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Globalists Henry Kissinger & Richard Haass Confronted On Terrorism And Global Depopulation Policies
September 7, 2008

Members of We Are Change Colorado caught up with globalist kingpin Henry Kissinger and CFR president Richard N. Haass during the RNC proceedings in Minnesota, who were both dismissive towards hard questions about policies related to terrorism and depopulation measures.

Dr. Kissinger grinned at mention of the New World Order before dismissing any knowledge of National Security Memo #200, which calls for the use of “food as a weapon” and otherwise advocates depopulation schemes that include extreme measures to be used against the ‘lesser developed countries’ in the third world, whose population growth supposedly threatens the National Security interests of the United States.

Kissinger penned the memo in 1974 while serving in the Ford Administration. Kissinger told We Are Change cameras that he believed terrorism and 3rd population explosion were directly connected.

Activist Joby Weeks also asked the former National Security Adviser if he believed AIDS could be a manufactured threat tied to depopulation schemes, to which Kissinger said he ‘had no idea’ before absurdly claiming he had “never heard of” NSSM 200. When he was reminded that he wrote the memo, he blurted out “Oh, come on!,” possibly thinking that his infamous memo was being tied to the notion of AIDS being a manufactured bio-weapon.

Kissinger, who was closed followed by police security and who was also mobbed by star-struck sycophants who have either over-looked or never understood his inherent evil (exercised repeatedly over the decades in brutal foreign policy, from the third world to the Vietnam & Laos and now in Iraq), left the scene quickly after questions were put to him.

Richard Haass, who was presiding over a Council on Foreign Relations discussion panel, told We Are Change cameras that there was no need of oversight in regards to the CFR. “We have no power; if people want to listen to us, that’s great, if not, that’s fine.”

This is a gross understatement of a think tank so powerful that it has staffed virtually every administration’s National Security Council and many other cabinet positions, including Vice President, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of State, since the early 1950s. While its policy recommendations are technically separate altogether from government, its influence is more than dominant in government’s thinking.

Haass and the other CFR members present laughed at and brushed off concerns about one Philip Zelikow, who wrote a CFR white paper in Foreign Affairs in December 1998 about the potential for ‘catastrophic terrorism’ to “divide our past and future into a before and after

What Is The Secret Killing Weapon In Iraq?

Woodward compares clandestine program to Manhattan Project, could secret weapon be terrifying radiation canon?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
September 9, 2008

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward revealed to Larry King last night that the U.S. has embarked on a “secret killing program” in Iraq which has dramatically reduced attacks on coalition troops by wiping out terrorists, but what could this secret weapon possibly be?

A CNN report details Woodward’s revelations.

The program — which Woodward compares to the World War II era Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb — must remain secret for now or it would “get people killed,” Woodward said Monday on CNN’s Larry King Live.

“The top secret operations will “some day in history … be described to people’s amazement,” Woodward told King.

While he would not reveal the details, Woodward said the terrorists who have been targeted were already aware of the capabilities.

“The enemy has a heads up because they’ve been getting wiped out and a lot of them have been killed,” he said. “It’s not news to them.”

For the weapon to be comparable to the atomic bomb, one would speculate that it must employ some kind of exotic new technology and is potentially related to neutron bomb and electromagnetic weapons research.

As far back as 2002, a Cox News Service report entitled Super-Secret Microwave Weapons May Be Used In Iraq, speculated that the military was preparing to utilize high-powered microwave weapons that send bursts of electromagnetic energy which completely disable enemy electronic devices.

However, Woodward’s discussion of the secret weapon wiping out alleged terrorists in large numbers suggests it may be a far more barbaric device than an EMP weapon, which would more traditionally be used against standing armies rather than scattered insurgents.

One possibility is that the weapon is something similar that described to film maker Patrick Dillon by Iraqi infantryman Majid al-Ghazali – a frightening giant flame-thrower type device that instead shoots out “concentrated lightning bolts” or radiation bursts that result in vehicles and people being almost literally liquidized.

During a street battle in Baghdad on April 12 2003, Al-Ghazali describes witnessing American troops unveil an oddly configured tank which “suddenly let loose a blinding stream of what seemed like fire and lightning, engulfing a large passenger bus and three automobiles.”

