Landmark E. Howard Hunt JFK Confession Video Tape Ignored

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, October 24, 2008

Video tape revelations of former Watergate conspirator deserve mainstream attention in run-up to 45th anniversary

The world exclusive E. Howard Hunt JFK confession video tape was released this week to a deafening silence from the mainstream media, while the dumbed-down general public attempted to dismiss the now deceased whistleblower Hunt, a former CIA operative and Nixon White House insider, as a mentally unstable drunk.

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E. Howard Hunt testifies before the Senate Watergate Committee on Sept. 25, 1973.

In the video, Hunt discusses LBJ, who saw Kennedy as an “obstacle” to the presidency, and how Johnson consorted with top CIA officials Cord Meyer and William K. Harvey to carry out the assassination plot. Hunt had direct knowledge of the plot because he was part of it in his role as a “bench warmer,” as he described himself.

You Tube comments in response to the video prevaricated not around the astounding never before seen revelations of Hunt, but centered on mindless charges that Hunt, whose original disclosure was the subject of a widely read April 2007 Rolling Stone special following his son’s release of an audio tape, was nothing more than “an old quack” or a homeless drunk.

The fact that the public would deny the gravity or the relevance of one of the key Watergate conspirators and dismiss his story as “lacking evidence,” despite Hunt’s credibility and his open admission that he was complicit in the plot, proves how deep a state of denial some people are still in about the malfeasance of which their government is capable.

The fact that people would demand physical evidence for the murder plot described by Hunt, in which he played a role, beggars belief. Do they expect LBJ to have written down his plans to kill Kennedy on paper? Do they expect to see a receipt for the payment to the gunman on the Grassy Knoll or a contract signed by Lee Harvey Oswald?

Hunt’s confession is the evidence, backed up by the mountains of other blatant indicators that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

The fact that Hunt sounds a little worse for wear in the clip, which some people have used to attack the credibility of his testimony, might begin to be explained by the fact that he had throat cancer, had all of his teeth removed and was dragged out of his deathbed to do the interview. That might put a bit of a crimp on someone’s ability to speak clearly, I would suggest.

E Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession needs to be treated with the gravity it deserves, it warrants widespread mainstream media attention – especially in the run-up to the 45th anniversary of the JFK assassination this November 22nd.

Watch the world exclusive clips below on You Tube below or subscribe to Prison and get the high quality version as well as advance access to Alex Jones’ highly anticipated upcoming JFK documentary, which will feature E. Howard Hunt’s revelations in full, along with a wider in-depth study of the JFK assassination and its cover-up.

Part One:

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