NWO Books-on-Tape: World Government, Eugenics, Scientific Technique & Power

You Tube | October 24, 2008

Key New World Order quotes about the plan to condition and control human populations are conveniently read in a books-on-tape style to serve your informational needs.

Credit to Brent Jessop – Knowledgedrivenrevolution.com and GatekeeperInvasion

Scientific Technique and Power
The Scientific Outlook Part 1

Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970) was a renowned British philosopher and mathematician who was an adamant internationalist and worked extensively on the education of young children.

The Task of Unifying the World Mind Part 1

The Task of Unifying the World Mind Part 2

World Evolutionary Humanism, Eugenics and UNESCO Part One

World Evolutionary Humanism, Eugenics and UNESCO Part Two

Eugenics Quotes: Population Control in their own words



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