Sheriff Begins Taking Away Concealed Weapons Permits

COMMENT: It is clear that the intention is to demonize gun ownership while making the ‘permit’ aspect convey a privilege rather than a right, as guarded by the 2nd amendment of the Constitution. Further, the claim that the former sheriff was ‘corrupt’ is meant to justify the revoking of permits, which are also associated emotionally as being wrong to hold. Instead, government should control who’s allowed to carry self-defense.

Norberto Santana Jr.
Orange County Register
October 10, 2008

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, whose new policy amounts to gun-grabbing and the violation of the 2nd amendment.

The Sheriff’s Department has begun the process of revoking hundreds of concealed weapon permits across Orange County.

This week, department officials confirmed that 146 letters have been sent out advising current license holders that their permits to carry firearms in public – called CCWs – are being revoked. There are currently 1,024 permit holders.

“The Department has determined that your identified risk does not meet the good cause threshold as required under the new CCW policy based upon the information you provided. As a result of this determination, the Department’s present intention is to revoke your CCW license,” reads the form letter sent out this month.

The letter, sent out under the signature of Captain Dave Nighswonger, advises current holders that if they feel that additional information should be considered they have roughly one month to provide additional good cause information for the department to consider before the revocation becomes final.

This week, county supervisors grilled Sheriff Sandra Hutchens during her 120-day update on the reorganization of the agency about the status of the concealed weapons review.

Hutchens acknowledged to supervisors that she had indeed tightened requirements for the permits but highlighted the fact that no current license had yet been revoked.

But it seems unlikely that those who are getting the letters won’t be revoked.

“Most of them are not coming back with the information we need,” said Nighswonger. “A lot of them are arguing the second amendment (to the U.S. Constitution),” he said.

Nighswonger said many of the current revocations listed their reason for having a concealed gun as “avid shooter.”

That no longer qualifies under Hutchen’s new standards.


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