“Within seconds the bus had become semi-molten, sagging “like a wet rag” as he put it. He said the bus rapidly melted under this withering blast, shrinking until it was a twisted blob about the dimensions of a VW bug. As if that were not bizarre enough, al-Ghazali explicitly describes seeing numerous human bodies shriveled to the size of newborn babies. By the time local street fighting ended that day, he estimates between 500 and 600 soldiers and civilians had been cooked alive as a result of the mysterious tank-mounted device.”

Al-Ghazali adds that following the battle, U.S. troops were scrupulous about burying the evidence of the weapon’s deadly consequences, but that telltale signs remained which he showed to journalist Dillon.

Dillon, a battlefield medic in Vietnam, Somalia and Kosovo, stated, “I’ve seen a freaking smorgasbord of destruction in my life, flame-throwers, napalm, white phosphorous, thermite, you name it. I know of nothing short of an H-bomb that conceivably might cause a bus to instantly liquefy or that can flash broil a human body down to the size of an infant. God pity humanity if that thing is a preview of what’s in store for the 21st century.”

An interview with Majid al-Ghazali can be viewed below along with a further exploration of exotic weapons systems being employed in Iraq. Aid workers and others have backed up reports of terrifying new weapons systems being deployed that cause horrific injuries and agonizing deaths. Woodward’s characterization of the victims merely as “terrorists” conceals the fact that a great number of the victims of these brutal weapons are no doubt innocent people caught up in the fighting.

Giant Pyramid Capable Of Housing One Million People To Be Built In Dubai

Ancient civilizations, the Maya and Ancient Egypt, are known for their incredible art of architecture. The ancient people could never imagine that the form of their pyramids would be used as a model for the latest ecology-friendly construction that will become another decoration of Dubai, reports.

Timlinks, which develops environmentally safe projects, has recently published several stunning images of a giant pyramid titled Ziggurat. The company also posted the information regarding the plans to officially open the pyramid during the Cityscape Dubai exhibition which is slated to take place on October 6-9 this year. The giant pyramid will be built on 2.3 square kilometers of land and will be capable of housing up to one million people.

Timlinks said that their Ziggurat would not be dependent on the energy system due to the use of steam, wind and other natural resources. The building will also be distinctive for its highly efficient transport communication system that will operate both vertically and horizontally. In addition, the company plans to use private green zones for agricultural purposes.

Specialists of the International Environment Institute said that the technologies used at Ziggurat would make it a viable center. Timlinks has already patented the construction and the technology that were developed for the project. Several European professors will attend Cityscape Dubai to explain how an object like Ziggurat can be used in bigger projects, which probably means that the giant pyramid will not be the only construction of such kind in the world.

A ziggurat was a temple tower of the ancient Mesopotamian valley and Iran, having the form of a terraced pyramid of successively receding stories or levels. Some modern buildings with a step pyramid shape have also been termed ziggurats.

Ziggurats were important to the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians of ancient Mesopotamia. The earliest examples of the ziggurat were simple raised platforms that date from the Ubaid period during the fourth millennium BC, and the latest date from the 6th century BC. The top of the ziggurat was flat, unlike many pyramids. The step pyramid style began near the end of the Early Dynastic Period. Built in receding tiers upon a rectangular, oval, or square platform, the ziggurat was a pyramidal structure. Sun-baked bricks made up the core of the ziggurat with facings of fired bricks on the outside. The facings were often glazed in different colors and may have had astrological significance. The number of tiers ranged from two to seven, with a shrine or temple at the summit. Access to the shrine was provided by a series of ramps on one side of the ziggurat or by a spiral ramp from base to summit. Notable examples of this structure include the Great Ziggurat of Ur and Khorsabad in Mesopotamia.

The ziggurats had no internal chambers. They were almost always square or rectangular, where one side was typically more than 170 feet (50 meters) long.

The Mesopotamian ziggurats were not places for public worship or ceremonies. They were believed to be dwelling places for the gods. Through the ziggurat, the gods could be close to mankind, and each city had its own patron god. Only priests were permitted on the ziggurat or in the rooms at its base, and it was their responsibility to care for the gods and attend to their needs. The priests were very powerful members of Sumerian society.

