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Native Americans Were Wild Crazy Savages Who Attacked And Scalped European Woman and Children.



Bytruthhunter on NOVEMBER 4, 2015

Well it is that time of year again. The time when “progressives” nation wide start sharing memes about Europeans being “Illegal Aliens” and Native Americans were kind enough to let us into “their” country…

We see this all the time from the ignorant fools, but more so around Thanksgiving. They fail to realize that, if anything, their arguments promote stricter immigration polices, not laxer.

What we see here is a prime example of what is called “presentism” . Presentism is when historical accounts are judged by the standards of the present. Most scholars will agree that it is a rather ignorant way to look at the past.

It would be improper to claim that George Washington was an evil man because he owned slaves simply because during his life, the majority opinion was that owning slaves was not evil. As a better example, let’s say that in 100 years, we discover that plants have advanced consciousness. It would be ignorant for people of that time to say that everyone alive today is evil for eating plants, because in todays standards, eating plants is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

So let’s instead look at what was acceptable, and encouraged during the time of colonial America. Throughout much of history (including the 1600’s) it was normal for a conquering army to claim the lands of their defeated foe. This is a practice that goes back into antiquity with the Persian, Greeks Romans, Egyptian, Israelis, Chinese and many other cultures taking part.

Taking land by conquest was also a part of Native American culture. Creek Indians conquered land from Choctaws and Chickasaws and the Creeks. Comanches came in and took the land from the Apaches by war, Aztecs, Incas and Mayans all grew their empires by conquering lands from other tribes. The Tainos and Canib tribes fought over land. When Spain Defeated the Aztec empire, the did so with an army of 1,000 Spanish soldiers and 75,000 soldiers from the Tlaxcallans, Choulatecs and Totonac tribes..

The practice of claiming the land of conquered enemies extended well past the colonization of America. It wasn’t until the conclusion of World War II in 1945 that western culture shunned the practice (and even then, the Soviet Union claimed Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, and many other territories as part of their victory spoils).

To claim “white Europeans” “stole” America from the native tribes is to force the cultural norms of the past 50 years (that white Europeans created) on events that happened hundreds of years earlier. That is just ignorant.

Another problem I have with the “White people stole America from the Natives” mentality is that it is insulting to Native Americans. It portrays them as ignorant fools easily duped by the evil white man. When, in fact, the brave Native American tribes fought hard, vicious battles to preserve their lands. The United States Census Bureau in 1894 counted over 40 wars involving “white” Americans and Native Americans between the years 1789 and 1846, which killed 19,000 whites and about 30,000 Indians. During these wars Native Americans committed atrocities against the white settlers. Slaughtering whole towns, raping, scalping, and murdering children were regular acts. During the Pontiacs War in 1764, 4 Delaware Indian Warriors entered a settlers log schoolhouse. There, they killed and scalped the teacher, and nine children. Two children were scalped, but survived their injuries, and 4 other children were taken prisoners. This is the first school massacre on record in America (and it happened before America was even a nation).

As you can see, to claim that Native Americans were peace loving nomads that were fooled by the white people is just plain ignorant.

If there is one thing we can learn from the Native Americans loss of land to white settlers, it is that we need to have tighter control over our immigration policies. The Native Americans believed that the first European settlers were just refugees trying to escape persecution in their homeland. They thought the American continent was large enough and the resources plentiful enough that they could share it with a few of these foreigners. But soon, these few turned into many, and the many demanded more. Soon the demands turned into violent conflicts, and the Native Americans were trapped in warfare with the new “immigrants”. The colonists eventually conquered the Native Americans and claimed the land as spoils of war.

History repeats itself, and if we are not wary these new waves of undocumented immigrants, and refugees will soon be waging war on us.

Immigration is a good thing. The melting pot of America thrives on the assimilation of different cultures. But it is necessary for these immigrants to be documented. We deserve to know that the people we invite into our nation are not criminals, rapists, and child molesters. We invite all hard working, law abiding, good people to join our grand experiment, and we demand our government do background checks to make sure that is what you are.

To claim the European settlers stole America from the Native Americans is bigoted against the Native Americans, and an ignorant foolish thing to say.

Communist´s At Notre Dame University Take Down Christopher Columbus Murals.

