Energy Star: A Environmental Take Over Of America And Its Satanic Logo

Michael Difensore

I know someone working at a grocery store. The lights are dimmed or completely turned off at times when the store is open for buisness. My friend complained to store management about not being able to see while working in the produce department. He told them that he could not do his job properly because he missed bad produce on the shelf that should have been removed. The majority of store management at the store level agreed but at the corporate level the management has yet to act. I will not name this grocery store because my friend asked me to keep this from the article. After researching this grocery store I found out they are part of Energy Star. This explained everything. Below is some history of Energy Star. Now you will begin to see the environmental take over of America and world for that matter into a prison planet using the fake “Green” environmental movement and global warming fraud. Also below I will write my interpretation of the symbols used in the Energy Star logo and the possible occult significance.

Source For History below: Wikipedia

Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products. It was first created as a United States government program in 1992, but Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and the European Union have also adopted the program. Devices carrying the Energy Star logo, such as computer products and peripherals, kitchen appliances, buildings and other products, save 20%-30% on average.[1] However, many European-targeted products are labeled using a different standard, TCO Certification, a combined energy usage and ergonomics rating from the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) instead of Energy Star.

The Energy Star program was created in 1992 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by power plants. The program was developed by John S. Hoffman, inventor of the Green Programs at US EPA, and implemented by Cathy Zoi and Brian Johnson.[citation needed] The program was intended to be part of a series of voluntary programs, such as Green Lights and the Methane Programs, that would demonstrate the potential for profit in reducing greenhouse gases and facilitate further steps to reducing global warming gases.[citation needed]

Initiated as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy efficient products, Energy Star began with labels for computer products. In 1995 the program was significantly expanded, introducing labels for residential heating and cooling systems and new homes.[2] As of 2006, more than 40,000 Energy Star products are available in a wide range of items including major appliances, office equipment, lighting, home electronics, and more. In addition, the label can also be found on new homes and commercial and industrial buildings. In 2006, about 12 percent of new housing in the United States was labeled Energy Star.[3]

The EPA estimates that it saved about $14 billion in energy costs in 2006 alone. The Energy Star program has helped spread the use of LED traffic lights, efficient fluorescent lighting, power management systems for office equipment, and low standby energy use.[4]

History of ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

In 1992 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced ENERGY STAR as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Computers and monitors were the first labeled products. Through 1995, EPA expanded the label to additional office equipment products and residential heating and cooling equipment. In 1996, EPA partnered with the US Department of Energy for particular product categories. The ENERGY STAR label is now on major appliances, office equipment, lighting, home electronics, and more. EPA has also extended the label to cover new homes and commercial and industrial buildings.

Through its partnerships with more than 12,000 private and public sector organizations, ENERGY STAR delivers the technical information and tools that organizations and consumers need to choose energy-efficient solutions and best management practices. ENERGY STAR has successfully delivered energy and cost savings across the country, saving businesses, organizations, and consumers about $16 billion in 2007 alone. Over the past decade, ENERGY STAR has been a driving force behind the more widespread use of such technological innovations as efficient fluorescent lighting, power management systems for office equipment, and low standby energy use.

Recently, energy prices have become a hot news topic and a major concern for consumers. ENERGY STAR provides solutions. ENERGY STAR provides a trustworthy label on over 50 product categories (and thousands of models) for the home and office. These products deliver the same or better performance as comparable models while using less energy and saving money. ENERGY STAR also provides easy-to-use home and building assessment tools so that homeowners and building managers can start down the path to greater efficiency and cost savings.

The Occult Significance Of The Energy Star Logo:

The Energy Star logo matches perfectly to the Satanic Pentagram formed by the streets of Washington D.C. put their by the Freemasons. Compare logo’s below. Cantontruth added the Energy Star logo to a cutting edge article below. Read article below to see why the Satanists and the freemasons use unfinished pentagrams.

Surprising Confirmation of the Unfinished Pentagram Revealed In “Riddles In Stone” – New Caltex Oil Logo Parallels Street Design in Washington, D.C.!

Viewers of the “Riddles In Stone” DVD uniformly declare that their favorite section in the entire video was our explanation of the nearly-completed Pentagram in the street layout of Washington, D.C., shown above, right. Not only is this unique street layout design just plain interesting, but 33rd Degree Masonic apologists have long held that this design is not a real pentagram because it is missing one segment. Their conclusion has always held that, since this Pentagram is not complete, it is not a Pentagram, but just an “art coincidence”.

But, in “Riddles In Stone”, we prove that Black Magick Satanists have long used this type of pentagram missing this one link in their ritual ceremonies. Thus, the Masonic architect — L’Enfant — who drew up the street design, was deliberately using a most Black Magick symbol! Then, we point out the many other Black Magick symbols used throughout Washington, D.C., in street layouts, in monuments, in paintings and sculpture.

We also quote Illuminati sources, proving that the major purpose in leaving one segment of a pentagram open is to allow demons to enter the pentagram! This symbol is simply pregnant with meaning and use within the realm of the occult.

We also inform our viewers that Venus — which is Lucifer in occult doctrine — etches a nearly perfect pentagram in her 8-year cycle around the Sun. This pentagram is not quite perfect, for it is missing the same segment as the pentagram in the street layouts of Washington, D.C.! The reason the orbit of Venus is missing this segment is that the planet goes into retrograde movement in the last two days of the 8-year rotation!

Thus, L’Enfant had Lucifer in mind when he designed this particular pentagram in Washington!

Now, please take a close look at this modern pentagram, above, with one segment missing. Caltex is the name for Chevron Texaco oil company in Africa. A Cutting Edge subscriber living in Namibia took a picture of this new logo standing in a service station parking lot.

The pentagram to the right is a screen shot taken from the DVD, ““Riddles In Stone”.

Were this Caltex pentagram rotated to an upside down Pentagram, the missing segment would match the missing segment perfectly in the Masonic street layout! This startling revelation means that occultists today are still using this symbol just as they did 250 years ago!

This symbol also reveals that the oil companies are controlled by Satan. As our studies have proven, the Illuminati has controlled the oil industry since its very beginning, and are aggressively using its profits to move the world into the global New World Order.

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