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Christian Conservatives Being Censored By Big Tech Since 2016



My conservative page got blocked by Facebook

By Todd Starnes| Fox News

I am the bad boy of Facebook.

I earned that badge of honor back in 2013 when Facebook blocked my page and removed a message I had posted that invoked Paula Deen, the National Rifle Association and Jesus Christ. Here’s what I wrote:

“I’m about as politically incorrect as you can get. I’m wearing an NRA ball cap, eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, reading a Paula Deen cookbook and sipping a 20-ounce sweet tea while sitting in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair with the Gaither Vocal Band singing ‘Jesus Saves’ on the stereo and a Gideon’s Bible in my pocket. Yes sir, I’m politically incorrect and happy as a June bug.”

The folks over at Facebook took great offense to that message.

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“We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards,” Facebook wrote me. “So you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature.”

I wasn’t even allowed to post our daily Bible verse — a popular feature called “Morning Glory — Start Your Day Inspired.”

For the record, I really do have a Cracker Barrel rocking chair, I’m quite fond of sweet tea, I love Chick-fil-A, I’m a huge fan of Southern Gospel music, I own several Paula Deen cookbooks and I’m a proud member of the National Rifle Association.

Does that make me a bad person?

I was genuinely perplexed by Facebook’s censors – befuddled even.

So I decided to investigate Facebook’s community standards – which at best – are rather vague. Among its commandments were bans on nudity, bullying, harassment, graphic content, pornography and spam.

For the record, I require all of our followers to wear pants and Miss Paula was not doing anything unladylike with a stick of butter.

It is true that one of my daily postings included some spam – a delicious recipe for a fried spam sandwich.

It’s even more puzzling that they would target a patriotic, conservative website like mine when they allow a host of vulgar, violent and pornographic sites to stay in business.

Among the sites I found just this morning:

“F*** Donald Trump”

“F*** Sarah Palin Hoe A** B****

“Tea Party Can Kiss My A**”

“Rush Limbaugh is an Abject A******”

Had I been reading Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals,” wearing a Planned Parenthood ball cap and smoking a joint, Facebook would’ve left me alone.

Facebook’s decision to block me generated quite a bit of outrage. Don’t choke on your Fruit Loops, but even the folks over at The Washington Post came to my defense.

And a few hours after banning me, Facebook had a change of heart.

“A member of our team accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook,” they told me in an email. “This was a mistake and we sincerely apologize for this error.”

Since that fateful day, I’ve noticed that my page has been subjected to random censorship by the Facebook gods. I’ve received dozens of complaints from readers who tell me my content no longer appears on their pages. In some cases, Facebook won’t allow them to share my postings.

And I’ve lost count of the number of fellow conservative writers whose pages have been blocked, banned or censored.

So I wasn’t all that surprised when a group of former Facebook workers told the tech news website Gizmodo that they put a liberal spin on “Trending Topics” – and routinely censored conservative news.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg strongly denied the allegations.

“Facebook stands for giving everyone a voice,” he wrote in a Facebook posting. “We believe the world is better when people from different backgrounds and with different ideas all have the power to share their thoughts and experiences. That’s what makes social media unique.”

Mr. Zuckerberg has agreed to meet with some conservative newsmakers later this week to address the allegations that Facebook suppressed conservative content.

“The reason I care so much about this is that it gets to the core of everything Facebook is and everything I want it to be,” he wrote. “Every tool we build is designed to give more people a voice and bring our global community together. For as long as I’m leading this company this will always be our mission.”

I really want to believe that Mr. Zuckerberg’s social networking platform is a place where anyone can share anything –a place that gives people a voice — including people who ascribe to traditional American values.

Because any community that frowns upon the Good Book and sweet tea is a community that violates my personal standards.

TECH GIANT TYRANNY: Here Is The Tech Giant Purge List of Prominent Conservative Websites



Tech Giants Google and Facebook are purging conservative content from their platforms — They are hiding conservative stories on Google — They are shadow-banning conservative news on Facebook and Twitter.

In February Facebook launched a new algorithm to ensure that conservative news would not spread on the social media platform.

The algorithm change caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%.

In contrast, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) do not appear to have suffered a comparable decline in Facebook engagement.

Top conservative Facebook pages with daily traffic in the millions have seen 75% to 95% drop in traffic since the 2016 election.

Young Cons, Western Journalism, SarahPalin.comIndependent Journal Review, Right Wing News, and several others have seen dramatic loss in traffic.

The Gateway Pundit  saw a significant drop in Facebook traffic in the last two years.

This is criminal behavior.  They take your money for advertising then shadow-ban your site.

This is the definition of a scam.

Meanwhile, liberal sites are doing fine this year.

Google also deleted several top Conservative channels in 2018.

Conservative YouTube channels were deleted in a Google purgein March.

Google later said they “accidentally” deleted conservative channels.

During the election conservatives fled the corrupt mainstream media and went online to get their news from trusted websites.

Today far left tech giants want conservative sites eliminated.

The left is even targeting the advertising and income of conservative websites.

It’s time to regulate Google and Facebook!

* * * * * * * * * *

Here is a list of top conservative websites that have been blacklisted and targeted by Google, YouTube and Facebook.