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University reacts to criticism of murals depicting explorer.

Published: 01/22/2019 at 2:57 PM

Responding to criticism from Native Americans, the University of Notre Dame will cover 12 historic murals in a campus building that depict Christopher Columbus in America.

Created in the 1880s, the murals by Luis Gregori were intended to encourage new immigrants during a period of anti-Catholic sentiment.

But the president of the Catholic institution, the Rev. John Jenkins, said in a letter

Tuesday that the murals will be covered because there’s a “darker side of this story, a side we must acknowledge,” the Associated Press reported.

The president explained that he received criticism that the images – painted on the walls of the university’s Main Building – show Native Americans in stereotypical submissive poses before white European explorers.

Jenkins said the murals could still could be occasionally displayed, AP reported. And a new display of photos of the murals will be created elsewhere with an explanation of their context, the president explained.

“We wish to preserve artistic works originally intended to celebrate immigrant Catholics who were marginalized at the time in society, but do so in a way that avoids unintentionally marginalizing others,” Jenkins wrote.

AP noted that in 2017, a letter signed by more than 300 students, employees and Notre Dame alumni called for the removal of the murals.

The president of the Native American Student Association praised the decision, but AP also quoted a Notre Dame law student, Grant Strobl, who questioned it.

“If we adopt the standard of judging previous generations by current standards, we may reach a point where there are no longer accomplishments to celebrate,” Strobl said.

Inside Higher Education reported a letter from an alumna published in the student newspaper, The Notre Dame Observer, defended Columbus as a “brilliant navigator” whose history has been distorted.

“Even more divisive than the twisted facts employed in anti-Columbus rhetoric, however, is its twisted logic,” the letter said. “It simply doesn’t make sense to argue that Columbus should be held responsible for all the crimes committed by those who came after him.

“If we go on a revisionist crusade, only Mary atop the Dome is safe.”

The president of the Native American Student Association of Notre Dame responded with his own letter, Inside Higher Education said.

“Our ‘attack’ is not political (it’s not even just about Columbus!), but a call for human dignity and progress,” he wrote.

“The most open form of representation that natives get on Notre Dame’s campus is not through a faculty member, administrator or celebration – but through pictures of our people in chains. This needs to be addressed immediately.”

Christopher Columbus Discovered America Whether You Like It Or Not.


Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), detail from Allegory on Charles V of Habsburg (1500-1558): The Geonese explorer, denounced at the Seattle City Council, has found defenders and advocates in the city’s Italian American community. Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Italian-Americans plan ‘push back’ on dumping of Columbus Day

By Joel Connelly on October 8, 2014 at 2:44 PM

A bevy of Italian American groups, voicing their “deep frustration,” will unveil on Thursday morning a “comprehensive push back program” against the Seattle City Council decision to dump Columbus Day in favor of a new Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October.

Italy’s ambassador to the United States, Claudio Bisognierto, has added his voice in a diplomatic but pointed letter to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. He wrote:

“The critical issue at stake is that, while trying to valorize — and rightly so — the dignity of indigenous peoples, the city is poised to strip the Italian community of a celebration that has become, over time, a heartfelt expression of its identity and pride.”

The local Italian-American community has reacted in particular to remarks Monday at City Hall by socialist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant. Sawant trashed Christopher Columbus, the Genoese explorer who sailed the ocean blue in 1492.

Columbus “played a pivotal role in the worst genocide humankind has ever known,” Sawant said. “This is about taking a stand against racism and discrimination.”

Ralph Fascitelli, best known as a prominent spokesman against gun violence, decried what he called “the insensitivity” of Sawant’s remarks.

“She really lit a match,” he said. “She, as an immigrant, should have an appreciation of the pride and sense of history that other immigrant groups feel in their heritage and role in the life of the nation.”

The city is set to unveil and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day at a City Hall celebration on Monday afternoon. Mayor Murray will walk a tightrope on how to honor one group of Americans without appearing to dishonor and snub another.

“We’ll be revealing a comprehensive push-back program on behalf of 25,000 Italian-American citizens in Seattle,” said Fascitelli.

He added that Italian-American groups offered compromises, such as a renaming to Italian-Heritage Day, or separate dates honoring Columbus and the country’s indigenous peoples.

