U.S. Army Uniforms Display Nato Size On Tags

Michael Difensore

The U.S. Army’s (class A uniform) and the battle dress uniform both have the word Nato size on the tags ( The ACU uniform probably displays this as well.) Instead of just saying size and displaying a number it says Nato size and then a number. This is not bizarre once you understand that the U.S. Military is a part of a large multinational force called NATO. NATO is nothing more than the military arm of the United Nations who is actively forming a global military force along with a global government for world wide tyranny and enslavement. A thing I was always taught in the U.S. Army was to pay attention to detail. This might not seem like a big deal to some but it is a another small clue to the fact that a global government is forming right before our eyes hell bent on controlling every aspect of our lives. Note also that the U.S. Army green cammo uniform was replaced around 2004 to the ugly ACU uniform seen today. This Uniform resembles European uniforms. It does not look American. Notice also in the picture above the subdued American flag patch. I have seen this before on uniforms in person. To make the American Military look more NATO they needed to get rid of the red white and blue patch of the past Uniforms. ( See picture below of old patch.) Also something of Important about the new ACU uniforms is that it uses velcro to attach all flags, your name, and unit patches. This was done for easy removal. The old uniform patches were sown on to the uniform. All a soldier has to do is take the American flag off and place a NATO patch in its place.

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