Ohio Freemasons Join Meeting Of World Masonic Leaders In Washington D.C.


Six Grand Lodge Officers, plus three brethren from Dayton, formed the Ohio delegation at the World War II Memorial ceremony, which was part of the World Conference of Grand Lodges. From left are: John A. Johnson, Worshipful Master of Solar Lodge #730 in Dayton; Terry W. Posey, Senior Grand Warden; Ronald L. Winnett, Grand Master; Thomas H. Galyen, Grand Treasurer; George O. Braatz, Grand Secretary; Bradford A. Goebel, Junior Grand Warden; W. Michael Lawson, Past Master of Solar Lodge; Charles R. Murphy, Deputy Grand Master, and David N. Kleiner, Senior Deacon of Solar Lodge. The three members of Solar Lodge came to Washington just to witness portions of the World Conference.

By Michael Difensore


Source: The Beacon

Top Ohio Grand Lodge leaders attended what has been described as the second largest gathering of Grand Lodges in the history of Freemasonry.

Grand Master Ronald L. Winnett led the Ohio delegation to the World Conference of Grand Lodges in Washington, DC in May. Representatives from 120 Grand Lodges of 5 continents attended.

The largest gathering of Grand Lodges was at the 275th Anniver¬sary of the United Grand Lodge of England in London in 1992.

Virtually all North American Grand Lodges were represented, with 24 Grand Lodges from Central and South America, 23 from Europe, and others from Africa, Asia, and Australia.

The delegates met in session and discussed common problems of worldwide Freemasonry. Representatives gathered at social gatherings and dinners to learn more about each other in one-on-one conversations. Each delegate was given an earphone at the sessions to hear comments, translated into four different languages.

One of the highlight events of the Conference was a ceremony at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. The Grand Master of each U.S. Grand Lodge, in turn, was presented a Masonic floral emblem and carried it to his state’s monument in the Memorial. Representatives from other countries also participated in the placement of the floral emblems.

When Grand Master Winnett was given the floral display for Ohio, he had to move nearly halfway around

the huge oval Memorial to the “Ohio” site. He was being pushed in a wheelchair, because he broke his leg a day before traveling to Washington


The Masonic floral emblems stand ready for the World War II Memorial ceremony, beneath a very inspirational quotation on the Memorial’s wall.

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