In a statement, National Italian- American Foundation President John Viola said: “The increasingly frequent efforts to defame Christopher Columbus are no less than an abandonment of our core American values which hold risk and courage as the foundations of success.”

Seattle is not alone in its action. It was preceded by Berkeley, Calif., and recently by Minneapolis. South Dakota has changed the second Monday of October to Native-American Day. Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii do not observe Columbus Day.

But the Seattle action has clearly struck a nerve with Italian-American groups. In a statement preceding Thursday’s announcement, they said:

“Just as St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of all things Irish, Columbus Day is at its core about celebrating Italian heritage, and the some 200,000 Italian Americans in Washington State have a long proud history.

“In 1956, the state and city voted in Albert Rosellini, the fist Italian-American governor west of the Mississippi River. Seattle also has a large number of successful Italian-American leaders in law, business, advertising, government, athletics, finance, medicine, entertainment, nonprofits and the film industry.”

The release also noted a racial slogan used against Rosellini when he ran for governor: “We don’t need a Godfather in the State House.”

And, drawing a contrast with the Marxist jargon of Kshama Sawant, Randy Aliment, president of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce for the Northwest, stated:

“Christopher Columbus was this country’s first and bravest entrepreneur. He had a noble vision, gathered a team, and had the initiative to solicit funds for his high risk startup from the king and queen of Spain.”

The Seattle City Council has a modern tradition of sending activists away happy with largely symbolic resolutions. It has embraced Occupy Wall Street, and endorsed amending the U.S. Constitution to overturn the 2010 Citizens United ruling in which the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to campaign spending.

The “push back program” will mark the first time that a group with heft in the city has pushed back and put the label of “insensitivity” on those used to applying it.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill To Abort Fully-Developed Unborn Babies.


Evil Gov Cuomo Signs Bill to Abort Fully-Developed Unborn Babies.

By S.Noble
-January 23, 2019

Governor Cuomo’s extreme abortion bill has passed in New York with Democrat votes, and he signed it. The bill allows the murder [abortion] of fully-developed unborn babies to the moment of birth.

The bill also authorizes a slew of various health professionals other than doctors to kill babies in the womb. It adds abortion to the New York Constitution and removes protections for babies accidentally born alive.

There is no reason whatsoever to kill a fully-developed baby in the womb, except to preserve the mother’s life. There is no reason to kill the child who will still be born, dead or alive.

Even more horrifically, he’ll shove it our faces and light up the World Trade Center in pink to commemorate killing full-term babies.

Live Action




HORRIFIC: The One World Trade Center is lit up pink tonight to “celebrate” the passage of a bill that legalized abortion until birth for any reason.


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The bill to abort the unborn to the moment of birth was passed b

The bill to abort the unborn to the moment of birth was passed by the new Socialist and evil legislature in New York. It was signed by its promoter, the evil Catholic Andrew Cuomo who has not been excommunicated, oddly enough.

The Catholic Bishops have spoken out, and Catholic leaders are calling for Cuomo’s excommunication.

The new abortion bill, called The Reproductive Health Act, blocked until the Republican State Senate was lost to the party of killers, will allow a woman to abort her unborn child to the moment of birth and require doctors and nurses to officiate. In some cases, taxpayers will be forced to pay for what amounts, for some, to murder.

In the face of calls at the federal level to weaken abortion rights, the bill maintains abortions as legal within 24 weeks of the start of pregnancy – “or at any time when necessary to protect a woman’s life or health.’’ Late-term abortions had previously been authorized under state law if they meant saving the life of a woman.

The governor added the word “health’ and that is very vague and broad.

The measure which Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo quickly signed into law Tuesday night, was pushed through by Democrats who now control both legislative houses. The Senate passed it 38-24. In the Assembly, it passed by a 92-47 margin.

The evil far-left governor can now do anything he wants with his Democrat/Socialist legislature.

If you have seen a sonogram, you know aborting a late-term baby is destroying a baby. Cuomo is now saying life begins at birth when it clearly does not.

Evil reigns in Socialist New York.

This is sick man.

