Cantontruth Red Level Alert!: A Warning To The American Public About The Satanic Meaning Of The 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

By Michael Difensore
Look closely at the pyramid on the one dollar bill. At the base of the pyramid you will see a series of Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI. Now remember Roman numerals are Latin. MDCCLXXVI translates to 1776. When the Declaration Of Independence was signed declaring our freedom from England. Note also that Satanists love Latin. In fact Latin is used heavily in the U.S. Military. I know this cause I was Military. Latin is used by the U.S. government on so many things I can not begin to list it here. One example is Semper Fidelis or Semper Fi on bumper stickers a motto for the U.S. Marines. Surprise!
The picture above is a Satanic Baphomet or pentagram over Washington D.C. using real roads.

In Hebrew and Greek, all letters have numerical value, but the Romans used only these six numerals: D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V=5, I=1. These six letters add up to 666, (The Roman numeral M, for 1000, was added later to the Latin Alphabet). You will now see how cleverly and subtly occult numerology and geometry is woven into this seal.

The Pythagoreans, believed that the source of all truth was hidden in geometric symbolism, with the triangle especially as the most “sacred” of all symbols, where the ternary is regarded as the key to unlocking all “hidden wisdom”. Now draw three triangles in a row on a piece of paper going across from left to right because its easier to do this equation. Starting with M, place the Roman numerals representing 1776 in the exact sequence of top, bottom
left, bottom right at the corners of the triangles, and you will see something down right evil.

We can see that the top row of numerals M C X, from the tops of all the triangles adds up to 1110. The bottom row of numerials is in perfect Roman Numeral order, D C L X V I, and adds up to 666. What does all this mean? There are nine numerals in 1776, just the right number for three triangles. The number nine was sacred to Pythagoreans and thus Freemasonry, because it represented the perfect square (9) of the perfect number (3). Nine interestingly enough, is also the number of Satan, in Satanism. Source for the equations:

Also, the old Babylonian numbering and monetary system was sexagesimal, that is, based upon six or sixty. They had sixty “cents” to their “dollar”. In fact we still use the old Babylonian system to measure time; sixty seconds to the minute, sixty minutes to the hour.

The NEW Babylon’s (America’s) numbering and monetary system is centesimal, based on multiples of ten. By decoding the Roman numerals on the Great Seal, representing 1776, we find both the old Babylonian and the new modern American systems of exchange. Mathematically, 1110 old Babylonian dollars are equal to 666 American (New Babylonian) dollars. (0.6 x 1110 = 666) – These two figures, 1110 & 666 are skilfully codified into the number 1776 – the founding of the American Republic and the beginning of America as the Biblical “Babylon the Great” together with its “Satanic Religion Freemasonry” working behind the scenes.

Now what about the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony? Well if the information above is not evil enough for you this will be. The 2008 Summer Olympics starts on August 8, 2008 at 8:08:08 P.M. Now from what I found out so far on the internet it is hosted by NBC. The 8:08:08 PM is referring to Chinese Time. Now remember the name Jesus in the Greek alphabet translates to the number 888. Now add 8-08-08 the day of the Olympics to the time of the Olympics. 888+888=1776 Now remember Satan loves to mimic Jesus Christ in all things. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist. Keep that in mind. Click here for proof of the Chinese Olympic Time

If you don’t have a minimum of two weeks food and water stored I would suggest getting some before the end of 2008.

If you don’t have a Gun. I would suggest buying one if you can. Have something to protect yourself.

Click on links below for more occult meaning of the Olympics. “Nazi Connections”
The links contain more information I researched.

Chinese 2008 Olympic’s Uses Freemason Symbols

Olympic Rings And Torch Have Ties To Hitler’s Nazi Propaganda


  • so how did that 2008 apocalypse thing work out for ya?


  • You are a disgrace to the American people. I am a proud Satanist, as well as an American. Your blog is complete bullshit, and the rest of the Satanic community will see your so called “work” and you will be hearing from us.


  • this blog is clearly written by some ignorant, white, christian male. eat a bullet


  • No one will know the time but I assure you that call yourselves satanists. When it does come you think satan will keep you out of hell. You worship him he is going to take care of you, certainly..Just not the way you'd hoped. Jesus Saves…God Forgives you….Amen…


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