WWF Resorts To Deception In Climate Fearmongering

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Global warming fearmongers the World Wildlife Fund have been caught in a new act of deception after citing shrinking Arctic ice coverage to suggest climate change is “faster and more extreme” than first thought, while failing to acknowledge that Arctic sea ice expanded over an area bigger than the size of Germany during the year of 2008.

“The Arctic Ocean is losing sea ice 30 or more years ahead of the projections presented in the Fourth Assessment Report (Stroeve et al, 2007). There is near consensus in the Arctic scientific community that significant aspects of this hastened loss of sea ice are caused by feedback mechanisms, the effects of which had been severely underestimated in the report,” states the WWF report.

The graphic depiction used to illustrate the point in a London Telegraph article shows Arctic sea ice coverage between 1979 and 2007 and a clear reduction in ice coverage.

The report’s author, geoscientist Dr Tina Tin told CNN: “Arctic sea ice is melting much faster than everybody had been expecting.

The problem with this statement, as well as using a 2007 satellite image to illustrate the point, is that Arctic sea ice coverage massively expanded during 2008 by a whopping 30 per cent – an area bigger than the size of Germany.

According to collated data from the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and the University of Illinois, Arctic ice extent was 30 per cent greater on August 11, 2008 than it was on the August 12, 2007. This is a conservative estimate based on the map projection.

The 30 per cent increase coincided with a record low in sunspot activity over the same period, again proving that climate change is driven by natural catalysts as it has been throughout history.

“Sunspot counts are at a 50-year low,” says solar physicist David Hathaway of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. “We’re experiencing a deep minimum of the solar cycle.”

Which is why we are seeing evidence of natural global cooling all over the planet – Alaskan glaciers growing for the first time in 250 years, unprecedented ice storms in Kenya, China experiencing its coldest winter in 100 years, many parts of the U.S. suffering their coldest April on record along with record snowfall, Britain suffering its coldest Easter in decades, Sydney Australia suffering its coldest summer in 50 years.

All the evidence is screaming out that the planet has now embarked on a cooling trend to follow the natural warming trend that caused Arctic ice to shrink in the first place, just as natural global warming caused Greenland to be green thousands of years ago when it was a lush forest and when temperatures were on average 5 °C (9 °F) higher than today.

For the WWF and the London Telegraph to use 2007 data and completely discount a gigantic 30 per cent increase in Arctic sea ice coverage from August 2007 to August 2008 is not only misleading, it is completely dishonest and atypical of the politicized agenda-driven global warming lobby.

The deception has echoes of the “stranded polar bear” hoax when global warming alarmists attempted to use an emotional photograph of “stranded polar bears” to convince people that global warming was melting ice caps and wiping out cute cuddly animals. The fact that the photos were taken in summer, when ice caps naturally melt, that the polar bears were close to the shore, and the fact that polar bears can swim a distance of around a hundred miles at a time, was not pointed out.


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