Wisconsin National Guard, Police Storm High School In WMD Exercise

Michael Neibauer and Bill Myers
FDL Reporter
June 4, 2008

JUNEAU — A clandestine operation for manufacture of weapons of mass destruction in Juneau?

That’s the impression some Dodge County residents may have had Tuesday while watching the Wisconsin National Guard and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department storm the vacant high school on the south side of Juneau during a training exercise.

“The unit being evaluated is the 54th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (WMD CST),” said Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls, who also holds the rank of colonel in the Wisconsin National Guard. “This is a highly specialized 22-person unit that is available to first responders to handle nuclear, chemical and biological hazards that are outside the capabilities of the local communities.”

The exercise scenario includes a militant group holed up in the old Dodgeland High School building hatching a plan to develop and release a biological warfare agent. The group is also laying the groundwork to launch an attack on various Wisconsin government officials, including the governor.

Believing that a laboratory may have been established to produce weapons of mass destruction, the Sheriff’s Department requests the support of the 54th WMD CST to apprehend the militia.

Activities ran throughout the day.

Cooperating agencies include the Dodge County Airport and Wisconsin Aviation, City of Juneau Police and Fire Departments and Public Works crews, and Dodge County and Juneau Emergency Management teams.

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