Grand Mastor Freemason Throws 1st Pitch At Cincinnati Reds Game In Celebration Of 200 Years Of Evil

By Ronald L. Winnett, Grand Master

Grand Master
throws 1st pitch
at Reds Game

Grand Master Ronald L. Winnett
checks out the view at the Great
American Ball Park in Cincinnati,
where he threw out the fi rst pitch
on August 16, prior to a Cincinnati
Reds baseball game. It was the
70th annual Masons Night with
the Reds, and many Masonic
dignitaries were introduced on the
field before the game.

I hope all of you are as excited as I and the other Grand Line Officers
are to be a Master Mason during this time in the history of Ohio
Freemasonry.As we have celebrated our Bicentennial we have also
been able to demonstrate the great teachings of the craft, by showing
our rich, proud heritage, by being ambassadors who lead by example.
We need to continue giving our Fraternity maximum exposure. We
need to tell about our good works, because a lot of today’s world
does not have a clue concerning our history or how our ancestors
helped form America and, in particular, Ohio. We have to educate the
non-Masonic public about “The Wonderful World of Freemasonry”
to which we belong. There has been a lot of excitement
this year, starting with the 25 Founders Day dinners, and
continuing to the parade on June 21 in Columbus. Many districts have
had special events of their own to promote Freemasonry, so I hope all
of you will take the time to come to Columbus to see the special
“Exposition” that has been gathered from around the
country and Ohio. My Brethren, this year we have been celebrating
our Past, but we need to move forward in the years ahead with the same enthusiasm
we have shown this year. As you read this, my last offi cialmessage to you as Grand Master, there are many “thank you’s” to give out, but not enough space.
To the Deputy Dawg, DDGM’s, Advisors, Grand Lodge Officers,
who have supported me all year, and most of all the Brethren of
Ohio, I want to say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for the courtesies and the support you have shown to
Linda and me, and thank you for being who you are.

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