Embedded video

Live Action




This is the sound from the NY Senate chamber after the 38-24 vote to:

– Add abortion to the NY Constitution

– Allow non-physicians to commit abortions

– Allow abortion through third trimester

– Repeal protections for surviving babies

Pure evil.


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Communist New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Is A Disgrace To America.

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Cuomo: Pro-Lifers, Gun Owners not welcome in New York
By Faye Higbee

Jan 21, 2014

This story is by Author Tyler S. Storey

During a radio interview on Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he believes that conservatives are in the midst of a rift where they spend more time arguing with one another than with Democrats. He thinks that conservatives are working against the more moderate Republicans.

What’s an “extreme” conservative?

In the same interview, he let it be known that he thinks pro-lifers, traditional marriage people, and supporters of the Second Amendment are not welcome in his state.

“Their problem is not me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves,” he said. “Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

If “extreme conservative” isn’t an oxymoron then I don’t know what is.

Taken out of context…not really

Cuomo says that his comments were taken out of context but even so they are very revealing. He said that “Their problem is not me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves.” Well his problem is not those extreme conservatives, or the progressives, he clearly has a problem with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

He said, “Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are?” Here he basically said that believing in the founding principles of this Republic makes you an extremist. Constitutionalists have not been seen as extremists since 1776, so what does that tell you about the honorable Governor?

Cuomo finished up his rhetoric by saying, “Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.” So if you fit Cuomo’s definition of extreme you aren’t a “New Yorker.” He thinks that he has the knowledge and foresight to define what precisely indicates a person’s status as a New Yorker. To Cuomo being a New Yorker is all about being moderate, and not rocking the boat to far to either side.

Cuomo- the intolerant governor

If you are unnerved by the Governor’s comments you aren’t alone.

Conservatives in the state slammed him this weekend as compiled by an article in the New York Post.

Trump called Cuomo’s comment, “a terrible statement, an unfortunate statement.”

According to the New York Post, Trump also said, “It’s hard to believe that he really believes that.”

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, had some stronger comments on Cuomo, calling his statement, “just the kind of intolerance that is directly opposite to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached.”

“New York already leads the nation in chasing away its own citizens because of extraordinary high taxes, so does Cuomo really want to bully millions more away?’’ Astorino said. “New York’s greatness comes from accepting people of differing points of view. What Andrew Cuomo has revealed by these statements is his true self, because we see just how angry and radical his views are.’’

Both Trump and Astorino plan to announce their intentions for pursuing the Governorship of New York sometime next month.

Cuomo backtracked on Sunday in an open letter from his office to the New York Post on Sunday, claiming that his comments were taken out of context by the media.

“It is clear that the governor was making the observation that an extreme right candidate cannot win statewide because this is a politically moderate state (either moderate Republican or moderate Democratic),” the letter said.

“In the same response [during the radio interview], the governor went on to say ‘it is fine’ to be anti-gun control, and anti-choice — as he respects both positions.”

Divisive Rhetoric

New York’s state GOP Chairman Ed Cox is going to push the Governor to make a public apology for his comments.

“I will call on Gov. Cuomo to apologize to all New Yorkers for poisoning New York’s politics with divisive rhetoric at a time when New York needs to be united to address its continuing economic problems,’’ Cox said.

Cuomo isn’t only taking heat from the right, lately he has been attacked from all sides.

It is thought that Cuomo’s remarks on the Republican Party were part of his effort to gain more support from the moderate wing of the party as he has lost much support from the progressive wing of his own party.

“Cuomo is trying to backfill his Democratic loses with Republicans from Long Island and the suburbs,’’ was how a leading Democratic strategist put it.

He has become estranged from New York Democrats, the likes of Mayor de Blasio, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Cuomo has also lost support from the Black and Puerto Rican legislative caucus, and is on the bad side of many of the most powerful private sector unions in New York.

Cuomo’s chances of reelection were already backsliding, so his brazen account of New York politics isn’t likely to hurt his chances. If it gains him some favor within the moderate section of the GOP then bully for him. Any conservatives in the state that didn’t feel unwelcome by the Empire State’s policies already, sure know where they stand now. Unless the patriots of New York stand up and rally behind a candidate, things are only going to get worse for them in the state.

