Dallas To Increase Number Of Surveillance Camera’s


Police said crime fell 18 percent in downtown Dallas since 40 cameras were installed.

“It’s definitely had a positive impact on public safety in the Central Business District,” Deputy Chief Vincent Golbeck said.

The cameras have caught on tape incidents such a robbery and the takedown of a man wanted for sexually assaulting a child.

The number of cameras in downtown Dallas will soon double. The organization Downtown Dallas is helping to fund an additional 40 cameras, most of which will be in the Arts District.

Downtown Dallas’ John Crawford said the association wants to make people feel they are safe and secure in the area.

“We want the cameras there where we have the highest concentration of people and also, too, where you’ve had chronic issues — open-air issues — that surveillance cameras can have an effect on,” Golbeck said.

Wiring for about 20 surveillance cameras is also already buried along the Katy Trail.

Uptown is also seriously considering the addition of surveillance cameras. A woman was sexually assaulted early Sunday not far from the Katy Trail while walking to her house.

But Golbeck said surveillance cameras may not have helped in the incident.

“Most likely, even if we had cameras, there would not have been a camera in that block,” Golbeck.

Dallas police said the cameras are only going up in busy places such as the Arts District and Katy Trail.

“You have to plan ahead,” Golbeck said. “You don’t want to put cameras out there to give a false sense of security. You want to make sure cameras are effective and the cameras will reduce crime.”

More areas have not installed surveillance cameras because of the cost of the equipment and for police officers to monitor them 24 hours a day. All of the Dallas neighborhoods that have installed cameras have done so with contributions from the private sector.

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