President Trump Backs Off Red Flag Gun Laws For Now.

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By Travis Noonan, on August 19th, 2019

President Trump came to terms with an important constitutional realization: Gun confiscation laws, commonly called Red Flag laws, won’t work to reduce gun violence. The President is now backing away from his earlier statements supporting more gun control at the federal level – for now, at least.

When asked how he’s handling expanded gun control, Trump responded with a suddenly pro-gun tone:

“So, Congress is working on that. They have bipartisan committees working on background checks and various other things. And we’ll see. I don’t want people to forget that this is a mental health problem. I don’t want them to forget that, because it is. It’s a mental health problem. And as I say — and I said the other night in New Hampshire; we had an incredible evening — I said: It’s the people that pull the trigger. It’s not the gun that pulls the trigger.”

The President previously called for implementing federal Red Flag laws that allow any individual – friend, family, or stranger – to report gun owners to the authorities for temporary gun confiscation. Under most states’ Red Flag laws, any gun owner can be reported by nearly anybody else with little qualification or evidence.

Red Flag Gun Laws Don’t Work

Most Red Flag laws also disregard the presumption of innocence, forcing gun owners who have been reported to give up their guns with no warrant, no due process, nor any day in court. States like California have already put these unconstitutional laws into practice with largely mixed results. When asked why such laws are so effective, San Diego City Attorney Maria Elliot remarked, “We don’t have to wait for a crime to be committed.”

That sounds an awful lot like a judicial official supporting a law that ignores the 4th Amendment – and this official is apparently bragging about it, no less.

For all the fear-mongering and emotional campaigning, Republics and Democrats alike appear to avoid the data which says Red Flag laws simply don’t work. Research shows that these laws do not reduce or eliminate gun violence or mass shootings. So why bother passing them in the first place?

Because anti-gunners and Democrats want to disarm the American people.

Democrats are Chipping Away at the Second Amendment

Even though these laws show no reduction in gun violence of any kind, Democrats and anti-gunners support them. These laws remove firearms from law-abiding individuals. Those who refuse or attempt to protect their rights are imprisoned or killed. It’s a win-win for anti-gun rhetoric.

And laws like these are just one of the many ways Democrats are killing off access to the Second Amendment across the country. California now requires gun owners submit to a background check just to buy ammo. Chicago and New York City now charge individuals just to buy a gun. It can cost as much as $900 to buy a weapon in Chicago, and up to $140 in New York City. Washington’s I-1639 bill now restricts gun purchase to anyone over 21. Federally, bill H. R. 7115 would ban gun-making kits and 80 lower receivers – receiver blanks used to legally build a gun at home.

Democrats in The Know Say New Gun Control Unlikely

Data doesn’t matter though, with gun control rallies being held across the country. Republicans and Democrats alike are puffing their chests at Trump’s latest stance on the issue. Sources in the White House and Congress say that if no legislation is passed by September, no new gun bills will be signed before the 2020 election. Democrats familiar with the conversations and sources close to the President are skeptical that any efforts will succeed.

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