Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy 190209top

The cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker Ziad al-Jarrah has been exposed as a long standing Israeli spy in yet another startling intelligence connection between the Zionist state and the attacks on New York and Washington.

A New York Times report details how Ali al-Jarrah was a highly valued spy for Israel for no less than 25 years, sending reports and taking clandestine photographs of Palestinian groups and Hezbollah since 1983.

According to the article, “From his home in this Bekaa Valley village, Mr. Jarrah, 50, traveled often to Syria and to south Lebanon, where he photographed roads and convoys that might have been used to transport weapons to Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group, investigators say. He spoke with his handlers by satellite phone, receiving “dead drops” of money, cameras and listening devices. Occasionally, on the pretext of a business trip, he traveled to Belgium and Italy, received an Israeli passport, and flew to Israel, where he was debriefed at length, investigators say.”

To emphasize how highly regarded he was by Israel, Israeli officials even assured Jarrah that his town would be spared at the outset of the 2006 Lebanon-Israel conflict and that it was safe for him to stay at home.

“I never suspected him before,” said Raja Mosleh, the Palestinian doctor who was his partner for years in a school and health clinic. “But now, after linking all the incidents together, I feel he’s 100 percent guilty.”

Despite living the life of an apparent downtrodden pauper and sympathizing with the plight of the Palestinians, Jarrah was actually in receipt of over $300,000 for his work from Israel.Jarrah’s brother Yusuf was also accused of being a spy by Lebanese officials and arrested with Jarrah last July.

Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy 190209top2
Ali al-Jarrah

Which other members of the Jarrah family were working for Israel as intelligence assets? Surely not Ziad al-Jarrah, one of the infamous “laughing hijackers” and the alleged pilot of Flight 93?

Al-Jarrah’s paper passport was one of those that miraculously survived to be legible, apparently avoiding being consumed by fires that were so intense that it took over 6 months just to identify the actual victims of Flight 93.

Israeli intelligence connections to 9/11 can be traced back to the five “dancing Israelis” who were witnessed setting up video camera equipment pointed at the World Trade Center in New York before the first plane hit the tower. The men were seen jumping and high-fiving with shouts of “joy and mockery” as Flight 11 and Flight 175 slammed into the buildings. They were later seen posing for photographs in front of the debris.

After the men were arrested, the FBI discovered maps of New York City with certain places highlighted, box cutters (the same items that the hijackers supposedly used), $4700 cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports.

There were also Israeli news reports that the men were driving a white van packed with explosives that were intended to be detonated on the George Washington bridge.

The men were found to have been working for a removal company called Urban Moving Systems, the owner of which immediately fled the U.S. for Israel after the attacks and was subsequently placed on an FBI terror suspect list.

As the What Really Happened website notes, “The Jewish weekly The Forward reported that the FBI finally concluded that at least two of the detained Israelis were agents working for the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, and that Urban Moving Systems, the ostensible employer of the five Israelis, was a front operation. This was confirmed by two former CIA officers, and they noted that movers’ vans are a common intelligence cover. The Israelis were held in custody for 71 days before being quietly released.”

Ziad al-Jarrah infamously appeared in the “laughing hijackers” video with alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta, which was released by Pentagon front group IntelCenter in October 2006. The tape showed Atta and Jarrah allegedly attending a 2000 Al-Qaeda meeting and reading their last will and testament.

Segments of the video that were interspersed with footage of the “laughing hijackers,” Jarrah and Atta, showing Bin Laden giving a speech to an audience in Afghanistan on January 8 2000, were culled from what terror experts described as surveillance footage taken by a “security agency.”

News reports at the time contained the admission that the U.S. government had been in possession of the footage since 2002, while others said it was found when the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001, and yet it was still bizarrely reported that the tape, bearing all the hallmarks of having been filmed and edited by undercover US intelligence and having admittedly been in US possession for five years, was released over the weekend of September 31/October 1 by “Al-Qaeda”.

The video also contained segments that were first broadcast in a British documentary called The Road to Guantanamo, which was originally aired in March 2006. The context of the corresponding scene in the dramatized documentary featured U.S. interrogators attempting to coerce Gitmo detainees into confessing Al-Qaeda membership by showing them fake videos where their likeness had been computer generated to appear as if they were in attendance during Bin Laden’s January 8 2000 speech.

Ziad al-Jarrah was questioned by UAE authorities at the request of the CIA in January 2001, eight months before 9/11, about his alleged terrorist activities, but was subsequently released.

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