Amazon Bans Book Holy Serpent Of the Jews By Texe Marrs.

Holy Serpent of the Jews, has been banned by The subtitle of this book perhaps provides a clue as to why Amazon would wish to suppress this powerful information. The subtitle reads: The Rabbis’ Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion.

Banned by Amazon: Book Truthfully Quoting Rabbis

Wanna read a book about ghoulish sex perversions, maybe something about child torture, cannibalism, witchcraft or some blood fetish?, the world’s largest bookseller, has it for you. In fact, Amazon has about seven million books and volumes covering the waterfront of sex crimes, incest, bestiality, and occult deviance.

Whatever evil or mind-bending hedonistic pleasure you’re into, Amazon’s got just the right book for you. For example, discover the depths of Satanism by ordering Anton LaVey’s monstrous The Satanic Bible. It’s on Amazon’s bestseller list. That one book alone has warped the lives of tens of thousands of young readers prone to its heinous lies. The Satanic Bible recommends the human sacrifice of innocent children. So if you’re into that, help yourself. Order the infamous book through

And if it’s dirty politics and scummy social ideology you’re into, you’ll want to investigate some of Amazon’s political titles, like The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx, or the many titles written by America-haters and socialist ideologues, such as books by Saul Alinsky and Leon Trotsky.

But with all these evil titles that are for sale, including perverted volumes by Aleister Crowley, the British Satanist who boasted of being “666” and “the most wicked man on planet earth,” and the scourge of bondage and sadism, the Marquis de Sade, there’s one title that Amazon now refuses to handle and sell. That would be my book, Holy Serpent of the Jews.

Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, is the billionaire who owns both that global company and the disreputable newspaper, The Washington Post.

Holy Serpent Banned by Amazon

Amazon has informed me by email that Holy Serpent of the Jews does not meet the company’s “Content Guidelines.” The hideous books by LaVey and Crowley, not to mention the graphic photo book, Sex, by Madonna, and the new book by Lena Dunham, in which she describes how she once sexually abused her little sister, do presumably meet Amazon guidelines.

Now, please consider: Holy Serpent of the Jews has no graphic sex. The book contains no profanity, none whatsoever. What it does, however, is quote actual Jewish rabbis, modern and ancient. Amazon, owned by Mr. Jeff Bezos, himself a Jew, is apparently incensed at my quoting of these rabbis.

Moreover, Holy Serpent of the Jews quotes not only top, authoritative rabbis, it also quotes Judaism’s most holy book, the Babylonian Talmud, and it quotes the Jewish Kabbalah, which thousands of rabbis regularly quote and teach from. This, too, apparently, is too much for Mr. Bezos to stomach.

Lies Preferred Over Truth?

You see, I, as author, am not a Jew. But I am a religious authority, and a world-famous expert on the religious cult known as Judaism. What I witness in Holy Serpent of the Jews about Judaism will stand up in any court in the world, except perhaps in Israel. In Israel, as at, truth is not a defense. To Jeff Bezos and the Amazon officials, apparently lies are acceptable, yes, even preferred.

So, Holy Serpent of the Jews is being suppressed by the world’s largest bookseller. This, to me, is a badge of honor. What will I do about this travesty in which a book that is honest and authoritative is removed, like the politically incorrect news clips that abruptly went down George Orwell’s “memory hole” in 1984? We will continue to offer this book and leave the sales up to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Why are we so very insistent on continuing to sell Holy Serpent of the Jews? Simply because we strongly believe that Jews and Gentiles alike are chosen by a loving God for redemption and a future of contentment. As I state on p. 16 of the book, “The New Testament…proclaims that Jesus Christ has chosen His people out of all the nations and races on earth. Jews, Gentiles it makes no difference to Jesus: ‘Whosoever will may come.’”

My prayer is that all who read this book will believe in the saving words of Jesus Christ, and come to the Cross of Calvary.


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