in certain cases the Evil Spirit tries to exercise his influence not only on material things, but also on the human body, for which one speaks of diabolical possession:” the Pope said during an audience talk. “It is not always easy to discern that which happens preternaturally in these cases, nor does the Church easily yield to or support the tendency to attribute many occurrences to the intervention of the demon,” he said. At the same time, the Pope said, “one cannot deny that in his desire to harm and to lead toward evil, Satan can reach this extreme manifestation” of his power.

President Trump Backs Off Red Flag Gun Laws For Now.

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By Travis Noonan, on August 19th, 2019

President Trump came to terms with an important constitutional realization: Gun confiscation laws, commonly called Red Flag laws, won’t work to reduce gun violence. The President is now backing away from his earlier statements supporting more gun control at the federal level – for now, at least.

When asked how he’s handling expanded gun control, Trump responded with a suddenly pro-gun tone:

“So, Congress is working on that. They have bipartisan committees working on background checks and various other things. And we’ll see. I don’t want people to forget that this is a mental health problem. I don’t want them to forget that, because it is. It’s a mental health problem. And as I say — and I said the other night in New Hampshire; we had an incredible evening — I said: It’s the people that pull the trigger. It’s not the gun that pulls the trigger.”

The President previously called for implementing federal Red Flag laws that allow any individual – friend, family, or stranger – to report gun owners to the authorities for temporary gun confiscation. Under most states’ Red Flag laws, any gun owner can be reported by nearly anybody else with little qualification or evidence.

Red Flag Gun Laws Don’t Work

Most Red Flag laws also disregard the presumption of innocence, forcing gun owners who have been reported to give up their guns with no warrant, no due process, nor any day in court. States like California have already put these unconstitutional laws into practice with largely mixed results. When asked why such laws are so effective, San Diego City Attorney Maria Elliot remarked, “We don’t have to wait for a crime to be committed.”

That sounds an awful lot like a judicial official supporting a law that ignores the 4th Amendment – and this official is apparently bragging about it, no less.

For all the fear-mongering and emotional campaigning, Republics and Democrats alike appear to avoid the data which says Red Flag laws simply don’t work. Research shows that these laws do not reduce or eliminate gun violence or mass shootings. So why bother passing them in the first place?

Because anti-gunners and Democrats want to disarm the American people.

Democrats are Chipping Away at the Second Amendment

Even though these laws show no reduction in gun violence of any kind, Democrats and anti-gunners support them. These laws remove firearms from law-abiding individuals. Those who refuse or attempt to protect their rights are imprisoned or killed. It’s a win-win for anti-gun rhetoric.

And laws like these are just one of the many ways Democrats are killing off access to the Second Amendment across the country. California now requires gun owners submit to a background check just to buy ammo. Chicago and New York City now charge individuals just to buy a gun. It can cost as much as $900 to buy a weapon in Chicago, and up to $140 in New York City. Washington’s I-1639 bill now restricts gun purchase to anyone over 21. Federally, bill H. R. 7115 would ban gun-making kits and 80 lower receivers – receiver blanks used to legally build a gun at home.

Democrats in The Know Say New Gun Control Unlikely

Data doesn’t matter though, with gun control rallies being held across the country. Republicans and Democrats alike are puffing their chests at Trump’s latest stance on the issue. Sources in the White House and Congress say that if no legislation is passed by September, no new gun bills will be signed before the 2020 election. Democrats familiar with the conversations and sources close to the President are skeptical that any efforts will succeed.

Federal Government Through ATF Violate Second Amendment Rights To Air Force Veteran Over Medical Marijuana Used For PTSD.


2nd Amendment.

Air Force veteran denied gun over medical marijuana used to combat PTSD.


by: Trevor Shirley

Posted: Aug 19, 2019 / 06:18 PM EDT / Updated: Aug 19, 2019 / 06:23 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – You can have your legal weed or you can have your legal guns—but you can’t have both, at least according to the federal government as some advocates saying their right to bear arms is being violated for simply taking advantage of legal marijuana use in their state.

Kim Petters served in the Air Force for ten years and deployed overseas, now retired in Delaware, she legally uses medical marijuana to help with PTSD.

Petters also wants to buy a gun. But that’s something she can’t do.

“I follow doctors orders and state laws,” Kim Petters said.

“Cannabis is the only medication in the entire U.S. that makes you choose between medicine or second amendment rights, and that’s just not fair,” Petters said.

Federal law still considers marijuana—even legalized by a state—a controlled substance and anybody applying to buy a gun have to say if they’re a user on the ATF’s background check form.

“So if I lie on that form, and say no, I’ve created an entirely different felony, which could land me five years in jail. But if I say yes, I’m denied purchase,” Petters said.

Recently, the ATF even added a warning section to that form…reminding potential buyers of federal law.

