Monthly Archives: October 2008

"Workers Uniting" Another New World Order Global Workers Union Formed

By Michael Difensore

The United Steelworkers Union and the Unite Union from the United Kingdom and Ireland signed a agreement clearing the way for the creation of Workers Uniting, the world’s first global union.(Note the article below lies. Almost all Unions in the United States are International now days.) Note the Masonic wrist grab in the article. Just like the Masonic wrist grab of the Oppenheimer Fund (Click Here To See Oppenheimer Fund Masonic logo). Only difference is the wrist grab below is a pentagon instead of a Masonic Square. They form a Pentagon wrist grab in the article below which is the center of a Satanic Baphomet symbol pictured below. I don’t think this union will care about workers very much what do you think?

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