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Agenda 21 Official Text

about global warming…..he even starred in the movie. He also thinks he invented the internet.

Although groundwork had been laid, it took a Bill Clinton to actually introduce something so invasive to our nation and get by with it without the public becoming aware. President Clinton appointed his “President’s Council on Sustainable Development” and he literally gave away the rights and freedoms the framers of the Constitution had provided.

People in the United States may not know about Agenda 21 and the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, but people around the world do. They know that Chicago has one of the greatest numbers of activities existing at the local, neighborhood and/or microregional level. They also know that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors and promotes activities in this field through their Office for Sustainable Ecosystem and Communities.

Found on a Slovakian website: “To the leading countries in the field of development but especially of practical using of sustainable development indicators belong to the U.S.A. At the top level these activities are promoted by the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (1996), which defined a set of ten national goals toward sustainable development. These goals express in concrete terms the elements of sustainability. Alongside the goals are suggested indicators that can be used to help measure progress toward achieving them.”

Agenda 21 is certainly not a secret. The internet is full of how Agenda 21 has been fulfilled through Smart Growth planning, land use, sustainable development and extreme environmentalism. The so-called agenda is grant driven to your city council or county board in terms of sustainable, visioning, partners, tourism and stakeholders, along with consensus and other terms with the intent to make you believe we are running out of all our resources and we must do our part and “save for tomorrow. [See Agenda 21’s Table of Contents.]

It has nothing to do about “saving anything” – it has everything to do with “control.” Sadly, very few congressmen even know Agenda 21 is actually running our country when they are voting to send grant money back home. Agenda 21 is incentive driven as the planners know that greed in the heart of man will be his downfall.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, better known as ANWR, has oil we need to be drilling for the security of our nation. Environmentalists don’t seem to understand we are dependent on foreign oil from nations who do not like us and our nation’s defense is at stake. The area where drilling would occur is just a dot in this vast land, yet they would gamble the strength of our nation in behalf of their favorite word –“pristine.”

At the same time, technology is advancing and we may not need the oil later. But we do need it now.

Henry Lamb of Eco-logic, Restructuring the U.N.,

The world changed on 9-11. No longer can the world tilt at the windmills of a fantasized “global village.” No longer can visions of “sustainable development” be justified in a world where “sustainable freedom” is the only possible solution to the economic and power vacuum that foments acts of terrorism.

There is a better way.

Nations can and, ultimately, must learn to live as neighbors, free from the web of “international laws” that dictate which activities are “sustainable” and which are xenophobic and unacceptable. Nation-to-nation relationships, just like neighbor-to-neighbor relationships, should be fashioned voluntarily, driven by mutual benefit. For the first time in a century, the United States may be exploring this possibility.

Obama Administration Expected To Expand US Relationship With UN And UN Treaties

By Austin Ruse

(C-FAM – WASHINGTON, DC) The pro-abortion law group the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) has already called for President-elect Barack Obama to renew America’s commitment to “reproductive rights” which, according to CRR, prominently includes a right to abortion. It is likely the new president will work almost immediately to correct what his ideological allies like CRR view as multiple mistakes of the Bush administration with regard to international social policy.

Obama has spoken out against so-called Mexico City Policy, which forbids US money from supporting groups overseas that promote or perform abortions. This is a Reagan era policy that was struck down during the Clinton years and resurrected on the first day in office of George W. Bush. No one should be surprised if Obama strikes this down on his first day in office and that US money will begin to flow again to pro-abortion groups overseas.

Obama has spoken out against US refusal to fund the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), a United Nations (UN) agency that promotes population control, fertility reduction, and abortion all over the world. UNFPA helped the Chinese government set up and run its one-child policy, which has resulted in upwards of 100 million abortions many of them forced or coerced. A US law called Kemp-Kasten mandates that US money cannot support groups that cooperate in coerced abortions. The US State Department has repeatedly determined that UNFPA is complicit in the coercive policies of the China government and has therefore refused funding for the past eight years. Congress has for many years voted to resume UNFPA funding and has been overruled by President Bush. It is expected that Obama will resume funding.

There is the question of UN treaties that the US has refused to ratify. These treaties include the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the Convention of the Rights of the Child, the Kyoto Treaty on the Environment, the International Criminal Court and the Landmines Treaty. While various US presidents have signed some of these treaties, the Senate under both Democratic and Republican rule has ratified none of them. It is unclear that the left has enough votes in the Senate to meet the necessary two-thirds needed for ratification. Still critics fear that an Obama administration will try to move the Senate toward ratification. Obama’s UN and European allies will certainly pressure Obama to do so.

