One Angry Vet: Republicans And Democrats Are Parasites Working Against America

By Michael Difensore

Well once again America is close to another Presidential election. It disgusts me to know however that the national headquarters for Diebold is only about 25 minutes away from Canton Ohio. Rigging elections is the voting machines main purpose. Well whether you believe the voting machines are rigging elections or not does not matter. Anyone who thinks that voting machines are better than a paper ballot, which leaves some kind of physical record has one brain cell. Leaving that aside. The political process is over for America. The Republican Party and the Democratic party like a parasite have successfully destroyed America leaving little or no future for the young generations. Telling the American public that both parties have corruption beyond belief that contain around 4,000 Council On Foreign Relations members and a number of Trilateral Commission members, blank stares would soon follow. The saying is repeated over and over again by the American public like a zombie. “I’m voting for the lesser of two evils.” This saying somehow comforts them into believing that somehow some way one party is different or better than the other party. The fact is we have one party controlling things. The name of the party is called the Globalist party. To be considered a member of this party all you have to do is hate America, lie to the American people, incrimentally bring down America financially to third world status, start illegal wars, steal tax payer money for international corporations, help rig elections, endorse soft kill weapons on the American public, accept lobbyist money, say oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution while behind the scenes destroy the U.S. Constitution, especially the bill of Rights and finally love helping to set up a one world government to enslave humanity. Did I mention that if your religion is Freemasonry you are well on you way pleasing your masters. Remember Freemasons worship satan in the high degrees.

The point of this article is to have a solution to the two party system that just is not working. Many people do a good job at showing the problems with America. Not many have a solution. This article is meant to show a solution to some big problems. The text of the U.S. Constitution does not say we have to have political parties. In fact we don’t need political parties at all. America needs leaders. Political parties are socialist to the core.

Political parties are socialist. Once the American people understand that the two party system was set up by the Illuminati to control the American public into a false reality the political system will be exposed as a fraud. Some people will ask the question “We don’t have a two party system?” My answer to that is when have you seen a third party candidate win President like say the Independent party. None of the so called third parties have ever been stronger than our Illuminati controlled Democrat and Republican party system. The powers that be make sure that these two parties remain in power to control America into a false left right paradigm. Don’t believe me? Just do some research on the internet on third parties. Their are 1000’s of third parties that I never even heard of. Not one of these parties ever made it very big. Coincidence? I think not. The fact is America does not need political parties at all. The current system can still be operated without the Democrats and Republicans with ou t any new legislation needed. The hardcore corruption that infest both parties would stop. Lobbyists would start to disappear. Best of all the American public would have to really know who their voting for because homework would have to be done to find out what the candidate did in office. What bills he wrote and cosponsored. Party line voting would end. The left right paradigm would die. The news media sources like Fox and CNN would have to change their left right positions and would be a first step to get real media coverage back. Finally I think it would not only unite Americans nationally but also unite Congress to really work for the American people again. It would be a large first step to bring America back economically, politically, and would unite our leaders under one banner the red , white and blue. Help Save the Republic.

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