Pittsburgh Police Giving Tickets For Profanity, Middle Finger

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City police wrote nearly 200 disorderly conduct citations over a 32-month period for swearing, obscene gestures and other acts deemed disrespectful — which the American Civil Liberties Union said was unacceptable and showed a lack of training.Those statistics came from a Right to Know request that was made in connection with a lawsuit filed by David Hackbart, who said he was improperly cited for giving the middle finger to another driver — and then a police sergeant — while trying to parallel park in Squirrel Hill in April 2006.When a driver blocked Hackbart on Murray Avenue, Hackbart made an obscene gesture and then heard a voice saying, “Don’t flip him off,” according to Vic Walczak, the ACLU’s legal director in Pennsylvania.

“Without looking at who was saying that, as he was turning, he flips the bird to the sound of the voice, which turns out to be a Pittsburgh police officer,” Walczak said.The ACLU is helping Hackbart fight his citation and fine on First Amendment grounds. Also, Walczak said the city should improve its police officer training and discipline to prevent similar citations from being issued in the future.”While flipping somebody off or using profane language may not be pleasant, it is constitutionally protected speech, especially when it’s uttered towards a public official,” Walczak said.Twenty months of court records obtained by the ACLU show city police giving 188 disorderly conduct citations to people using profanity or a profane gesture between March 1, 2005, and Oct. 31, 2006.”The police need to understand that they’re not Miss Manners, they can’t be enforcing nice language, and that it’s inappropriate for them to use the criminal laws to punish somebody because they may use profane language,” Walczak said.Police Chief Nate Harper and Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson told WTAE Channel 4 Action News that “profanity in and of itself is not an unlawful conduct,” but disorderly conduct citations by city police take into account all conduct involved.Officers are well-trained to make those decisions, said Harper and Donaldson, who denied the ACLU’s claims to the contrary.In a recent court filing, the city said Hackbart’s disorderly conduct citation was not for his gestures, but because he was blocking traffic — although the officer on the case did note in the citation that Hackbart had used the middle finger.In 2002, a Pittsburgh man won a $3,000 jury verdict after being cited for a traffic dispute in which he cursed at officers.

Letter "i" In Front Of Words Not A Coincidence

By Michael Difesore

The letter “i” in front of words is not a coincidence. The letter is used by the Satanic elite to represent their god Lucifer. The letter “i” represents the all seeing eye or eye of providence which is on the one dollar bill also. The unsuspecting public however never understands that it is a subliminal message to the Satanic elite running the world. “i” is the ninth letter in the alphabet which embeds 666 within it. Here is how you come up with 666. Using occult numerology something these evil people believe in. Take 6+6+6=18, 1+8=9. Some examples of this are shown below. Message me with any more that need added.


IGoogle – Personnel Homepage offered by google


IReport – CNN

IPass – Toll road pass in Illinois

ICarly – A television sitcom that premiered September 8, 2007 on Nickelodeon

IRobot – A movie starring Will Smith

ITunes – Free software used with Ipod from Apple company.

New Age Bible Versions Exposed As Satanic Doctrine

Posted By Michael Difensore

Source: New Age Bible Versions by G.A. Riplinger

In this 2.5-hour video, Gale Riplinger, a former professor at Kent State University, lectures to the Prophecy Club. Here, she reveals the results of her exhaustive, six-year collation of modern, so-called New Age Bible translations versus the Authorized (King James) Bible. Utilizing numerous tables and charts, which are projected overhead, she reviews the following principal topics, among others:

1. Numerous passages of scripture in the KJV which the modern versions either omit entirely or set apart as allegedly spurious.

2. Vast numbers of word changes in the modern versions that limit or remove the deity of Christ, nullify hell or liken hell to the “grave,” or make vague the concept of sin.

3. The NKJV logo of three interconnecting “circles” (actually three interconnecting 6s — 666) can be traced to occult origins.

4. The reliability and remarkable agreement between the numerous, ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts which comprise the King James Bible.

5. The corrupt manuscripts upon which most modern versions are based; errors perpetuated through translations by Westcott and Hort in the 19th century and The United Bible Society. Also evidence for their occult origins.

6. Because modern translations are copyrighted, there must be significant word changes to warrant each new “version.”

7. Contrary to sales pitches for the NIV and other modern versions, a thorough analysis reveals that the KJV is actually more readable than these others.

8. Evidence that modern Bible editors are in agreement with Luciferians, occultists, and the New Age philosophy of a one world religion.

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