Bush Senior Dons Bohemian Grove Hat During Interview About VP Race

Aaron Dykes
October 3, 2008

During a somewhat gimmicky Today Show interview with George H.W. Bush, the elder ‘41′ reminisced about his debates with Geraldine Ferraro, the only other woman to run for Vice President in a major party, who sat alongside him in a discussion about gender roles and discussed the significance of Sarah Palin’s VP candidacy in anticipation of the debate.

At about 2:20 into the interview, the Today Show cuts to another location where the former President is wearing a ballcap displaying the Bohemian Grove owl logo along with his boastful ‘41′ wind jacket. As the screenshot (right) indicates, the owl is distinctly that of the Bohemian Club, as shown in the noted designs.

The elder Bush’s wearing it during a televised interview should be read as a ‘thumb up’ at the democratic will of the people and a reminder that the electoral process is little more than a sham thinly concealing the rule by secrecy that really goes on behind the scenes.


It may be considered further ironic that Bush is wearing the undemocratic owl icon during a conversation explicitly about women aspiring to the office of the Vice President, as the all-male Bohemian Grove is known for strictly forbidding female attendees or members. Ferraro, Palin or any other female VP would, of course, be de facto puppets presiding over various over-lapping layers of states of emergency run by the Continuity of Government (COG) program that works in conjunction with influential secret societies, such as the grove.

Bush 41, proud member as he is of the Bohemian Grove, is known for his shadowy influence over government dealings. He is also a member of Skull & Bones and has attended or belongs to the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Club and was the head of the COG program revealed during the Reagan Administration (see Fabled Enemies, which discusses this at length).

As far as Bohemian Grove, it was reportedly there that the Manhattan Project was hatched, and where details for George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential run and Arnold Schwartzenegger’s run for Governor of California were also hammered out.


Bush, like many other presidents, is a long-term member of the Bohemian Grove, and has been listed with honor and distinction within its annals and publications. The Bushes are even known for their “Hillbillies” encampment within the retreat. Bush 43 has also attended.

Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who aims to challenge the two-party monopoly on the presidential race with his now fifth bid, criticized in 2005 the “inappropriate” nature of the ’strategic planning’ that goes on at the Bohemian Grove between a mix of Washington & Wall Street, the corporate world and the military and other factions of power.

“I don’t think anybody from government should go to an exclusive, corporate-dominated, no trespass confab, because it puts into doubt the public trust we’d like to impose in our public servants. And that holds true for any military– there should be no military people on active duty– Generals, Admirals– ever going there. There should be no cabinet secretaries on active duty going there.”


“In this 2,700 acres of redwoods,you’ve got hugely powerful people– military, judicial, corporate– basically almost in loincloth. They’re shedding all their inhibitions, they’re drinking, many of them like crazy. They’re prancing around… You can be sure that inside this grove, they’re not planning the salvation of Africa; or the abolition of poverty… No, they are getting to know each other, to re-acquaint themselves from last year– and to see each other in uh-inhibited poses that develops a kind of personal cement that further tightens the ruling cliques.”

On the otherhand, Nader points out the usefulness of Bohemian Grove’s reputation of mystique in highlighting the true identities of those in power and ruling from behind the scenes. Clearly, its membership forms a key nexus point for the corporate-fascism that exists between unaccountable leaders in the U.S. and Western world and their business partners who belong to, dominate and run the largest and most influential corporations in the world.

“These corporate and political rulers have always hidden behind institutions with rather impersonal names, for example IBM, GM. These kind of acronyms take away the anthropomorphic quality that gets people to relate to ‘Hey, this is who’s ruling us.’ I mean, one hundred years ago, you walk into a bar in Brooklyn and ask anyone who’s running this country and they’ll tell you– J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Jay Gould. But it’s become very impersonal now behind these artificial entities called multi-national corporations– big banks, big oil companies, big drug companies, big auto companies, chemical companies. Now you get Bohemian Grove, and all this impersonality is stripped away.”

Certainly, George H.W. Bush is among the names of those ruling the country. For a former president and head of the Bush Dynasty to display the symbol of the Bohemian Grove on television is a foreboding reminder of dark powers that rule this nation, now in certain demise.

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