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Proof Freemasonry Is “Mystery Babylon The Great” Mentioned In Revelation Of The Christian Bible.



A general overview of each volume, taken from the Introduction of Volume I.:

“Scarlet and the Beast will examine fifteen hundred years of political, financial and spiritual intrigue between two conspiratorial powers. As a seasoned investigative trainer, I have examined circumstantial evidence, evaluated it according to hard evidence, and combined what is worthy with the hard facts to develop a story that has intentionally been hidden for a millennium and a half…

“Volume I … will trace each occult power as it labors separately for world dominion. We will examine the four great political revolutions each spawned: the Glorious Revolution in Great Britain (1688), the American Revolution (1776), the French Revolution (1789), and the Russian Revolution (1917). We will address as well their activities through the two World Wars. Finally, we will examine God’s Word to see what His prophets say about Freemasonry and the Beast empire it will erect in the last days.

“[In Volume II we] will journey back to the patriarchs of ancient Babylon, from whence are Freemasonry’s roots. We will discuss Ham, Cush, Nimrod, and his wife Semiramis, and examine how Freemasonry’s ceremonies are linked to Babylon’s fertility worship of male and female gods. We will learn why the Babylonian religion hid itself and why it continues today in secret societies such as Freemasonry.

“Volume III … places the Harlot’s cup of abomination squarely in the hands of English Freemasonry. We will learn how and why drugs have been used in all eastern mystery religions, and trace Freemasonry’s involvement in drugs to the British Opium Wars against China. This [volume] will examine English Freemasonry’s role as the world’s drug financier and money launderer, and French Freemasonry’s role as the world’s drug trafficker. We will examine the horrifying prospect of the nuclear destruction of London by the Beast, and how afterwards the Beast will mark the world.” (pg. 53-54, Vol. I).

¨The Three Volume Set by author John Daniel is out of print and I would suggest finding a copy before the books are memory holed by the New World Order. The first volume is on Amazon Kindle for a few dollars the last time I checked.  I have not found a electronic version of volume two and three.¨  Michael Difensore

Listen To Milton William Cooper’s Radio Show Hour Of The Time About The Book Below.

Scarlet And The Beast A Five Part Series.

Part One: The Identity Of Scarlet.

Part Two: The Identity Of Scarlet. 

Part Three: End Scarlet Begin Beast. 

Part Four: Identity Of The Beast 

Part Five: End Identity Of The Beast