Jesuit “Black Pope” Francis Carries Witch Stang At LGBT “Youth” Synod.


Pope Francis and the Stang: the Image that Summarises the LGBT “Youth” Synod

Posted on October 5, 2018
by Catholicism Pure & Simple

As stated by RORATE CAELIyesterday. Could it also be called the image that summarises this Pontificate? Excerpt:

”In his opening address, the Pope attacked “clericalism” — as if he were not the most clericalist man in the world, refusing to respond to the Viganò accusations that he protected and promoted Ted McCarrick. He also railed against “blogs”, meaning we are doing our job right.

The symbol of this Synod that no one asked for and that will have no legitimacy (since its composition was carefully manipulated to avoid any resistance to the Pope’s pro-LGBT agenda) is the ferula Francis chose to use: not the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but this contraption.”

The “contraption” was in fact a “stang”. Why, do you think, would the pope prefer to hold a stang, with the sinister evil this thing symbolises, rather than a crozier with a Crucifix, the symbol of our redemption?

And a h/t to JH for alerting us to the indomitable Ann Barnhardt’s post on this latest scandal: “Satanists Manifesting: Antipope Bergoglio Carries a Stang – the Ritual Staff of Witchcraft”.

There was another one from her today about the woman who handed him the wtches’ stang.

Should we not all be up in arms at this latest horror from Pope Francis?

Maybe we might simply have to admit that Catholics are becoming inured to the horrorswe have been subjected to under Francis coming, as they are, thicker and faster than ever before these days. Certainly, in general, we no longer demonstrate the shock and anger such an outrageous deed as this one really deserves.


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