Young Cons: Extremely popular conservative news site and received millions of daily readers during the election.  The website received nearly all of its traffic from Facebook. Since 2016 Facebook shut down stories to Young Cons.  Each algorithm change meant less traffic for the popular website.  YoungCons was blacklisted by Facebook and struggles to maintain readers.  The site regularly switches domains to save traffic. — Update–  YoungCons recently closed shop.  Facebook did this. With over 4 million fans one of the popular conservative pages on Facebook until Facebook blocked all traffic to the website.  The page was forced to change the domain to save traffic numbers.  Traffic has plummeted.

Right Wing News:  Right Wing News grew to an enormous website in the past few years thanks its popularity on Facebook. In July of 2015, in just a week, the Right Wing News Facebook page reached 133 million people. Because conservatives were sharing content they were interested in, Right Wing News (with 3.6 million Facebook likes ) was driving the same amount of web traffic as some of the biggest newspapers in America.  Since the 2016 election Facebook blocked traffic to the website.  Owner John Hawkins announced he was shutting down the website in January.

Western Journalism: Newsweek reported that the site has grown from receiving 1,000 page views a day in 2009[3] to more than 1 million during 2016. The website was averaging around 6 million page views a day according to Quantcast during the election. Today it is down to around 500,000 a day. Western Journalism was blacklisted by Facebook.

The Gateway Pundit: TGP was ranked as the 4th most influential conservative publisher during the 2016 election. The site in 2016 received nearly a third of its traffic from Facebook. In March Facebook blocked all trafficfrom recent stories to the website. TGP advertised with Facebook and is another top conservative website blacklisted by the company. TGP is also shadow-banned by Google and frequently attacked and smeared by the liberal media.  TGP writers Jim Hoft, Cassandra Fairbanks and Cristina Laila were all shadowbanned by Twitter.

President Trump Facebook page:  A recent algorithm change has caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%. In contrast, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) do not appear to have suffered a comparable decline in Facebook engagement, reported Breitbart’s Alum Bokhari.

Independent Journal Review:  A massive conservative website based on Facebook audience.  The Independent Journal Review (IJR) terminated a number of its employees in March, leaving an unclear future for the millennial-focused conservative website that has recently faced a declining audience.  IDF was also shadow-banned and blacklisted.  Breitbart was the most influential conservative news source in 2016 with a massive audience.  Since the election Breitbart is constantly targeted and smeared by far left operations.  Breitbart advertising was targeted by Sleeping Giants and other Soros sites.

InfoWars:  Infowars is another dominant conservative site with enormous traffic.  After several years of video production and tens of thousands of video YouTube gave Infowars its third strike in March and threatened to shut the YouTube Channel down.  In August YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify colluded and eliminated Infowars in a 12 hour stretch.

Rightside Broadcasting: This YouTube Channel had millions of views before the election.  Since 2016 YouTube has shadow-banned all of their videos.  YouTube has classified its videos of President Trump at a rally as hate speech.  YouTube has demonetized hundreds of its videos.  YouTube hides its videos.  Income for the site is down 95% since the election.

Natural News: A very prominent health website and the world’s top source on natural health. The site receives tens of thousands of readers every day. YouTube wiped out over 1,700 videos covering everything from nutrition, natural medicine, history, science and current events.

From a reader: You Tube deleted Natural News Channel. It’s conservative and full of info on health, too. I took a screen shot. I’m very upset. My husband has aggressive cancer from. Agent Orange and I depended on this channel for his diet among other things. The man, Mike Adams, is literally a genius, and I mean literally, and he is very conservative.

Prager Report:  PragerU, a conservative educational site, is suing Google and its subsidiary YouTube, accusing the video site of censoring its online videos because of their political leanings.  YouTube has banned several of its videos including segments on abortion and Islam.   Prager U has a massive conservative audience in the millions.  This week Prager U was blocked by Facebook.

Pamela Pamela is well-known for speaking out against radical Islam.  ISIS has threatened to behead her several times.  During the election PG had over 100,000 daily views from Facebook.  Today Facebook has shut down most of her traffic.  Her website suffered serious losses in revenue since the election.

Diamond and Silk: Pro-Trump YouTube sensations have a suit against YouTube. The Trump supporters announced in August 2017 that 95% of their videos have been demonetized on YouTube.  In the spring of 2018 Diamond and Silk testified on Capitol Hill that Facebook had also censored their content.

Twitter censorship of top conservatives:   A recent study by the leftist website VICE News found that Twitter is censoring top pro-Trump lawmakers.

Twitter is targeting pro-Trump Republican lawmakers Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and John Ratcliffe with the same shadowbanning technique.

Twitter is also censoring prominent pro-Trump accounts including: Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Paul Joseph Watson, TGP’s Jim Hoft, TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks, TGP’s Lucian Wintrich, TGP’s Cristina Laila and Laura Loomer among others.

These are just a few of the more prominent websites being targeted and banned by Facebook, Twitter and Google.

There are thousands of more stories like these.

We did not list the conservative organizations and individuals targeted, shadow-banned and blocked by Twitter.

We have heard from other prominent websites but they are afraid if they bring attention to their plight Facebook or Google will shut down their remaining traffic.

Either the government acts to prevent this targeting or conservative websites will be eliminated in the next few years.

Artificial Intelligence Putting All Americans In A Digital Gulag Of Control.

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