Possible Guardian Angel Caught On Video Saves Man.


By Tim Binnall

A shopkeeper in Turkey was left mystified after a tap on his shoulder from a mysterious stranger seemingly saved him from being seriously injured by a passing truck. According to a local media report, the eerie encounter took place in the city of Adana as Serdar Binici’yi was preparing to close his store for the night. However, his normal routine of picking up sale items from outside the shop was decidedly different this time around thanks to a truly strange series of events.

In a video captured by a nearby security camera, an unidentified man can be seen walking down the road toward Binici’yi as he stands in front of his store. When the stranger reaches the shopkeeper, he nonchalantly reaches over, taps him on the shoulder, and keeps walking. Wondering who just touched him, Binici’yi turns around, but only sees a white van rumbling down the street. Suddenly, from the back of the vehicle, a rather sizeable metal grate swings around and narrowly misses the shaken shopkeeper, who ducks at the last minute to avoid being struck.

Upon regaining his bearings, Binici’yi looks up and down the road, ostensibly trying to figure out who had alerted him to the imminent danger, yet there is no one to be found. It was only later, when he looked at the CCTV video of the incident, did the shopkeeper fully comprehend how miraculous the encounter had been. According to Binici’yi, the driver of the van did return to the scene to apologize for nearly smashing into him, but the stranger who tapped his shoulder simply vanished.

While the strange scene is likely just a matter of fortuitous timing, some observers have suggested that Binici’yi may have actually been saved by an angelic being. They point to the casual nature in which the man approached the shopkeeper and how the stranger seemingly had no idea that the van with the loose grate was en route towards them, yet somehow knew to warn Binici’yi. What’s your take on the odd encounter? Was it a case of divine intervention or merely a spooky coincidence? Weigh in with your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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