Guardsmen To Conduct Urban Training In Arcadia, Iowa In April

Daily Times Herald
February 20, 2009

The Carroll National Guard unit will train on urban military operations by holding a four-day exercise at Arcadia.

featured-stories - Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in April
featured-stories - Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in April
A concerned citizen talks about military exercises in Iowa.
featured-stories - Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in April

The purpose of the April 2-5 drill will be to gather intelligence, then search for and apprehend a suspected weapons dealer, according to Sgt. Mike Kots, readiness NCO for Alpha Company.

Citizens, law enforcement, media and other supporters will participate.

Troops will spend Thursday, April 2, staging at a forward operations base at Carroll. The next day company leaders will conduct reconnaissance and begin patrolling the streets of Arcadia to identify possible locations of the weapons dealer.

The primary phase will be done Saturday, April 4, when convoys will be deployed from Carroll to Arcadia. Pictures of the arms dealer will be shown in Arcadia, and soldiers will go door to door asking if residents have seen the suspect.

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