Chilean Mine Rescue Rife with Symbolism and Satanism

Veritas New Exclusive

Tonight, Tuesday the 12th of October at midnight, the daring rescue efforts of the teams of mining experts in Chile will bring to the surface the first of 33 trapped miners. Of course midnight tonight is also known as October 13th! Three different rescue shafts were being drilled in this effort to bring the trapped miners to the surface. We’re working on verifying the fact that the first successful attempt came after 33 days of drilling, an attempt by the second team of experts. This timing appears to be verified in this news article :

The Canadian team ran into difficulties about a week and a half ago and were delayed in their efforts. The initial rescue effort was also unsuccessful in reaching their target.

The rescue pod, essentially a reinforced steel cage, has been given the name “Pheonix”. A Globe and Mail article on the rescue effort published earlier today headlined “Mine about to give ‘birth’ to 33 trapped Chileans”.

What exactly are the mystery schools up to? Can this be anything but an insult to the sheople?

Update : First miner rescued at 12:11 local time at the minesite.

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera mentions that today, October 13th, is the “magic number”, spoken shortly after the first miner reaches the surface.

2:56 AM mine-site time – BBC announces that 3 different Pheonix capsules are being used in the rescue effort. Pheonix 1 was a prototype, Pheonix 2 is currently being used, and Pheonix 3 will replace unit #2 if any problems arise.

33 miners rescued after 33 days

Rescued using the “Phoenix” rescue capsule

The company is Layne Christensen Co…. of Mission Woods, Kansas (about 5 miles from me)

They also do sub contracting work in Afghanistan, which means they’re tied in.

Their company logo is the all-seeing eye:

Their revenue is about a quarter of a billion / year

Their stock is up today by almost 5% (never underestimate a clever marketing campaign):

Here’s their official press release:

Their president is Andrew B. Schmitt and he makes at least $1 million a year at Layne alone, but is also director of Unitog (the uniform company) and Reynolds Transport (a trucking outfit he incorporated), both here in KC.

Lastly, I find it interesting that this melodramatic charade to save human lives was not in such a rush that they didn’t have time to stop for photo ops with the special drill and rescue capsule, even allowing the daughter of one of the trapped miners to get inside of the special tube and make sure it was “comfortable”. Reminds me of all those pity-pics we see of starving children in Africa. I’m sure that if I ever saw a starving child the first thing I’d want to grab is my camera…

Did you see that 69 days from today (the number of days they were trapped as well) ,October 13th, is December 21st – the last day before the sun is lost for on the horizon for 3 days – before being risen and reborn on December 25th…69 = “As Above, So Below” – yin-yang – the universal man – the brotherhood of man – salvation by works…

That’s interesting…I was looking at this video a second ago and felt that the symbolism seemed relevant. The 9th guy to get taken out of there, wearing a shirt with an upside down five-pointed star. He was in the main picture about the story on MSN’s home page.

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