Cleveland Ohio Receives $250,000 Homeland Security Grant For 13 Camera’s Downtown var clipId = “3186009”; var topVideoCatNo = “”; var videoType = “v”; var liveStreamAdTag = “News”; var liveStreamUri = “3186009”; var liveStreamHeadline = “New Security Cameras Downtown Starting Saturday”; var videoCanvas = new WNVideoWidget(“WNVideoCanvas”, “divWNVideoCanvas”); //videoCanvas.EnableEmail(false); videoCanvas.SetWidth(400); videoCanvas.SetHeight(340); videoCanvas.SetReportingKeywords(“FlashPopUpPlayer”); //videoCanvas.SetAdvertisingZone(“FlashPopUpPlayer”); //can be used by DFP – for additional Zone targetting if (videoType == “l”) { //videoCanvas.SetLiveStream(“”, “test live stream headline”, “Video Player”, “”); videoCanvas.SetLiveStream(liveStreamUri, liveStreamHeadline, liveStreamAdTag, “”); } else if (clipId != “”) { videoCanvas.SetVariable(“clipId”, clipId); } videoCanvas.SetVariable(“isAutoStart”, true); videoCanvas.SetPlayerType(“POPUP”); videoCanvas.RenderWidget(); var videoGallery = new WNVideoWidget(“WNGallery”, “divWNGallery”); videoGallery.SetWidth(360); videoGallery.SetHeight(365); videoGallery.SetVariable(“rows”, 3); videoGallery.SetVariable(“columns”, 2); videoGallery.SetVariable(“isContinuousPlay”, true); videoGallery.SetVariable(“isPrimaryGallery”, false); //set the default top video category if one is specified. if (topVideoCatNo != “”) { videoGallery.SetVariable(“topVideoCatNo”, topVideoCatNo); } videoGallery.RenderWidget(); var videoHeadline = new WNVideoWidget(“WNHeadline”, “divWNHeadline”); videoHeadline.SetWidth(400); videoHeadline.SetHeight(25); videoHeadline.RenderWidget(); var videoTicker = new WNVideoWidget(“WNTicker”, “divWNTicker”); videoTicker.SetWidth(760); videoTicker.SetHeight(25); videoTicker.RenderWidget(); //Ad Wdigets – might be better to use setter methods on these var bannerAd = new WNAdWidget(“wnsz_41”, “HandleWorldnowAd”); bannerAd.SetWidth(728); bannerAd.SetHeight(90); bannerAd.SetTarget(document.getElementById(“divAdLeaberBoard”)); //Ad Wdigets var halfBannerAd = new WNAdWidget(“wnsz_53”, “HandleWorldnowAd”); halfBannerAd.SetWidth(234); halfBannerAd.SetHeight(60); halfBannerAd.SetTarget(document.getElementById(“divAdHalfBanner”)); //Ad Wdigets var rectangleAd = new WNAdWidget(“wnsz_43”, “HandleWorldnowAd”); rectangleAd.SetWidth(300); rectangleAd.SetHeight(250); rectangleAd.SetTransitional(true); rectangleAd.SetTarget(document.getElementById(“divAdRectangle”)); function WNSetFrameColor(p_hexColor) { document.getElementById(“divAdHalfBannerWrap”).style.backgroundColor = p_hexColor; document.getElementById(“divAdWrap”).style.backgroundColor = p_hexColor; }

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