Local Surveillance To Plug Into Homeland Security Camera System

News Bureau
September 24, 2008

If you have ever been curious in regards to what appears as camera housing situated in public places, you may be amazed that a variety of them are part of the Homeland Security camera system network.

Not all of these cameras, and not in all cities and towns are part of it, yet an ever increasing number of cameras that are in existence in the majority of cities are joining forces with different government agencies in their ongoing fight against domestic terrorism.

There have been numerous cities that have installed cameras to maintain close surveillance on big public assemblies, for instance the White House as well as around various national memorials and monuments to help identify difficulties with crowds.

The capability to have these cameras networked together into a much bigger, national type of network is giving the Homeland Security Camera System the ability to grow through the use of extra cameras from communities all around the country.

For people who don’t comprehend that this is possible, think for a moment of the internet’s availability to access your personal computer from anyplace on the planet by simply signing onto a computer and then going to a website on the network.

Begin at your home network, if there is more than one computer that is connected to internet access by way of a hub, you have the capability of get access to anything on one computer from any other computer, if in fact you have the right authorization.

If for example you have cameras that are connected to a network at your office, then access the work computer from your house, you can then bring up images connected to your work computer from your house. This is a similar system that the Homeland Security Camera system utilizes to add additional cameras and resources onto their existing systems.

Surveillance System Rapidly Growing In Size

Because the infrastructure is already in place in many of the larger communities, it is actually a simply task for the Homeland Security camera computer to connect to the city camera computer and get access to the images of that computer.

Certainly, you have to have permission that is granted by the community for the Homeland Security camera system to take the images from the computer. Safeguards are also put in place to stop the homeland computer from getting any type of control over a communities camera system.

The majority of Homeland Security cameras that are being utilized are not just static types of cameras. There are numerous types that are equipped with accessibility through remote means so that they can pan, zoom and tilt to more effectively monitor people or events that are within viewing range to assist in fighting the possible threat of either domestic or global terrorism.

While there are people that are not comfortable with knowing that the local and federal government can hook into any community that they want with a camera system and snatch up images from anywhere, the majority of people realize the significance of having a constant vigil for the purpose of national security.

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