Ohio Freemasons Reenact Cornerstone Laying Of Ohio Statehouse In Occult Ceremony

Notice The All-Seeing-Eye in the picture above at the top of the golden compass and square. Freemason websites all over the internet say that the all seeing eye is not Masonic. You be the judge.

Posted By Michael Difensore


Source: The Beacon

An estimated 10,000 Masons and family members were drawn to Columbus on Saturday (June 21) to participate in a full day of activities helping the Grand Lodge of Ohio to celebrate its 200th anniversary. The day started with a parade in downtown Columbus, with more than 4,000 persons marching down High Street, from Nationwide Boulevard to the Statehouse. All parts of the family of Freemasonry in Ohio were involved, including fl oats or marching units from the Order of Eastern Star; the Scottish Rite; Chapter, Council and Commandery of the York Rite; Shrine, High Twelve; and Job’s Daughters, Rainbows, and DeMolay, in addition to others. Numerous Lodges and Masonic Districts were involved. A huge delegation from the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio also took part. The parade lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes. One of the goals of Grand Master Ronald L. Winnett was to have “all of the Masonic family” participate in this Bicentennial Event, and that goal was met. After the parade, thousands gathered on the Statehouse lawn, and offi cers of the Grand Lodge of Ohio reenacted the traditional Cornerstone Ceremony for the Statehouse. A new, special stone was used in the ceremony, which is being donated to the state and will be on display in the Statehouse museum. The stone is inscribed: “May our freedom rest upon a sure foundation of good government.

On June 21, 2008, the Freemasons of Ohio used this stone to reenact the laying of the cornerstone of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.” The Seal of the State of Ohio and the special Bicentennial logo were also etched on the stone. After the ceremony, a picnic was held at the Ohio Historical Society for all Masons and family members who participated. Nearly 8,000 persons went through the lines to receive a picnic lunch. Many sat on the grassy area, near I-71, for their lunch, while others toured the Historical Society Museum and enjoyed the air conditioned comfort inside. Tours of Ohio Village were available, and many took the opportunity to visit Ohio Village Lodge, No. 10, the historic Lodge in the village, sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The 1860s style baseball game held at Ohio Village concluded with a 5-3 victory for the Keystone Reds over the Blue Ashlars

Below are more pictures from the event:

Beacon_7-08.indd Grand Master Gives Opening Prayer At State Legislature Session

To recognize The Grand Lodge of Ohio’s 200th Anniversary, Grand Master Ronald L. Winnett was asked to give the opening prayer at a legislative session in Columbus on April 29. An informative introduction was provided by William G. Batchelder, a member of the Ohio House of Representatives and a 40-year member of Medina Lodge #58, who had arranged for the Grand Master’s appearance. As part of his prayer, Most Worshipful Brother Winnett said, “Great Creator, I humbly offer the thanks of the Freemasons of Ohio, who two centuries ago in 1808 met at the Statehouse in Chillicothe to form our statewide governing body, The Grand Lodge of Ohio. Our fraternity has been blessed with members who have been governors, legislators, and clerks, captains of industry, farmers, and mechanics. They have worked hand in hand with their fellow citizens to building the Buckeye State. . . We ask that You continue to bless and prosper the state of Ohio and its residents as we do our best to accomplish

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