Ohio Governor Ted Strickland Meets With Masonic Lodge

Source: freemason.com

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland,
center, is pictured with Worshipful
Master Michael Miller and
other members of Allen Lodge
#276, of Columbiana. They
met with the governor at an
event in East Liverpool and, at
the Lodge request, the Governor
Strickland signed a proclamation
making April 26, 2008, Local
Special Olympics Day and also
commemorating the 200th
Anniversary of the Grand Lodge
of Ohio.

At least 9 Masons have served
10 terms as Governor of Ohio,
according to research performed
by Right Worshipful Brother Thomas
L. Brenneman, of Delphos, a Past
District Deputy Grand Master in the
10th Masonic District.
The Masonic Governors served for
some 45 years, about 25 percent of
the history of Ohio.
There may have been more Masons
in that position, but these are the
ones known for sure.
Masons Who Served as Ohio’s Governor
Samuel Huntington 1808-1810
Return Johnthon Meggs 1810-1814
Thomas Worthington 1814-1818
Robert Lucas 1832-1836
William McKinley 1892-1896
Martin Davey 1935-1939
John W Bricker 1939-1945
John Brown 1957-1957
James A Rhodes 1963-1971
James A Rhodes 1975-1983
In addition, Arthur St. Clair was
Governor of the Northwest Territory
from 1787-1802 and was a Mason.
Also, Ohio has had eight native
sons who were elected President
of the United States. Four of those
were Ohio Masons.
James A Garfi eld 1881-1883
William McKinkey 1897-1901
William H. Taft 1909-1913
Warren G Harding 1921-1923

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