CantonTruth Calls For Boycott Of Big Tech Social Media Platforms

Tech monopolies are scrambling to send every last trace of down the memory hole. Its a simple boycott. Just delete your social media accounts. I’m not bragging but I have never had a social media account because I knew years ago that social media would be used in nefarious ways. I knew after almost everyone was plugged into the electronic gulag it would control everyones life in some way. It takes fourteen days to delete a Facebook account and it is never totally gone unfortunately. Free yourself from the Satanic social media. I’m not just saying that either, it sucks the soul out of people because their is no human interaction anymore. Social Media is fake. Would all those friends in your Facebook friend list call you on a phone? If the answer is no then why are you talking to them on Facebook? Google is harder to boycott. My blog is through Google and I’m searching for other blog options. I’m using Opera instead of Google Chrome. You can start a Google boycott by deleting Google Chrome. Not sure why more people are not doing this simple boycott. Just stop using the junk its simple. I use DuckDuckgo so far to search things and its great so far.
So far, the following companies have declared war on free speech:
Google Podcast
Sprout Social
Prodded along by the Fake News enemy media, these social media companies are collectively taking part in the modern-day digital equivalent of book burning.
As Alex Jones explains, the censorship of conservative voices is part of a wider plot for Communist China to meddle in the upcoming elections.
Want to boycott authoritarian tech giants? Here are some platforms we recommend that value free speech: instead of Twitter instead of Facebook instead of YouTube instead of Google
You can also bypass censorship by downloading the Infowars Official app – while it’s still available.

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