Michael Difensore: George Bush Your Not My President

By Michael Difensore

In Response To Mainstream Media. Bush: Troubled Financial System Is Basically Sound

George Bush proves once again he is a liar and a propagandist. Saying statements like the U.S. economy is sound. George Bush and Congress Imploded the U.S. economy with two illegal wars costing Billions of dollars.

The Dow Jones Industrial is below 11,000 dollars the last time I checked. It should be at 25,000 dollars to be considered sound. “I don’t think the government ought to be involved in bailing out companies,” Bush said. But at the same time urged lawmakers to quickly enact legislation to prop up mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. “It’s been a difficult time for many American families.” But he also said that the nation’s economy continues to grow, if slowly.

Its only growing in madman George Bush’s demented mind. Bush said that despite the woes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the recent government takeover of California bank IndyMac, U.S. depositors should not worry because their deposits are insured by the government up to $100,000.

Well let me enlighten you George Bush the FDIC can only pay out so much and when that money is gone the criminal private Federal Reserve has to bail everyone out which will cause inflation and implode the Dollar even more.

“If you’re a depositor, you’re protected by the federal government,” Bush said. “I think the system is basically sound, I truly do,” Bush said. “I understand there’s a lot of nervousness. The economy is growing. Productivity is high. Trade’s up. People are working — it’s not as good as we’d like. And to the extent that we’ll find weakness, we’ll move.”Bush said.

The econmy is not growing and productivity is not high and trade is not up. People are also losing their jobs everywhere. George Bush is a liar, liar, liar a damn dirty liar just like he has been since he been in office and I have had enough of it. Bush defended his insistence that the U.S. economy was not in a recession, even though many economists believe it is. Everyone knows its more than a recession, its close to a depression. “There is no short term solution,” Bush said. “The president doesn’t have a magic wand. You can’t just say, ‘Low gas.’ “Bush said. No but maybe he could use that magic wand to make himself disappear.

Bush went on to talk about conserving energy and made a comment on air conditioning. “If they’re not in their homes, they ought not to keep the air conditioning running.” There’s a lot they can do,” he added. Well I’m not sure if he means leaving to go to a friends house for the day or leaving on vacation. Everyone knows its not a good idea to shut off the air conditioning and then turn it back on later because more energy will be used to cool it down.

If you are one of the Americans that thinks everything is ok maybe you should go invest in the stock market.

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