Upside Down Cross Behind Display Dedicated To 9/11 Tradgedy Inside St. Johns Cathedral In New York City

By Michael Difensore

The pictures above cut off the entire length of the upside down cross. But the entire cross is their. Anybody that has a better picture message me with the link to it.

Inside St. Johns Cathedral located behind the display remembering the 9/11 tragedy their is a large upside down cross. The cross looks to be made of wood. Anyone who knows anything about the occult knows the upside down cross is used to mock Jesus Christ. Why this would be aloud in the Catholic church behind a 9/11 Display is beyond me. I guess the Luciferian hierarchy wanted to send a message to the public that the attacks of September 11th 2001 was done by Luciferians in the U.S. government.

I did research why the Catholics use a upside down cross from time to time. What I found out is it is used to symbolize St. Peter who refused to be crucified like Jesus Christ so he was hung upside down instead. However a upside down cross behind a September 11th display is disturbing and odd.

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