Canton City Schools Early Childhood Program Wants To Know If Your Child Drinks Enough Fluoridated Water

The Image above is small but readable. This is the best I can do. Items were blacked out to hide a persons name. This is a form in Ohio used to sign a child into preschool. It is the Dental part of the preschool sign up. The top part is for the parents and the bottom part is for the dentist. Why does Ohio care if a child has Fluoride so much? Answer is to make sure they stay dumb, to keep them docile, and give them medical problems later in life. Yes Fluoride in water is from the Nazi’s and used in America as a medication! My friends doctor asked him how his daughters fluoride intake was? He replied that he has Reverse Osmosis in his house and removes it. My friend told his doctor his daughter receives plenty in her food. Then the doctor tried to offer a Fluoride supplement for his daughter, but he refused. Do you see a problem here? They want to make sure your child is getting Fluoride. Wake up? It is not for your teeth. You already have Fluoride in your toothpaste. Stop drinking Fluoride. Below I made the question bigger for you to see from the document above.

Question number 1 asks: Is your child now receiving any of the following? If yes include length of time.
A: Topical Fluoride Yes ____ No ____ Unsure ______
B: Fluoridated Water Yes _____ No _____ Unsure ______
C: Fluoride Supplement Diet Yes _____ (tablets _____ liquid_____) No__ Unsure__

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