The heritage foundation’s Amy Swearer, a second amendment attorney, says lawsuits over this have never made it past lower-level courts because federal law supersedes state law.

“I think ultimately it’s going to come down to a change in federal policy,” Swearer said.

So far, Petters says she’s chosen the cannabis over a gun but hopes someday, she and so many other Americans won’t have to make that choice.

“I want the right to feel safe, I want the right to defend myself, I want my second amendment rights that I fought for,” Petters said.

President Trump And NRA Release Statement of Support for Gun Confiscation Laws Called “Red Flag Laws” Against 2nd Amendment.

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Beleaguered NRA Releases Statement of Support for Gun Confiscation Laws


The NRA has capitulated on gun control yet again.

Published 20 hours ago

Aug 5, 2019

By Shane Trejo


The National Rifle Association (NRA) has supported gun control on many occasions throughout its long history, and they are moving back in that direction if their public statement released today is any indicator.

Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump endorsed “red flag” gun control laws that would deny rights enshrined under the 2nd Amendment to anyone arbitrarily deemed a dangerous individual by the courts.

“We must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms, and that, if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process,” Trump said, in response to two mass shootings that took place over the weekend.

Trending: Barack Obama Calls For All-Out Gun Confiscation Following El Paso Shooting

“That is why I have called for red-flag laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders,” he added.

The NRA’s statement in favor of Trump’s sentiments is a clear endorsement of red flag laws, an issue the organization has tap danced around in recent years.

“Nobody wants dangerous people to have access to firearms which is why the NRA supports risk protection orders that respects the due process of rights and ensures those found mentally ill receive the care they need,” said National Rifle Association’s Catherine Mortensen in January.

Other more consistent firearms freedom groups, such as the Gun Owners of America (GOA) and National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), are firmly in opposition of the capitulation made by President Trump and the NRA on this issue.

“Let me be crystal clear. Forcing universal (background) checks and red-flag gun confiscation laws on Americans would have done nothing to stop either of these murderers. They went through the failed and unconstitutional National Instant Criminal Background Check system,” NAGR President Dudley Brown said.

“We will let our members and supporters know how their elected officials vote – just like we did back in 2013 when they tried to pass gun control during the Obama years,” Brown added.

“These proposals generally begin with the police or an ‘angry ex’ making a telephone call to a judge. And, based on that telephone call, the judge can issue an order stripping you of your Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights,” the GOA wrote in an action alert against red flag laws.

“This is perhaps the most dangerous gun control proposal to come out of Michael Bloomberg’s playbook,” the action alert said.

Because of the work of the NRA and their influence on President Trump, these types of heinously unconstitutional infringements may be the law of the land across the country before long.

President Trump Calls for Red Flag Laws Following Texas, Ohio Shootings.



President Trump called for Red Flag laws Monday morning during remarks on the Texas and Ohio shootings.

Trump said, “I am directing the Department of Justice to work in partnership with local, state, and federal agencies–as well as social media companies–to develop tools that can detect mass shooters before they strike.” He then referenced the February 14, 2018, Parkland shooter, noting he had sent up many red flags with his behavior prior to the shooting, but no one took action to stop him.

Trump voiced support for “Red Flag laws, also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders.” He explained, “We must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms and that, if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process.”

On August 4, 2019, Breitbart News reported that Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s (R-TX) also responded to the Texas and Ohio shootings by calling for Red Flag laws. Sen. Lindsey Graham also called for them in a tweet, writing: “Time to do more than pray. Time to enact common-sense legislation in Congress to empower states to deal with those who present a danger to themselves and others — while respecting robust due process.”

House Democrats Pass Gun Control Legislation While Media Focuses On Michael Cohen Testimony.

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Federal Gun Control is on the Move! Tell Your Senators to Oppose H.R.8, S.42 and H.R. 1112!

Anti-gun Democrats made good on their promises this week, advancing two extreme gun control bills through the U.S. House of Representatives.

While there remains a slim pro-gun majority in the upper chamber, your U.S. Senators need to hear from you NOW to ensure the Second Amendment firewall stays intact and stops this legislation in its tracks.

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox condemned the measures as a direct attack on Second Amendment rights, explaining that they could “make criminals out of law-abiding Americans” and “make it harder for good people to defend themselves and their families.” He also noted they “won’t prevent criminals from committing murder” and could trap even legally eligible firearm purchasers “in an endless loop of delays.”

The first of the bills to pass was H.R. 8, which proponents falsely portray as a “universal” background check bill. Supporters of the bill want Americans to believe that criminals who currently obtain firearms through illegal markets and straw purchasers will somehow stop when all private transfers are banned.

There is, of course, no evidence or logic to support that.