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: America Doesn’t Want Far-left ideas Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 70% Marginal Tax Targeting The Wealthy.
Matthew J. Belvedere

Billionaire former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is no fan of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to slap a 70 percent marginal tax rate on income above $10 million.

In an interview Monday night, he cited her idea as one of the reasons he could never run for president as a Democrat. Schultz believes the party has moved too far left, and he doesn’t believe in their tax and spending priorities.

“I respect the Democratic Party. I no longer feel affiliated because I don’t know their views represent the majority of Americans. I don’t think we want a 70 percent income tax in America,” Schultz told CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin in New York.

However, polls have shown that voters generally approve of the idea of taxing the wealthy at a higher rate. Indeed, a recent Hill-HarrisX survey of 1,001 registered voters found that 59 percent supported Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal. A Fox News poll published last week found that 70 percent of registered voters backed hiking taxes for families making more than $10 million a year.

The idea of raising taxes on the rich, particularly after President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress cut taxes for corporations and individuals, including the wealthy, in 2017, is quickly emerging as one of the most crucial topics of the 2020 campaign. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who is exploring a run for president, has proposed a wealth tax on Americans with more than $50 million in assets.

Schultz’s veiled criticism of Democratic socialist Ocasio-Cortez’s idea to tax earnings over $10 million at 70 percent matched the concerns of many of the uber-rich who attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week. The billionaire elite expressed dismay at the direction the 29-year-old freshman firebrand from New York wants to take the nation.

Earlier this month, Ocasio-Cortez told CBS’ “60 Minutes” that a wealth tax could help pay for a “Green New Deal” that would transition the U.S. away from fossil fuels.

In a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday, Schultz, who built Starbucks into a global powerhouse during two tenures as chairman and CEO, said he’s “seriously thinking” of running for president “as a centrist independent, outside of the two-party system.”

“The way I’ve come to this decision is, I believe that if I ran as a Democrat, I would have to say things that I know in my heart I do not believe, and I would have to be disingenuous,” Schultz, a lifelong Democrat until now, further explained to Sorkin.

Schultz said the nation cannot afford the priorities of far-left Democrats, including full government-paid health insurance and college tuition. “We are sitting right now with a national debt of $21.5 trillion on the balance sheet of our country,” he said. “And if we were a company, if America was a company, at $21.5 trillion of debt, adding $1 trillion a year, we would be facing insolvency.”

The possibility of Schultz running as an independent has struck fear in the hearts of Democrats. A strong third-party candidacy from Schultz, provided he didn’t win, could act as a spoiler for Democrats, taking votes away from their nominee and leaving the White House in the hands of Trump or another Republican. Some voices on the left, including in the wealthy donor class, called for boycotting Starbucks to protest a Schultz candidacy.

Democrats want to avoid a situation like businessman Ross Perot’s third-party run in 1992. Perot won nearly 19 percent of the popular vote in the three-way race against GOP incumbent President George H.W. Bush and Democratic challenger Bill Clinton. The enthusiasm around Perot was blamed for giving the presidency to Clinton.

Trump himself weighed in on Schultz’s flirtation with presidential politics. In a tweet Monday, Trump said Schultz “doesn’t have the ‘guts’ to run for President!”

Schultz on Monday evening tried to reassure concerned Democrats, however: “I certainly am not going to do anything to put Donald Trump back in the Oval Office. ”

Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Uses Jesus In Political Move To Support Illegal Aliens In America.


Communists, Ocasio-Cortez and … Jesus?

Marina Medvin

Marina Medvin
Posted: Dec 27, 2018 9:23 AM

“Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live!”

That was the first line in my Soviet textbooks when I was a little girl growing up in the USSR. Does that line sound familiar? Maybe too familiar. Think back to the Bible. Depending on the translation, the line reads something like this: Christ died, Christ is risen, Christ shall come again. The similarity is intentional. Communists came to power over Christians in Soviet Russia. They knew that they needed to replace the Christian beliefs with something familiar to the people, to ease the transition. So they replaced Jesus with Lenin.

It is thus not a surprise that communists in the United States similarly discourage Christianity, and similarly use the Bible and Jesus as political ploys to attempt to persuade Christians to align with communist beliefs. Over Christmas, America’s darling socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “For all the anti-immigrant pundits uncomfortable with and denying that Christ’s family were refugees, too” and cited a magazine article for the premise that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were a family of … migrants. Yes, you read that right.

