AC Nielsen And Grocery Store Chains To Put GPS Locaters In Shopping Carts

Michael Difensore

AC Nielsen a global company located in 100 countries is gaining more growth with their homescan grocery purchase system. How this works is when a consumer goes to the grocery store and starts to move a shopping cart a GPS locater in the shopper cart records what time that cart starts moving. As the cart goes around the store it is tracked by GPS. When the cart stops moving when you are done shopping the cart records a stop time. It also records what day it is and the time of day it is. I had a conversation with a AC Nielsen employee and he told me all the information contained in this article. At the end of the day AC Nielsen can show the grocery store company a map of where all the shopping carts went that day in the store to be used for marketing purposes. For example based on shopping cart traffic by the produce department would be a good place to put a display of something on sale.

When a consumer returns home with groceries each item will be scanned with a bar code reading hand held computer by the consumer. The consumers geographical location is then recorded when the scanned products are then uploaded to the internet and sent to the homescan server. Now AC Nielsen can show the grocery store company a graph based on geographical location of who shops their more often in the area. The AC Nielsen employee also told me the homescan system will want to know what date your family receives a paycheck to then be able to predict inventory needed. For example, based on past purchases this family buys two gallons of milk based on their paychecks around this time of the month. The AC Nielsen company also told me that the weight of your purchase will also be recorded. This was scary to know because of the globalist agenda being put in place globally to make people start food rationing. Just remember this homescan system is voluntary now, but usually everything voluntary at some point may become mandatory. I just hope this never becomes mandatory.

The consumer will receive perks for signing up for this homescan system. I was told about 25 dollars a month. Their could be more perks a consumer receives than just this. That is what the employee for AC Nielsen told me. I’m sure it will be tied into fuel some how. Remember everything a consumer buys is tracked when you use a store perks card. And most companies for example will not give you the sale price on items unless you use their store card. Then if you use a debit or credit card you are tracked again by the bank and the government. Yes the global satanic tracking grid is in place. Hope people will wake up. Below are some press releases from AC Nielsen company talking about homescan. Sign up is at

Nielsen – Press Release: Nielsen To Launch Homescan™ Consumer Panel In China

Nielsen US News Release – 20 June 2007 – Nielsen Homescan Total ShopperView Captures Largest Panel Ever to Track Non-Bar-coded Items

Nielsen US News Release – 20 March 2007 – Nielsen Introduces New Service for Understanding Consumer Behavior Across Countries

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. – Wal-Mart Mobilizes ACNielsen’s Research Tools to Deliver Merchandise Selection Tailored to Customer Needs

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