Republican Party Headquarters In Volusia County, Florida Shot Up Liberal Media Calls It Vandalism.


By that logic, the mail bomber was also “vandalism”

Paul Joseph Watson | – OCTOBER 29, 2018

Click Here For Video.

After a Republican Party headquarters in Volusia County, Florida was shot up, the media reported the incident as an act of “vandalism”.

The windows of the HQ were shot out Monday morning and four bullet holes were found inside the office. The attack was almost certainly politically motivated because no other business on the strip was targeted.

“At this point we can confirm that at least four rounds were fired into the building,” said South Daytona police Capt. Mark Cheatham. “We are working to see if we can get video from nearby businesses but so far we have no witnesses.”

The incident occurred hot on the heels of a South Florida man being arrested for sending dud pipe bombs in the mail to top Democrats, but what little media attention it has received downplayed the shooting as an act of vandalism.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported the shocking incident as a mere act of “vandalism,” equating it with graffiti.

The Florida Times-Union also reported that the office had been “vandalized by gunfire”.

By this logic, the mail bombs were just “vandalism”. No, that was terrorism and so is this.

If a right-wing Trump supporter had shot up a Democratic party headquarters, would the media call it vandalism or terrorism?

As of right now, CNN hasn’t even reported on this attempted terror attack at all.

But there’s no media bias against conservatives, honest!


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