Assuming that the poor woman is uneducated about the history of Jesus and Israel, many concerned Christians chimed in, responding to Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet with points of education about Jesus’s Jewish family, the Roman rule in the Jewish homeland, the family having to travel to be counted for purposes of taxation as required by the Romans. The Christians made it clear to Ocasio-Cortez that Jesus’s family members were not immigrants, and that they did not like Ocasio-Cortez manipulating the Christian religion to push a political agenda. One kind Christian even offered to host Ocasio-Cortez for a meal, in a seemingly benevolent attempt to try and convince the communist that her knowledge has some holes in it.

But Ocasio-Cortez knew what she was doing. She wasn’t concerned with factual correctness. She was intent on manipulating the masses, so she doubled down on the comparison by posting a drawing of a Hispanic family with halos around their heads, with their little boy depicted as Jesus, migrating into the U.S. It was feelings, not facts, that Ocasio-Cortez was arguing. Jesus was but a means to a communist end for the congresswoman-elect.

Christianity as political craft is on the rise overall with the radical left. MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, just a day after Ocasio-Cortez’s tweets, attempted to manipulate Christians into the same leftist political agenda by playing the line “What would Jesus do?” He answered his own question by explaining that Jesus would not support Donald Trump and would aid and abet illegal entry into the U.S.

This is on the heels of leftist Sens. Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono, the two women who chose feelings over facts during the Justice Kavanaugh fiasco, attempting to shame new judicial candidates for their Christian faith during the District Court nomination interviews in December. The senators accused Catholic nominees of belonging to Catholic charity organizations that support marriage only between a man and a woman — a radical concept, apparently. The judicial hopefuls assured the liberal senators that the law is what they intend to follow, not feelings. Would devout Muslim judges equally face religious loyalty questions from these same senators, is an interesting issue to ponder.

Again, none of this is surprising from the socialist-puppeted left. Recall that the practice of Christianity (together with Judaism and every other religion) was forcefully discouraged by the Communist Party in the USSR. And by “forcefully discouraged,” I mean only 1 percent of Russian churches remained open by 1939, after the commies settled in — as clergy and churchgoers were shot or sent to labor camps. To maintain a consistent hatred of religion, the Communist regime “confiscated church property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers, and propagated atheism in the schools,” according to the Library of Congress. History, simply, repeats itself.

The only difference between the commies of yesteryear and the commies of today are the designer suits and Manolo Blahnik shoes, purchased on the Capitalist market at Capitalist prices. The ideas, the strategies, and the propagandaremain the same.

Apple Facetime Bug Lets People Spy On You.

Apple FaceTime bug lets you listen in on people you call, even if they haven’t picked up their iPhone

Todd Haselton

There’s a FaceTime bug that lets you hear through someone else’s iPhone, even if they haven’t answered your phone call. It was previously reported on Twitter by user Benji Mobb and reported by 9to5Mac.

CNBC tested it and verified that it’s a real bug. I tried placing a video call to my editor from my iPhone using Apple’s FaceTime app. Then, before he picked up, I used the menu option to add somebody else to the call and, as 9to5Mac’s directions state, I added myself to the call. Suddenly, I could hear my editor, even though he never picked up. We continued having a conversation while his phone only gave him the option to answer. There was no indication that the call had already gone through.

The Verge reports that, if the person you’re calling tries to end it by tapping the power button on their phone, it sends video but no audio. That means the person calling you can see a video of you or your surroundings as if you’d answered the call. I replicated this with a friend.

This bug seems to rely on the FaceTime Group Call feature, since you’re trying to add another person to the call. Group FaceTime launched last year.

There’s obviously a big privacy concern here. You could theoretically call anyone with FaceTime and, using the steps above, listen in on their conversations.

Apple, which is scheduled to report earnings on Tuesday afternoon, said a fix is coming this week. “We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,” a spokesperson told CNBC. It also deactivated Group FaceTime to prevent people from exploiting the bug before it releases a fix.

In the meantime, and to be extra safe, the fastest fix right now is to just turn off FaceTime. Here’s how:

Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad

Choose FaceTime

Toggle FaceTime to off.