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Internal Revenue Service National Headquarters Is Not Located In Washington D.C.

IRS National Headquarters Building

The Article below is from Prime Construction Manager for the design and construction phases of the New Internal Revenue Service Headquarters Office. I guess it is just a coincidence its called the Temple Group considering the Freemasons are obsessed with rebuilding King Solomon’s Temple so than can have the Anti-Christ rule over the planet and be worshiped in it. My guess is this is no coincidence. I tried to find more pictures of the National Headquarters of The I.R.S. showing the same Freemason images above without success. I got this picture from

The Temple Group, as the Prime Construction Manager for the design and construction phases of the New Internal Revenue Service Headquarters Office Building Consolidation Project in New Carrollton, Maryland, provided the full range of preconstruction and construction phase services to support the project requirements and the General Services Administration. The facility was built on a “fast track” design/build basis. Additionally, the Temple Group assisted in the procurement of an Art Consultant for the Art-in-Archituecture Program. The project is located on a 30-acre site adjacent to residential communities and Metro Rail. The project is a complex of three buildings of nine floors each, interconnected by pedestrian bridges, above a two-level base of services and special spaces and an additional pedestrian bridge connecting the main entrance to the Metro. Special spaces include training, health unit, child care, credit union, fitness center, television studios and an auditorium which is available for use by local community groups. The building is a steel structure with precast concrete and aluminum curtain wall containing 1.1 million gross square feet and 2,170 parking spaces, distributed into two levels below grade and into five levels above the precast parking garage. During the design phase, The Temple Group’s responsibilities included convening design meetings to review programming requirements, adjacency requirements, interior planning, circulation and familiarization with the design team’s approach to achieve project goals and objectives. Throughout the development of the design documents and consistent with the goals of the partnering sessions, The Temple Group provided on-board and formal design reviews of the progressing design documents including comparison of design development with Best and Final Offer documents. The Temple Group provided full time inspection and monitoring of activities for compliance with construction documents and application codes governing good construction practices. The Temple Group developed daily reports, participated in beneficial occupancy inspections, developed punch list items and implemented Q&A measures to ensure that the project objectives were not compromised. Support services included cost estimating, change order management, document control, maintenance of the project master schedule and schedule updates, change order negotiations, tracking cash flow and issuance of monthly progress reports.

Congressional Medal Of Honor, This Nation’s Highest Military Award For Bravery, Is The Satanic Pentagram

CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR, this nation’s highest military award for bravery, is the pentagram. The five pointed inverted star, within a circle is the highest form of Satanic expression, representing BAPHOMET, THE GOAT OF MENDES, or the embodiment of LUCIFER as god!

It is evident that death, destruction and
carnage follow
this symbol everywhere.
It is a key which opens up the door of
hell;at least according to sorcerers.
This star, which has been identified
even by the Bible as the accursed "tabernacle
of Molech, and the star of your god, Remphan,
figures which ye made to worship them..."
(ACTS 7:43, cf AMOS 5:25-27) is an
idolrous image sullied by untold
centuries of debauched worship;
and yet it is carefully
placed as the symbol of the


The satanic Freemasons made the
Medal Of Honor A Goat Of
Mendes Pentagram pictured below.
I also would like to add that Queen
Semiramis is pictured on the Medal
Of Honor above on the far right
Medal of Honor for the Airforce.
Queen Semiramis was a real queen
from Babylon. Surprise that is also the
Statue of Liberty!

The Medal of Honor Memorial Below
Uses Masonic Obelisk!
The Medal of Honor Monument
was funded by private contributions.
The Medal of Honor Monument was
dedicated on November 7, 1976,
to honor those Washington
citizens who
have received the nation's
highest military decoration,
the Congressional Medal of Honor.
The 11½-foot tall granite
obelisk is affixed with the
Seal of the State of Washington
and is inscribed with the
names of those Washington
citizens who were bestowed
this supreme honor.
The simple monument is located
east of the Winged Victory
memorial on the Capitol Campus.

The monument is a full
scale replica
of the national Medal of
Honor monument that is
in the
Medal of Honor Grove in
Valley Forge,Pennsylvania.
The national monument
is erected on an acre of
ground donated to the
State of Washington by
the Freedom Foundation,
and joins other states
and territories in
honoring military heroes.
That monument
was dedicated in May 1976.
In the 140
years of the
medal's history, it
has been awarded to
over 3,400 men
and one woman,
most of them