What is true, however, is that H.R. 8 would make innocent conduct like handing over a shotgun to a neighbor so he could borrow it for skeet shooting a federal crime.

The other bill, H.R. 1112, seeks to do away with a critical provision of federal law that prevents the FBI from effectively vetoing retail gun purchases by indefinitely delaying firearm background checks.

The whole point of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) was to quickly and accurately screen out retail firearm purchasers who have disqualifying criminal convictions or adjudications.

The system, however, has largely failed to deliver on its promises, either by stopping the perpetrators of America’s most infamous firearm-related crimes or by protecting the rights of those who are unjustly delayed or denied a firearm purchase because of bureaucratic missteps like mistaken identity. People who are incorrectly delayed or denied currently face years-long waits for corrective action by the FBI.

And even those who the system correctly turns away as disqualified are almost never subject to federal prosecution for attempting illegally to obtain guns.

Under current law, a licensed dealer can (but is not required to) release a firearm to a purchaser three business days after initiating the mandatory NICS check if the FBI has failed to render a decision on the check.

H.R. 1112 seeks to make NICS even more burdensome and intrusive by abolishing this safety valve and establishing a new three-step procedure for unresolved NICS checks.

First, the dealer would have to wait 10 business days after the NICS check is initiated for a response from the FBI.

If the FBI did not resolve the check in that timeframe, the purchaser could submit a formal petition asking for a decision.

If the FBI still did not render a decision, the dealer would have to wait a minimum of 10 additional business days before deciding whether or not to transfer the gun.

But as we’ve explained elsewhere, the original NICS check might well expire before this three-step process is complete, sending the purchaser back into the same loop of waiting, perhaps again and again.

Indeed, H.R. 1112’s author and primary sponsor has characterized the bill as establishing a “cooling-off period” for gun purchases, while dismissing any “redeeming value” of allowing guns to be purchased without a mandatory delay.

Please contact your Senators TODAY and tell them to oppose H.R. 8, S. 42 and H.R. 1112. You can use this link to send them an email or call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Gun control is moving on Capitol Hill!

Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Labels Gun Rights Activists “Terrorists,” Calls For Doxing.

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In addition to the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, the Bill of Rights protects Americans from government action “abridging the freedom of speech” and ensures “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Last week, Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard offered further evidence that anti-gun advocates are so intent on attacking the Second Amendment that they are willing to destroy the rest of the Bill of Rights along with it.

On February 25, the Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on several gun control measures. The various gun control proposals included a measure to further criminalize the private transfer of certain firearms, new restrictions on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, and new licensing requirements to purchase a rifle or shotgun.

NRA encouraged our members and other Second Amendment supporters to attend this hearing in order to voice their opposition to the proposed restrictions. Many Maryland gun owners heeded the call and exercised their First Amendment right to assemble and petition their government.

In doing so, some gun rights supporters wore t-shirts with the words “We Will Not Comply.” The shirts conveyed a powerful message of civil disobedience, making clear that those gun owners would refuse to obey further infringements on their Constitutional rights. The simple message also garnered the support of Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis.

This constitutionally-protected message of resistance proved too much for Leonard. The Maryland Democratic Party Secretary took to social media to express his outrage that these gun owners would express such defiance to the gun control agenda.

According to a local news source, Leonard posted to Facebook, “I hope the FBI runs the name of every witness who is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘We Will Not Comply.’ They’re a bunch of terrorists in the making.” In another missive, Leonard posted photos from the hearing along with the message “Time to dox some homegrown terrorists.” For those unfamiliar with the term, “doxing” is an intimidation tactic whereby someone makes another person’s private or identifying information available to the public with the intent prompt a harassment campaign against them.

The bizarre posts offer a glimpse into the fevered mind of the gun control advocate. Revealing a severe dearth of knowledge regarding the Bill of Rights, in Leonard’s view, federal law enforcement should be employed to intimidate his political enemies for conduct expressly protected under the First Amendment. Further, Leonard seems to have little understanding of the structure of American governance. The Maryland Democratic Party Secretary is seeking to marshal the federal government to tamp down local grassroots opposition to proposed state laws of the type that federal legislators have repeatedly rejected.

As pointed out by some astute observers, Maryland and other states have criminal laws that can be used against those who engage in doxing. A 2017 item on doxing published in the Fordham Law Review noted, “Maryland Criminal Code section 3-803 prohibits an intentional, malicious course of conduct that constitutes harassment, as long as the actor has received a reasonable warning or request to stop by or on behalf of the subject.” Maryland Criminal Code Section 3-805, explicitly outlaws this conduct when it takes place “through the use of electronic communication.” Given the strong objection Leonard’s conduct garnered, it is likely that the secretary has by now received that “reasonable warning.”

Even more than a message of civil disobedience, “We Will Not Comply” is a recognition of reality.

