Chicago Citizens Reject Terror Drill Fearmongering

Chicago Citizens Reject Terror Drill Fearmongering

Published on Thursday, May 15, 2008.

Source: Prison Planet – Paul Joseph Watson

The latest opportunity for authorities to grandstand, fearmonger and practice processing citizens through a de facto internment camp fell flat on its face yesterday after just 350 out of an expected 4,000 turned up to participate in a mock terror drill at Chicago’s Sears Centre Arena.
“An elaborate public-health drill Tuesday that organizers had hoped would use thousands of volunteers to help test the Chicago area’s response to a possible bioterrorism attack instead drew fewer than 350 people—and one beleaguered Cook County Board president,” reports the Chicago Tribune.
“The exercise, estimated to cost $80,000, was mandated and funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which has called for health departments nationwide to coordinate drills since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.”
Authorities practiced processing citizens through the de facto internment camp and giving them mandatory pharmaceutical products.
Perhaps the people of Chicago’s lack of enthusiasm for the drill can be explained by them waking up to the fact that these exercises are nothing more than an excuse for fat enforcers to practice shoving people around in internment camps while the local TV news shows images of people being rounded up and processed by men with big guns – all part of the conditioning for an attack we are constantly assured is “inevitable”.
Or maybe it was because the only “terrorists” found in Chicago were a group out of Miami that supposedly planned to “wage a full ground war against the United States” and bomb the Sears Tower, but who actually turned out to be “a bunch of dipshits living in a warehouse,” as The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart described them.

As in every other case we have studied, the men turned out to be a semi-retarded street gang that were provocateured by FBI agents into spewing violent rhetoric yet barely had the capability to make a cheese sandwich, never mind bring down the tallest building in America. What they were interested in was a promise of $50,000 in cash from the government informants who were sent in to radicalize them and create a phony victory for Bush’s war on terror.
As the Miami New Times newspaper described it, the “ragtag group couldn’t wage a ground war on a jar of peppercorns.” The whole case descended into a farce as judges repeatedly declared a mistrial while the government tried to save face.
The fact that there are no real terrorists that are not government-run is a moot point for government minions that get off on pathetic power trips and bossing people around under the pretext that they are saving America from the deadly terrorists.
As is the fact that the only bio-terror attacks against U.S. citizens in America –the infamous biological tests in U.S. cities from San Francisco to New York which killed Americans from the 40’s to the 60’s, Project SHAD, which exposed uninformed and unwilling US military personnel and others to deadly bio-weapons during the Cold War, and the 2001 anthrax attacks which led back to Fort Detrick Maryland, were run by the U.S. military-industrial complex itself.
In addition, according to the Miami Herald, “The United States held open-air biological and chemical weapons tests in at least four states – Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland and Florida – during the 1960s,” during which they “used artillery shells and bombs filled with the nerve agents sarin and VX,” according to Pentagon documents.
Given that history, preparing for a bio-attack on behalf of “terrorists,” like our warehouse dipshit friends, seems like a waste of time when the real threat has always been from the inside.

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