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Video: Ghost Photographed in Baltimore?


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October 25, 2019

By Tim Binnall

An eerie photograph taken outside of a popular Baltimore restaurant with a reputation for being haunted may show one of the site’s resident spirits. The spooky snapshot was reportedly captured during a recent ghost tour which began at the famed Bertha’s Mussels. An attendee at the event took a picture of the building and later noticed what appears to be an apparition of some kind reaching out of a third-story window.

Some observers have postulated that the anomaly could be the spirit of a little girl who has been seen at the site on several occasions over the years. And, strangely enough, the part of the building in which the potential apparition was seemingly spotted lurking was, in fact, closed off at the time that the picture was taken and, therefore, the area was devoid of any people who might account for the oddity.

For their part, the owners of the restaurant were rather nonplussed about the image as they have apparently become accustomed to the ghostly tales attached to the building. Laura Norris told a local TV station that she used to regularly talk to the spirits at the site and recalled one particular instance in which she felt the presence of a ghost and declared “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going home, bye-bye.”

Her husband Tony shared a similar account, revealing that his friend Bob “saw ghosts constantly” when he worked in the upstairs of the building by himself. While he has apparently not had his own experience with any apparitions at the restaurant, Tony mused that “I’m open-minded” about the possibility that the site is haunted.

Watch: Baby Monitor Films Ghost Lurking Near Child’s Crib?

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By Tim Binnall

A frightened family in Michigan is looking for a new home after their baby monitor filmed a ghostly figure lurking near their daughter’s crib. The strangeness reportedly began when Heather Brough woke the child up from a nap and noticed three purple scratches on her face. The marks were odd enough that the concerned mom decided to check her baby monitor to see if it may have recorded the moment that the youngster was injured.

To her profound horror, Brough was stunned to see that the camera filmed an eerie-looking figure swiftly walking across her daughter’s room. It would seem that the anomaly was not a physical intruder, however, as it appears to dissipate after a few steps, suggesting that it was some kind of apparition. According to Brough, the proverbial ghost sighting is not the first case of paranormal activity in the home, as the family has allegedly heard inexplicable sounds and a disembodied voice.

While they were able to tolerate the weirdness at first, they now fear that the spirit in their home is showing a more malevolent side. To that end, Brough believes that the scratches on her daughter’s face were caused by the entity since they did not match up with the child’s own hand. The incident has proven to be so unsettling to the family that they now plan to move out of the home as soon as they can rather than tempt fate and see what the ghostly presence may do next. What’s your take on the spooky video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Watch: Jenna Bush-Hager Recalls Spooky White House Experience
October 15, 2018
By Tim Binnall

During a discussion about ghosts on the Today Show, former first daughter Jenna Bush-Hager recounted an eerie experience that she and her sister had while living in the White House. She revealed the story to co-host Hoda Kotb during Monday morning’s broadcast as they were talking about the various ways which people may encounter spirits. Expressing certainty that there is “something bigger” on the ‘other side,’ Hager offered up a pretty compelling reason for why she believes that to be the case.

She recalled a specific episode that occurred during the eight years in which she and her twin sister Barbara lived in the White House while her father, George W. Bush, was president. According to Hager, the two first daughters shared a room at the historic home during that time and, one night, they were roused from their sleep when her phone inexplicably rang. Then, she marveled, “all of a sudden, we started hearing 1920’s piano music, clear as day, coming out of the fireplace.”

The haunted happenings did not stop there, Hager said, as the same thing unfolded a week later, except this time it was opera music. Although she and her sister “talked ourselves out of” the possibility that they had some kind of ghostly experience, a conversation with a longtime worker at the White House seemingly confirmed their fears. After incredulously telling him the story about the spooky music that she and her sister had heard, he replied, “oh, Jenna, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve heard.”

Ghost Child Appears In Ohio Truck?

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October 09, 2018


A teenager in Ohio suspects that his truck may be haunted after he snapped a photo of the vehicle and noticed what appears to be the ghost of a child sitting in the front seat. An aspiring nature photographer, Troy Vance told a British media outlet that the eerie image was initially intended to just be a picture of a sunset which he found particularly breathtaking. However, when he later looked at the photo, Vance was stunned to see a spooky visage staring out from the inside of the truck.

As to who the spirit may be, Vance noted that the truck was parked in front of a lake where local lore says that a child drowned back in the early 1900’s. This has led him to conclude that the apparition could have been that unfortunate youngster. Intrigued by the possibility, Vance actually went so far as to perform a ghost hunt, of sorts, inside the vehicle using a spirit box.

According to him, the impromptu paranormal investigation resulted in a number of strange happenings, such as the sudden emergence of an inexplicable perfume smell, odd shadows moving across the truck’s window, and an unexplained thud as if something had hit the vehicle. Skeptics, of course, will say that the face photographed by Vance is merely a case of pareidolia and that the supernatural events he experienced during the ‘ghost hunt’ were simply his imagination playing tricks on him.

Watch: UFO Appears During Newscast in Argentina

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By Tim Binnall

October 19, 2018

A newscast on Argentine television came to a screeching halt last week when the anchors spotted an unidentified flying object soaring over the city of Buenos Aires. The strange sighting reportedlyoccurred on the program ‘Mananas Argentinas’ last Wednesday morning. As anchor Mariela Fernandez was standing in front of a giant screen which showed the city skyline and marveling at the unsettling amount of smog in the air, she suddenly caught sight of the UFO.

Clearly amazed by what she is seeing, Fernandez quickly points out the anomaly to her co-host Diego Angeli. The odd object appears to be a silver sphere that quickly moves across the sky and eventually vanishes from sight when it flies off screen. While we are unable to discern exactly what the anchors are saying, it seems clear that Fernandez was stunned by the oddity’s rapid speed. That said, one local account of the incident indicates that the duo may not have taken the sighting all that seriously as the segment was described as “hilarious.”

As to what the object may have been, aside from an alien craft, one prosaic possibility is that it was some kind of balloon. Be that as it may, the appearance of a UFO during a newscast is something we’ve seen quite a bit of lately as TV stations in OregonMilwaukee, and Buffalo have all had brushes with the unexplained this year. What do you think was spotted flying over Buenos Aires? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.