The Illuminati Euro Med Eye Clinic Pyramid Between Nuremberg and Fürth in Bavaria, Germany.

The eye clinic is on the town border between Nuremberg and Fürth in Bavaria, Germany. It’s right next to the Autobahn.

The expansion construction of the Euro Med Clinic in Fürth was completed after 15 months of construction period. The Euro Med Clinic is a modern private clinic for the patients from all over the world. It is an innovative health center that has unified consultants private clinic, medical practitioners, Wellness-and Service-facilities under one roof.

With the glassed-in reception building, the Euro Med Clinic has set a further architectural milestone masterpiece after Hotel-Pyramid.
The entire administration of the Euro Med Clinic has been housed in the four storied building.
Special type of a glass is used to do away with expensive cooling of the building. This special glass allows 18 percent light transparency. This has resulted in enormous saving in energy in total of 6,000 m² glass areas on the Pyramid and approximately 3,000 m² glass in the expanded construction.

Due to the reasons of hygiene and ecological reasons, the following Uponor systems were chosen:

Contec Concrete core activation

Merits of the floor heating as well as concrete core activation under the consideration of hygienic as well as ecological aspects among others are less air and dust turbulence and low energy consumption. A further advantage is healthy room climate (thermal comfort) as the surrounding areas are maintained cooler as well as warmer. Both the systems have been installed over approximately 2,000 m².

The expanded wing, which encompasses, apart from the glassed-in reception building, an underground car park and a long-drawn structure in the form of an arc, is surrounded by a landscape with a park. EURO-HEALTH-PARK with a 1.5 km long jogging track, which is unique in Germany until now, runs through the entire clinic premises and is also accessible to the public. The 1,400 m² big Rehab-Area “Physio-Fit” is also a new concept and has a swimming pool and a drug store for all. In the extended structure, there are 4 new to increase the capacity from 103 beds to 176 beds and the area for the practicing doctors was also increased.

Contec modules are placed on height reducing beams of the filigree ceiling.

The ambience of the Euro MedClinic reminds us more of a hotel than a clinic. There is no bleak corridors and neon lights. Instead, huge and stylishly done stations and modern, illuminated rooms radiate a true comforting atmosphere. Every room is furnished with an electronic comfort-bed, telephone, fax, Internet connection, a TV-set including Premiere World, a mini bar, a vault and to some extent an aquarium. A bistro in the new Winter Garden of Euro Med Clinic and different restaurants in Hotel-Pyramid take care of the palate of the “Guests”.

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