Giant Obama Logo Projected On A Masonic Temple

Raleigh Telegram

By Lois Alley, Raleigh Telegram Political Reporter 31.OCT.08

RALEIGH – A spotlight showing Senator Barack Obama’s campaign logo has been projected on the side of a building in downtown Raleigh, as a downtown Raleigh developer who is an Obama supporter has been beaming the symbol at night onto the side of his building.

The 30 foot wide logo, which has a sylized picture of Obama and the word “Hope,” has been projected after dark onto the side of the Masonic Temple Building.

Downtown Raleigh developer Greg Hatem, who owns Empire Properties and has ownership of several restaurants in the area, owns the Masonic Temple building on Hargett Street where the image can be seen.

Hatem set up the projector from the roof of one of his other buildings. Hatem has been an ardent supporter of Obama during his campaign and frequent stops to the Raleigh area.

Hatem has also posted Obama “Hope” posters his downtown buildings under construction or those without occupants. In addition, Hatem hosted Senator Obama during a campaign stop at his newspaper-themed Raleigh Times bar and restaurant, which is across the street from where spotlight image can be seen.

To celebrate Obama’s visits to Raleigh, Hatem recently took out an advertisement in a local newspaper asking people to contribute Obama campaign paraphernalia and photos from his visit to Raleigh. Obama has made three visits to Raleigh during his campaign and just made a big rally campaign stop in downtown Raleigh on Wednesday.

This is not the first time Hatem has used the projector to project a message on the walls of buildings. Previously, Hatem had used a similar approach to advertise his “Duck and Dumpling” Chinese restaurant on Blount Street.

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