Draconian Gun Law Guts 2nd Amendment Privacy

Paul Joseph Watson
March 21, 2009

Draconian Gun Law Guts 2nd Amendment Privacy 200309top2

A shocking new gun control law recently introduced in Albany County is being labeled the most draconian piece of anti-second amendment legislation yet seen. The law requires buyers of all ammunition, even shotgun pellets, to provide their drivers license, state their purpose for buying the ammunition, and have the information retained and accessible by law enforcement for no less than 10 years.

Anyone buying rounds or shells, even .22s, for hunting or target shooting in Albany State, New York, would have to provide ID, declare the gun and have its serial number registered with the seller. Based on the information provided by the buyer as to the purpose of buying the ammunition, the seller could block the purchase.

The bill is known as “Local Law Number A For 2009″ ( PDF File) and was introduced at the Albany State Legislature on March 3rd.

Gun groups have slammed the law as the first step towards backdoor registration of rifles and shotguns.

Such detailed information would provide authorities with a voluminous database of gun owners and would be the perfect “red list” used to target gun owners in the event of a declaration of martial law, which many have forecast could occur following a total economic collapse or a biological terrorist attack.

As Fred Lebrun writes in the Times Union, “Anyway you look at it, this amounts to yet another unreasonable assault on lawful gun owners and hunters without any logic behind it except to harass. It’s ludicrous.”

“Not to mention that this flies in the face of a long tradition in this state, and in nearly all other states, of not registering long guns – that is, rifles or shotguns. These are not weapons typically used in crimes or the illegal gun trade, anyway.”

The bill is part of a wider trend of draconian gun control legislation that has been introduced on the national level since the 111th Congress began.

The most disturbing bill nationally is H.R. 45, which would require a federal license for all handguns and semiautomatics, including those already possessed by gunowners. The legislation would also, “Require handgun and semi-auto owners to be thumbprinted at the police station and to sign a certificate that, effectively, the firearm will not be kept in a place where it would be available for the defense of the gun owner’s family,” according to the Gun Owners of America website.

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