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CantonTruth Back Posting Articles After Seven Years

I’m back writing my blog after seven years. I thank everyone that has commented on my blog in the past even if you don’t agree with my posts. I’m a dedicated free lance investigative journalist looking into anything unknown in this crazy world of ours. This includes corporations, government, paranormal and my favorite topic Secret Societies. Anyone who wishes to contact me can do so at I’m not sure how long my blog will be open to the public do to the on going censoring of conservative voices and that is the main reason im going to start posting articles again. The old Democrat Party is dead and has been taken over by Communist forces ran by a Chinese model directed by globalists who want to destroy America and its Constitutional government of liberty and freedom. I served in the U.S. Army and will defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Right now I see many domestic enemies and it is scary to have this happen to our great country. The main stream media and big tech like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple just to name a few have been shadow banning and censoring in America and must be exposed by any means necessary while we still have a free internet left.