There was a frenzy of global UN conferences back in the 1990s, including such massive affairs as the Cairo Conference on Population and Development and the Beijing Conference on Women, the time of the Bush administration has been relatively quiet. There was a global conference on disabilities, a racism conference in South Africa, and two-year negotiation on human cloning but not much more. The left at the UN counseled quiet during the Bush years for fear of losing ground in the documents that would have come under negotiation. With an Obama administration this fear is removed and one can expect a veritable flood of UN conferences to be announced beginning as early as this year.

Aliens Are Demons: Abductions Stopped By The Name Of Jesus Christ

Return of the Watchers 2009

The evidence of the research is in the testimonies of the former experiencers.

by Stephen Yulish PhD
January 13, 2009

Dirk Vander Ploeg, the Publisher of UFO Digest, recently asked me if I knew of alien abductions having been stopped by the utterance of the name of Jesus. He told me that “apparently this information is being withheld by Mufon and other reporters, investigators etc.”

I reminded him that I had written about the possibility of such occurrences in several articles including, Extraterrestrials Tremble at the Name of Jesus, UFO Digest March 29, 2007, and more recently The Birth of Christ caused the Extraterrestrial Fallen Angels to Tremble, UFO Digest, December 3, 2008.

The word of God tells us that demons (as well as fallen angels, i.e. extraterrestrials) tremble at the name of Jesus (James 2:19) because God highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name which is above all names (Philippians 2:9). At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow of those on the earth, and those under the earth and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:10).

My own article last year, My Anonymous CIA Source: The Real Story of UFOs, UFO Digest, 6/16/08, revealed that my source in Washington who worked for the CIA for 25 years after working, I believe, for the top secret Operation Paperclip after WWII which brought Nazi scientists to America, some of whom were supposedly involved in flying saucer research, and who was in charge of security for President Kennedy’s visit to Germany in the early sixties, and was confidant to later Presidents, told me to “stay with my UFO writings about the Bible.” He then told me that “you have the truth. All else is opinion.” This statement from a man whom I trust and who served in the highest echelons.

Nearly twenty years ago, when I was once confronted by demons, I cried out the name of Jesus Christ and they fled. Try it next time that you are confronted by a fallen angel masquerading as an extraterrestrial. But then, I am just a writer and a disseminator of God’s word. I am not a member of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) or an expert or an investigator into alien abduction phenomena.

One group specializing in this is the CE4 Research Group based in Cocoa, Florida on the Space Coast near the Kennedy Space Center. They refer to themselves as an UFO and Alien Investigations and Alien Abduction Termination Team. The President is Joe Jordan who is also the MUFON State Section Director and Field Investigator for Brevard County, Florida, He along with Guy Malone of the Alien resistance Headquarters in Roswell, New Mexico and Dr. Chris Ward of Logos Christian Fellowship of Leesburg, FL make up the CE4 Research group which is the first group to publish documented cases (over 50) on their website of abductions being halted by calling on the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

The Ce4 Research Group is the investigative and counseling arm of the group

These men are all born again, Bible believing Christians like I am but they are experts in abduction cases and can counsel you on how to use the name of Jesus Christ to ward off these attacks. Check them out. Tell Joe that I sent you. You won’t be sorry.

Coinstar Machine’s Displays Satanic Baphomet Symbol

Michael Difensore

On the side of most coinstar machines is a star resembling a Satanic Baphomet symbol pictured below. Although the coinstar logo is a lopsided star you can clearly see this stars intentional secret meaning when comparing the two.

In the 19th century, the name of Baphomet became associated with the occult. In 1854, Eliphas Levi published Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (“Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic”), in which he included an image he had drawn himself which he described as Baphomet and “The Sabbatic Goat”, showing a winged humanoid goat with a pair of breasts and a torch on its head between its horns. This image has become the best-known representation of Baphomet. Levi’s depiction is similar to that of the Devil in early tarot cards, but it may also have been partly inspired by grotesque carvings on the Templar churches of Lanleff in Brittany and St. Merri in Paris, which depict squatting bearded men with bat wings, female breasts, horns and the shaggy hindquarters of a beast. Lévi considered the Baphomet to be a depiction of the absolute in symbolic form and explicated in detail his symbolism in the drawing that served as the frontispiece: