Satanic Technological Enslavement Is All Around Us

Technological Enslavement Is All Around Us

Lee Rogers / Rogue Government | June 26, 2008

The technological enslavement grid is getting increasingly more insane and most people don’t even care. Apparently most people and Americans especially like being slaves just as long as they are told that they are free. First off, we have Mothers Against Drunk Driving an organization with a long track record of endorsing anti-freedom policies advocating that breathalyzers should be included in every automobile by 2012 under the guise of drunk driving prevention. Microsoft, Google, EBay among others have helped found an organization called the Information Card Foundation whose goal is to create a driver’s license styled identification card that will be required for users to go online. The U.S. Senate is set to pass a bank bailout bill that will include a provision in the legislation that will require almost all online financial transactions to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Artificially intelligent surveillance cameras are being developed and they even want to forcibly implant microchips in prisoners. There is no question that this system the establishment is setting up represents nothing short of total enslavement and despotism.

First off, what sane person would advocate having breathalyzers in every automobile or purchase a vehicle that has such a ridiculous feature? Evidently the Nazis with Mothers Against Drunk Driving think that people should be guilty until proven innocent by endorsing such a draconian measure. Let’s face it, driving under the influence laws are ridiculous to begin with because if someone drives recklessly and kills a bunch of people, what difference does it make if that person was drunk or not? If someone drives recklessly and kills people it is irrelevant if they were drunk, smoking pot, snorting cocaine or high on PCP when they killed those people. The bottom line is that if people engage in behavior that endangers the liberty and lives of others than they should be prosecuted under laws such as reckless driving, public endangerment, vehicular homicide and others. There are already numerous driving under the influence laws on the books and it has done nothing to eliminate drunk driving accidents on the road. At all times a small segment of the population will engage in reckless behavior regardless of how many laws are on the books. Does it make sense to punish everyone just because there is a small segment of people who engage in dangerous behavior? Of course it doesn’t, and putting breathalyzer devices in everyone’s car is completely unnecessary and a total invasion of privacy. Not only that, but the breathalyzer devices won’t be able to detect if the driver is on any number of other substances. What if the drunk driver gets somebody else to blow into the breathalyzer device for them? The whole idea is ridiculous and Mothers Against Drunk Driving should seriously re-think their endorsement of this enslavement agenda.

Moving on to the next subject of technological enslavement, Google and Microsoft are amongst a handful of companies already working on the creation of a driver’s license styled identification card that will be required for Internet access. According to a NY Times report, it appears as if they will sell this system as a way to eliminate multiple online passwords and identity theft. Of course, these are not the true purposes of these identification cards. Its real purpose is to centralize power over who can access the Internet and who can’t. It will also be used as a way to more easily track and trace people’s online activity. There’s no reason to have a centralized identification system that grants or denies online access and people need to resist the adoption of such a control grid. This whole agenda is entirely ridiculous, but when you consider that the government is seeking to make it mandatory for all online transactions to be reported to the IRS, it is easy to see that this is just part and parcel of a larger program.

It has also come out that France is planning a tax on the Internet to supplement other online enslavement measures that are pending such as banning people from online access if they download unauthorized music or movie files and censoring speech the government says is hateful. These measures are nothing compared to the control grid that will be put into place when Internet2 is finally unleashed. Internet2 which is being run by big universities, government agencies and multinational corporations is a consortium attempting to setup the next-generation Internet. Internet2 will have speeds up to 10,000 times faster than current broadband speeds, be capable of transmitting high quality feature length films in seconds and even support the transmission of holographic images. Although these features sound great, Internet2 will be an online enslavement grid where all activity will be collected and data mined.

All of this is crazy enough, but it has also come out that the British are set to implement a program to implant prisoners with microchips to keep track of them. It is complete insanity. No human being should have a microchip forcibly implanted inside of them even if they have committed a crime. It is simply incredible that this is happening and only a few years ago you’d be labeled an insane person for talking about people being forcibly implanted with microchips.

Finally, CCTV cameras are still being setup everywhere. Amazingly there is now one CCTV camera for every fourteen British citizens in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t matter that there have been numerous articles covering how these cameras do not prevent crime. Governments are just setting up cameras everywhere not to keep the general public safe, but to make people think that they are being watched. They are even developing cameras that will use forms of artificial intelligence. This is all part of the technological enslavement system and enslaving the population of the world is at the very heart of the New World Order’s agenda.

This control grid that is being setup is completely unacceptable and needs to be resisted. It is not acceptable to have breathalyzer devices being put into every single automobile, nor is it acceptable to microchip people or to implement draconian measures of control over the Internet. Much of this might sound like science fiction to the average brainwashed American who drinks beer, takes psychotropic drugs, eats genetically modified food and drools over themselves while they watch ball games all day, but this information is documented and it is happening. Free humanity better start fighting back so this oligarchy that is using technology and scientific methods of control to enslave mankind can be brought to justice.

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  • katherine carmichael

    Psychotropic ANTI-DEPRESSANTS keep me chemically balanced … Enough to see that the writer of these PROPAGANDIC EDICTS is the very fool he accuses someone like me [cuz I take Psychotropic Meds] to be … Selah! Katherine Carmichael


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