Silicon Valley, the Democratic Party and other large corporations are working in tandem to drive conservatives from the marketplace in what amounts to a dangerous form of political persecution – OCTOBER 2, 2018

To highlight the politically-driven removal of conservatives and libertarians from the marketplace, Infowars has filed a emergency injunction against PayPal in federal court.
“PayPal banning Plaintiff is a bridge too far and, if allowed, sets a dangerous precedent for any person or entity with controversial views,” reads the complaint. “Acceptable use policies of tech companies, including PayPal’s policy, are notoriously broad and subjective, meaning that essentially any expression aside from the most boring and banal interpretation of events potentially violates them.”

“Meanwhile, subject-to-change whims of would-be-censors change from day to day, time to time, and no user of this ubiquitous banking service can predict who will be next.”

You can read more of the complaint click here.

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