Obama’s Energy Czar: Socialist Agent For World Government

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Friday, January 9, 2009

Obamas Energy Czar: Socialist Agent For World Government 090109top

Barack Obama’s “climate czar” Carol Browner has been exposed as being a member of Socialist International, a highly influential group headed by a Bilderberg Group luminary that calls for the implementation of global government, despite Socialist International’s attempts to seemingly “memory-hole” information about Browner on their website.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Obama and his cabinet are preparing to exploit fearmongering about global warming to push new measures of taxation, regulation and internationalism. Obama himself has vigorously promoted the revival of a bill that would slash carbon emissions by 80 per cent, a move that would inflict a new Great Depression, cost millions of jobs, and sink America to near third world status.

Obama has also publicly stated his intention to create a new infrastructure of “green brigades” and informants to regulate every aspect of our behavior in the name of saving the planet under the guise of a “national civilian security force,” a cadre we are guaranteed will be as strong or stronger than the U.S. Army.

To carry out this agenda, Obama is busy filling his cabinet with extremists who are members of organizations that are openly hostile to America remaining a free market society and a sovereign country.

Carol Browner, who is is slated to be Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change in the Obama Administration, is a member of Socialist International, a group that calls for the institution of “democratic forms of global governance as the foundation for building a peaceful and sustainable world society overall.”

That’s funny, because I don’t remember reading anywhere in the Constitution, the document that Obama will swear to uphold at his inauguration on January 20, about “global governance” or the need to implement it. Indeed, global governance in any form is inherently undemocratic because it centralizes more power into fewer hands.

Socialist International’s charter of principles also states that “A principal task of new global governance must be to ensure that the benefits of global economic growth and the opportunities for economic development are distributed fairly” (a ‘benign’ socialist world government).

The group also calls for a new international financial framework to replace Bretton Woods, a proposal that Obama has staunchly advocated.

Socialist International has deep connections with the Bilderberg Group. The former President of Socialist International, António Guterres, is a Bilderberg member, as is current President George A. Papandreou. Other Socialist International vice-presidents include Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and Gordon Brown, the current British Prime Minister.

At the Congress of the Socialist International held last June 30-July 2, the organization all but announced its plan to mandate an international tax in the name of combating global warming. “Market solutions alone are insufficient and will not provide the financial support and resources necessary to achieve the required combination of deep emission reduction, adaptation to already changing climate conditions, energy security and equitable and environmentally sound economic development,” according to the group.

Again, that’s bureaucratese,” writes the DC Examiner, “It means that international taxes should be imposed to provide the “resources necessary” to impose what the CSWS repeatedly refers to as a ‘regime” against “global warming.” By appointing Browner to a White House post, Obama has at the least implicitly endorsed an utterly radical socialist agenda for his administration’s environmental policy. The incoming chief executive thus strengthens critics who contend environmental policies aren’t really about protecting endangered species or preserving virgin lands, but rather expanding government power and limiting individual freedom.”

“Conservatives are often accused of scaremongering when they claim left-wing environmentalists are actually socialists hiding behind green disguises. But with Carol Browner, incoming President Barack Obama’s freshly appointed Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change – the so-called White House “Climate Czar” – there is no question about the socialism.”

Oddly enough, as soon as blogs began talking about Browner’s socialist affiliations, the Socialist International website scrubbed from its web site the fact that President-elect Obama’s energy/environment czar was an official with SI.

As the Junk Science blog notes, “If there’s nothing wrong with an acknowledged socialist being a top Obama administration official, then what’s up with the mysterious and Stalinist-like disappearance of Browner from SI’s web site?” Junk Science was able to save a PDF file showing Browner’s photo on the website as of January 8, but you won’t find it there now.

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