In Connecticut, a 2013 law required residents to register certain types of semiautomatic firearms, and individual magazines with a capacity greater than 10, by January 1, 2014. Out of an estimated several hundred thousand guns and 2.4 million magazines that were required to be registered, by the deadline Connecticut gun owners had registered 50,016 firearms and a mere 38,290 magazines.

In 1989, California enacted a law requiring registration of certain semi-automatic firearms. According to a February 17, 1992 Los Angeles Times article, in the years following enactment only 46,062 semi-autos were registered. The article went on to note, “The state Department of Justice has estimated there are 200,000 to 300,000. Others have calculated as many as 450,000 to 600,000.”

Results for New Jersey’s semi-auto ban were similar. An April 17, 1992 New York Times article titled, “Owners of Assault Guns Slow to Obey Law,” noted, “In New Jersey, which enacted an assault weapon ban in 1990, 2,000 weapons have been surrendered, made inoperable or registered as collectors’ items, according to the State Police. The state Attorney General’s office estimates that there are between 20,000 and 50,000 assault weapons in New Jersey.”

As for laws that criminalize the private transfer of firearms, the Colorado experience suggests similar resistance.

In 2018, Robbie Leonard ran an unsuccessful campaign for Maryland State Senate. Responding to a Baltimore Sun candidate questionnaire, Leonard noted that he taught remedial math courses at the Community College of Baltimore County. Given that the University of Baltimore School of Law, J.D. appears ignorant as to the Bill of Rights, he would do well to avail himself of a remedial course in U.S. civics.

Los Angeles Takes Aim At NRA Members.

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Los Angeles Takes Aim AT NRA

The LA City Council voted to draft a law requiring contractors looking to do business with the city to disclose ties to the gun lobby.

By California News Wire Services, News Partner | Oct 10, 2018 3:46 pm ET | Updated Oct 10, 2018 3:51 pm ET

LOS ANGELES, CA — The Los Angeles City Council approved a motion Wednesday that would require city contractors to disclose any ties they have to the National Rifle Association.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell’s motion, which was approved on a 10-0 vote, would not ban NRA-connected contractors from doing business with the city, but would require them to disclose any contracts or sponsorships they have with the gun rights advocacy group.

The NRA has not responded to a request for comment.

“The roadblock to gun safety legislation across the United States is the National Rifle Association,” O’Farrell said during a meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee earlier this month before it approved the motion. “Although gun safety legislation has been enacted by some individual states, especially here in California, the NRA’s lock on Congress and the Senate is such that no gun safety legislation has been enacted at the federal level since 1994 with the assault weapons ban. Than ban expired in 2004.”

The City Council approved a similar ordinance last year that requires contractors or prospective contractors to disclose that they have placed bids on President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. Although it did not ban those contractors from working with the city, the ordinance sent the message that Los Angeles would be unlikely to hire a contractor with ties to the wall. The vote by the council on the NRA motion directs the city attorney to draft an ordinance outlining the new disclosure rules, which will need to be voted on by the City Council.

The motion says the city of Los Angeles historically has enacted ordinances in support of gun safety without objection, and that 1,600 mass shootings have happened in America since the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in 2012, citing the Gun Violence Archive, which quantifies a mass shooting as when four or more people are wounded or killed, not including the shooter.

“For the sake of transparency, the city’s residents and stakeholders deserve to know how the city’s public funds are being spent, and whether taxpayer funds are being spent on contractors that have contractual or sponsorship ties with the NRA,” the motion states.

Following the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Feb. 14, a number of corporations that had offered discounts to NRA members cut ties with the organization, including Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and the Hertz rental car firm.

O’Farrell’s motion does not state if the city currently has any contractors with ties to the NRA.

City News Service; Photo: Shutterstock


“Congress is complicit—by its inaction—in this loathsome epidemic of gun violence.”

The Daily Caller – OCTOBER 28, 2018

Congressional Democrats immediately pushed for gun control measures following the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday that left at least 10 people dead.

The suspect, identified as Robert Bowers, was reportedly armed with a rifle and several handguns. Bowers’ social media accounts were filled with anti-Semitic rhetoric and is said to have yelled “All Jews must die!” during the shooting.

It’s unclear at this point how Bowers acquired his weapons, whether he passed a background check and whether any proposed legislation could have prevented the shooting. Even so, prominent Democrats took to social media to advocate for more restrictive gun legislation in response to the mass murder.

“Congress is complicit—by its inaction—in this loathsome epidemic of gun violence,” Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal wrote on Twitter.

“I don’t want to arm synagogues and churches and schools. I want to live in a society where nazism and white supremacy crawls back in a hole and we have universal background checks,” wrote Democratic Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz.

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Stephen Gutowski | Free Beacon – OCTOBER 10, 2018

Says gun policy should be made by legislatures, not financial institutions

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