More Choices Removed: CFLs To Replace 100 Watt Bulbs In Britain In The Name Of “Climate Change”

Carolyn Harris
January 8, 2009

CFL bulb
Now that the global warming myth has been discharged, one would hope that these highly dangerous products would fade into oblivion, but they will not.

Touted as a way to “save the world” the spiral fluoresent bulbs are set to replace the incandescent light bulb in Britain, the Telegraph reports. As part of a “voluntary ban,” an intiative of the Nanny State, retailers are no longer replenishing their stock of the 100 watt low-tech incandescent bulbs in favor of the “compact fluorescent light” (CFL) bulbs. All incandescent bulbs are set to be “phased out” in both America and Europe by 2012. This forced change is spreading around the world – Cuba has already banned incandescent bulbs, Venezuela is trying, and so is Canada, although in America the change is coming slower.

The changeover comes despite that is inside each CFL and the lack of disposal options and the danger that is present if the bulb is ever broken.

If a bulb burns out, in some areas consumers must call a special service to come and retrieve the bulbs instead of putting them in the regular household garbage where they can break open at the landfil and leach the 5 mg of mercury powder contained in it into the groundwater. The bulbs cannot yet be recycled because there is no set protocol or safe mechanism for processing CFLs at local recycling facilities.

This inconvenience, in addition to risk the toxic poison mercury inside poses to consumers, are the “inconvenient truths” that Al Gore and others have cleverly kept hidden when the all-out marketing campaign went online for these new swirly bulbs. There is a warning on the back of the packaging, but few people bother to look at that, and even less are aware of the proper disposal method.

Breaking one CFL bulb could cost thousands to have an environmental hazardous material company clean it up. And it is especially dangerous if the householder tries to clean up the mess themselves – vacuuming causes the mercury powder to be distributed throughout the area instead of being limited to just one room. And the Maine Department of of Environmental Protection has released a report (.pdf) indicating that the mercury vapor from one broken bulb emits over 300 times the accepted level of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Mercury is a heavy metal that is toxic and cannot be effectively flushed from the body by natural processes. It causes brain damage, pools in vital organs such as heart, liver, brain as well as being distributed into the hair and skin. It also causes central nervous system damage, and migraines can be triggered by CFLs as well as causing nausea paid and dizziness for Lupus sufferers.

Now that the “global warming” myth has been discharged, one would hope that these highly dangerous products would fade into oblivion, but they will not. The campaign has just changed its name but the goal remains the same – make everyone change their lifestyle, eliminate their choices and alternatives and achieve a lowering of living standards. Because we’re constantly told that humans are bad and a cancer upon the earth, but mercury contamination is worse.

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